He's sweeping the country meet 'BRAVE' BP candidate for Deputy Leader



  1. Brave…Perry…obviously they are not the answer…Brave had his chance when the PLP was in office, B.J.Nottage and Jerome Fitzgerald is the way the PLP should go. Any other way and they will regret it at the polls!!!

  2. @ All PLPs

    We will go into Convetion PLPs all the way and after Convetion we will come out into the world PLPs all the way! May the best man win! Our ultimate goal as dictated by the constitution is to secure the government in the next general elections.

    I will endorse, support and vote for my candidate as you will yours.

    We need the winning team to bring it home with all of our support and hard work as PLPs are known for…

    See YOU in October!

  3. Did Mother Pratt say that she was stepping down? Not to my knowledge. brave cannot beat Mother Pratt, head to head.

  4. @Rad
    BOL! You got to be joking!! Let’s don’t get into the source of political contributions to either party. You don’t want to go there.

  5. Rad I would have you to know that Im also a voting delegate so that makes two to one.

    It is obvious that you dont have a grasp of the law even though you say you do because you wouldn’t have written stupidness on BP. However, we are all entitled to our opinions

    I personally feel as though Brave Davis is the best man for the job. Have you listened to any of visions speeches? I would just like to know what are you basing you judgments on?

    If politics is perception wouldn’t that include many politcal figures so what are you talking about? Brave Davis has made many contributions to this country, he has helped many people both PLP’s and FNM’s so you need to do your research before you come on the internet trying to question people’s integrity and public perception.

  6. @Rad
    If you have been around the Courts for the past twenty plus yrs then you are quite aware that every Lawyer in this country and America got dope dealers as clients and all benefitted.We have a former member of Cabinet who was privy to civil servants being fired and now they have law suits pending in the Supreme Court,look who will judge their cases?Barnett and the man in charge of Prosecutions Turner.So stop the foolish talk bcvos you only have one vote and so do I.Brave is well organised like the Bostwicks and Allens.Its Brave time so accept or pity yourself after the verdict.Brave can bring new blood into the PLP party so head out of the sand and join the parade.Acting Justice Lockhart represented many drug dealweres and look at who was minding the chicken coop for 6 months?

  7. Did my stick hit the wasps’ nest? I am very thoroughly versed on the law so don’t make vain stabs into my background and education.

    Brave won’t win his bid for Deputy Leadership. The fundamental truth is this: Politics is PERCEPTION.

    I am a voting delegate. Are you?

    PLPs will sooner copy Ingraham and the FNM and facilitate a DOLLAR Day than use his DRUG MONEY to pay our debts and lead our party.

    Integrity? Can’t take what a man doesn’t have.

  8. Is BRAVE really campaigning for DEPUTY or will he drop it on Peril Christie on the Convention floor?
    Maybe he will do so at the 2011 convention.
    Lets see if he BRAVE enough to try it against the masterful Peril Christie and get smoked out of the Convention.





  10. @Larry
    LOL! Perhaps you need to be brave enough to plant such a false story in the newspapers on your Brave colleague! Tribune stop their nonsense from the snitch who told them after Brave was brave enough to threaten to sue them! He aint even had to file no lawsuit like the other fellas, and we know that party got some snitches!

  11. @Rad
    So they are not entitled to representation? PLP and FNM got lots of contributions from these fellas. Hubert and Perry and Brave were all apart of the same firm, so they all benefited from these proceeds of crime according to you! Plenty of them represented tainted people in commercial transactions so how they got paid? Black defense lawyers have no choice but to represent them, the large ‘white firms’ represent in the land transactions while the black lawyer a part of a small firm got to do the dirty work. So whose hands are clean! You talking nonsense!

  12. What’s with you people. You are quick to judge but Hubert Ingraham also represented “DRUG DEALERS” so Rad please look at the bigger picture. It’s a profession, one should understand before judging but I dont expect anything more from ignorant minded people that lack the ability to think of issues critically. Lawyers take an oath. Here we have a man that is devoted to change and all you can do is sit down and make stupid comments? What have you dont for your country?

  13. How is it that the Proceeds of Crimes Act doesn’t find itself applicable to attorneys who passionately represent notorius DRUG DEALERS?

    Brave you BRAVE