vwallace-copyNassau, Bahamas — A DJ at the national radio station 1540 AM announced her daily ‘word for the day’. The word was ‘illiterate’. Its meaning describes one showing a lack of education, esp. an inability to read or write well. We thought the word for the day was appropriate seeing all the craziness happening in the country, particularly, the WUTLESSNESS emanating from this Ingraham led FNM government and its DUMBNESS!

Now we say this with sharp objection to statements made by its minister of tourism. Now here’s a ministry dressed and robed in the spirit of DUMBNESS! And now its robbing on one of its brightest bulbs.

The minister, Vincent Vanderpool Wallace, and his director general, Vernice Walkine, appears to be bright, smart, and intellectually sound, but when one seriously listens to what they have to say about the recent Miss Universe event, one must wonder why do they continue to display INCOMPETENCE?

The question was put, what was the price tag for the Bahamian taxpayer to host the 2009 Miss Universe event? Every time one of the two made a response to this question we see INCOMPETENCE. It is a simple question.  What was the total cost to the taxpayer to host the event? Why can’t it be answered?walkine-v-copy1

In Tuesday 25th edition of the Tribune, the minister declared that Sunday night’s event ‘In terms of a turnaround in investment there’s no doubt whatsoever that we got all that back without question last night.” But this still does not answer the question. Is the question worded too hard minister?

Let’s then make it simple for Wallace to answer. What was the full amount of the PEOPLE’S MONEY, paid out by Hubert Ingraham to Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant and Sol Kerzner’s Atlantis Resort? What did we pay additionally to cover travels, accommodations, overtime, to pave the roads and other capital works to host the 2009 pageant? When can someone answer that?

How in the hell could the minister suggest we received a full return on our money when he doesn’t know what was spent! He and the minister of finance refuse to tell us. How much of our money was pulled out of the ‘COOKIE JAR’? Was $100 million invested a good return Minister? WHY THE SECRECY? Where is the TRANSPARENCY? WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY? WHERE IS THE TRUST?


People sitting around the table of this WUTLESS Ingraham FNM government are more and more proving to us that they are GROSSLY INCOMPETENT, or better yet, ILLITERATE!


  1. The Cabinet Ministers are now trying to formulate action plans for their Ministrys.Just check out the photo of Tommy Turnquest and the COP as they tryt o implement crime strategies.The COP appears out of it as he wishes he had held onto all the senior men he helped to force out earlier this year.He is looking around for help and cant find any so in steps Tommy T who was recently condemned by Rev Simeon Hall.I drove around Nassau late last night and early this morning but saw no Police.Is the Minister lying?I asked a taxi driver if he reaped any benefits from the Miss Universe,and he asked me what am speaking of.HAI has the most inept Cabinet in the history of the Bahamas and now regrets backing many of the foolish moves they are making.HAI is pissed and the photo of him is worth a thousand words.He obviously needs more vacation time b4 he snaps.He is learning that operatives in political partys cannot formulate policies for a population but too little too late.

  2. @Thomas Finley

    You weren’t meaning me, but who were you referring to then? You did not direct your remark towards anyone precisely; maybe that’s what you should have done. Looking at what you had to say, I feel that you were referring to anyone who questioned anything to do with the Miss Universe pageant. Thomas what you have to realize we are in a deep recession and we don’t know when it will be over, so we can’t afford to be wasting monies frivolously on foolishness. Right now every cent matters, so it is only fitting for the government to keep us informed about what they are doing with our monies (tax payers monies). We need to know the amount that they are spending and what they are spending it on. We just want to make sure that it is being used on things that will help our economy and will help provide jobs for people. Thomas, I don’t know how you are sitting, but you have some people in this country that is really hurting. It is so hard to make ends meet. I have a couple of friends who had to take their children out of private school; they never thought the day would come when they would be forced to place their children in government school. Thomas, I am tired of people calling me for help and I can’t help them, because I am barely getting by myself. It isn’t easy, these are some very rough times, so forgive me if I tend to take these matters too seriously and blow things out of proportion.

  3. @Thomas Finley
    What are you babbling on about this blessed morning? For a supposed to be educated man, you really don’t make any sense at times. All we want to know is how much of our monies were used to host this pageant. That’s all!! Asking questions means we are being ungrateful? Thomas, I really don’t know how you is reason. I guess you are used to doing everything your master tells you without asking question. If that is how you live your life don’t try to impose it on other people. Another dumb think you said, “Give the country some credit for impressing The Donald, you ingrates!” Thomas you must really think before you talk, because you really can come across as a moron at times. By the way where did you hear somebody complaining about The Donald finding the pageant to be a fantastic event? I can’t see anybody having a problem with him thinking it was a fantastic event, in fact that makes us very happy to hear that, now we are just waiting to see how hosting such a fantastic event will pay off for us. God knows we could really use the extra cash, especially with people losing their jobs by the day. Why you on here talking about what Krissy Love had to say on her show anyway? Is she your God or something?

  4. You people are too much! Just like Fox News, mostly of you guys focus on half the story, or whatever makes The Bahamas look bad. Chrissy Luv complained about it on her new Talk Show the other day: We like gapseed. Anything with sense, or that isn’t salacious, later for it. The Donald said that it was a fantastic event. Now give the Country some credit for impressing The Donald, you ingrates!

  5. Another thing that caused me to be concerned about our monies (tax payers’ monies) is when they showed the cameras on Ingraham’s face at the pageant. He gave the impression that he was upset about something and I am trying to figure out why, because this is an event the people at MOT have been promoting to the Bahamian people for months and it was suppose to have a positive impact on our economy and boost the image of our country, so I was expecting to see Ingraham sitting there smiling from ear to ear, but instead I saw quite the opposite Could his expression be a sign of regret? How much of our monies did they spend to host this pageant here? How soon will we be able to enjoy the benefits from this pageant? I really would like to know the answers to these simple questions.

  6. @Dibbles

    If Trump said the road leading from the Airport to Atlantis was nice, I am trying to figure out what route his chauffeur took with him to get him on Paradise Island, because they couldn’t have passed through Bay Street. Unless his chauffer stopped somewhere with him before they reached downtown and he was blindfolded the rest of the way or maybe he arrived late on his private jet and was a bit tired and after seeing Cable Beach then he drifted off to sleep. This is the only thing I could think of, because I can’t see nobody driving on Bay Street and Shirley Street and calling them nice roads. They must be had some Kalik on ice in that limo aye?

  7. Don’t trust anything HAI and any of his Ministers has to say.I personally think it was a waste of the tax payer money to house Miss Universe in the Bahamas.

  8. At a time when Bahamians are loosing their jobs at record rates and mothers are being murdered by acts of desperation, the peoples Government seems to be living in la la land on getting a thumbs up from Donald Trump “I’d like to commend the Government for fixing the road, it’s really nice from the airport to Atlantis” AND???? THAT’S IT? We get nothing else? I told you guy VINNIE DA POOH sorry Vanderpool was full of human waste; now you see.

    As for Vernice Na Na can’t dis her… “she gat rooming eyes” she’s a beauty and a cuttie, she’s royal……

    To be honest she is a talented lady. I would assume there is some turf wars going on in terms of power. You all know just what an arrogant ASS VINNIE DA POOH (VANDERPOOL) can be…

    If she is ordered not to speak by the autocrat(Ingraham) then she can’t…

  9. What is consistent with this government is the non-transparency it is demonstrating. To think that transparency was platform of this government is laughable. The government consistently fails to provide full and complete information when asked to disclose. The only thing that will change it is to vote the FNM out and to vote in a slate who advocate complete transparency in government.


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