Only 5.84 Million people viewed Miss Universe Nielsen Rating confirm


Bahamas Miss Universe<<< Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez displays shock as she was crowned Miss Universe 2009 on Sunday. We all are also shock. Never did one billion viewers saw the NBC event BP reveals. Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, also of Venezuela, right, at the end the Miss Universe beauty pageant in Nassau, Bahamas, Sunday, Aug. 23, 2009. Miss Dominican Republic Ada Aimee De la Cruz, left, was first runner up. (AP Photo/Andres Leighton)

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is a fighter for TRUTH! We believe in telling like it is. Pulling the cover. Exposing the demons whether they are PLP or FNM. We are fair and balance and whenever we see THIEVES RAPING ‘Da Cookie Jar’ it is our job to expose them.

The Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Finance are two we have some SERIOUS questions for. We have serious questions for them because they keep telling us this lie, which suggested Bahamians got their money worth with the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant. No one INCLUDING HUBERT INGRAHAM will tell us how much of the taxpayer’s money went to host and ready the country for the  event.

Almost every day Ingraham and his pageant goons BTC, ZNS, MOT, and the police couldn’t stay out of the media telling us what was coming and how we need to behave. But now the show is over and its time to account, all The Muppets are gone into hiding. And no one wishes to tell us what The Bahamas spent to host the event.

Now we say this because Ingraham’s government was the first to say $23 million for the straw vendors was too much to spend. They were the first to say $10 million was too much to give the nurses insurance. They said it cost too much money to send students abroad for a tertiary education. It was too much money to host Carifesta, which promoted to the world all the local young artisans in the 242.

Ingraham, the man who sat in Atlantis like a bullfrog in bow tie heard some from Kerzner say Miss Universe was coming here and that SELLOUT devil began to dole out the people’s money. Where was the accounting? Who THIEF THE MONEY?

Tourism officials were all over the place saying 1 billion people will watch Miss Universe. They all did this to establish reason to spend millions of taxpaying dollars. For 9 minutes in a 2 hour show they said the world will be watching, “1 Billion people.” Well, Bahamas Press has some friends who run NBC in New York and they tell us something that is near criminal and should land someone in Ministry of Tourism in a Fox Hill jail.missuniversethru2007-500x400

Tourism Minister Vincent Vanderpool Wallace, who pleasures in speaking fast and saying what Tourism needs to do, recently told the local press that The Bahamas received more publicity than officials had originally bargained for after an estimated “two billion people” from across the world tuned into the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant.

Tuesday, August 25th edition of the Nassau Guardian reported a senior manager, Janet Johnson, at MOT had this to say, “It was a very good event. People saw [Sunday] night on TV the extent of the publicity that was going out to billions of people all over the world.” Lies and DAMN LIES!

Bahamas Press did call up our contact in NBC who pointed us to some shocking, SHOCKING online viewing numbers on the pageant. [CLICK TO SEE FOR YOURSELF] The event was carried exclusively by NBC around the world, yes that is true. But according to Nielsen Rating, only 5.84 million views watched televised event.

In its daily report to advertisers who follow with the agency assessment of shows Nielsen had this to say, “The 2009 Miss Universe Pageant averaged a 2.0/6 with adults 18-49 and 5.84 million as Miss Venezuela took the crown.”

Nielsen confirms that like every year since 1974 the Miss Universe Pageant has had declining viewing audiences. From near 40 million viewers in 1974 to now just under 6 million viewers. In its 2008 report the rating agency was quoted as saying, “NBC suffered from a series of slip ups. Jim Cramer’s broadcast prime-time American Dream, was hardly dreamy [note the second half drop off below], and the Miss Universe pageant ratings look to be following their long-term trend downwards, as Miss USA slipped again herself.”

ingraham-and-hannaSo why did the Ministry of Tourism speak such untruths to the people suggesting 1 billion people will watch the broadcast when they knew that was NOT the case? They must take Bahamians for fools? They possibly thought the WUTLESS MEDIA in this town would ever dig this deep? They forgot BP lurks around.

In May during a sitting in Parliament, Hubert Ingraham announced The Bahamas plans to host the 30th Miss Universe event. He noted then that the event would generate much needed revenue for the country’s struggling tourism industry. However today scores of Bahamian are out of a job in the sector and more hotels are closing, three while the event was in town.

BP calls on the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance to ACCOUNT on what has happened with the people’s money in respect to this Miss Universe event! or we would have no choice but to begin revealing the figures.

Was $100 million invested a good return for 9 minutes viewed by a disappointing 5 million people? WHY THE SECRECY? Where is the TRANSPARENCY? WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY? WHERE IS THE TRUST?


  1. Published On: Saturday, August 29, 2009 [The Tribune]

    We hope People at the Dutty Toilet Paper see, we are not threaten to link their website and relevant news to our broadcast. But they are afraid to do the same.


    Tribune Staff Reporter

    CALLS were made last night for the Government to disclose how much tax-payers’ money was used to host the Miss Universe pageant.

    Opposition party members and the Chamber of Commerce hit out at the Government over the lack of disclosure.

    Tourism Minister Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace has said the televised portion of the pageant represented a full return on the money the Government invested into the three-week -long event.

    But tourism officials have yet to disclose how much tax-payer money was used to secure the right to host the prestigious event, although $4 million was re-allocated for it in the Ministry of Tourism’s mid-year budget.

    Chamber of Commerce president Khaalis Rolle said it is the government’s obligation to justify every dollar it spent.

    He said: “I think the Government has to give an account.

    “They invested on behalf of the Bahamian people so I think it’s only proper to provide an account. I don’t see any legitimate reason why not. It is just the proper thing to do.

    “It was a good initiative and we got a lot of visibility from it, so why would we not want to discuss what the investment was?”

    Mr Rolle called on the Government to release an investment analysis on the event to measure the local economic and tourism benefit from the pageant.

    “I know many of our members complained that they weren’t benefiting from it but I think that’s one of the issue people will have – they wanted to know exactly who benefited and how widespread the economic benefit was,” said Mr Rolle.

    Opposition Senator Jerome Fitzgerald also criticised the Government for not having the pageant expenditure readily available.

    “We need to monitor the amount spent and say whether or not that had an impact on actual tourist arrivals.

    “We spent a lot of money on the pageant and it showcased the country, but how much money did we spend on it and was it worth it at the end of the day?” he said.

    He added that the public needs to know who really benefited from the investment, whether it be Kerzner International, the NBC network, pageant organisers or the Bahamian people.

    Tourism officials credit the pageant – which aired last Sunday on NBC live from the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island – for bringing unprecedented exposure to country.

    According to international reports, six million viewers from the United States watched the show while local tourism insiders estimate that nearly one billion people worldwide tuned in.

    Messages for Tourism Minister Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace were not returned up to press time.

  2. BP, I thought using “Magabe” was copy written by you alone. These guys are becoming soo influence by BP that they are speaking your language. They have no rights to call anyone else “MAGABE”

  3. LOL @ Your Journalistic Abilities! :
    Now being moderated? Nice job BP. You probably could feed your BS to the E- BGCSE Bahamians but some of us are actually intelligent.

    dont fell bad i too have been moderated more than once. The last time he did it to me i asked why i was moderated? BP’s response was that he didnt moderate me, rather it was my fault because i tried posting without signing in. Utter hog wash. i was signed in. He just doesnt want to admit that he moderates some comments when he gets called out on some of the consistencies in his “reporting”.

    His reaction to moderate those who question or point out inconsistencies in his “reporting” is Mugabe like, lol.

  4. I see my post didn’t make it .. I guess the dimwit BP writers couldnt stand the criticism of their grammar and facts.

    Do you KNOW how many people are 4.3 billion??? I doubt very much that Nielsen said that 4.3 billion people watched the Beijing Olympics seeing that there are just over 6 billion people on the planet earth. Do you mean to tell me that 70% of humankind were watching the Beijing Olympics? LOL .. so funny

    • What I do see as funny is the fact that you would be so unreceptive at Neilsen’s claims of the Beijing Games, but find acceptance of the claims made by Ministry of Tourism!

      We cry SHAME ON YOU READER. I hope you’re not CURLY!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  5. Now being moderated? Nice job BP. You probably could feed your BS to the E- BGCSE Bahamians but some of us are actually intelligent.


    Also read here. It states that the event would be telecast to approximately 1 billion viewers worldwide. This isn’t coming from MOT or some shoddy minister. This is coming from The Miss Universe people themselves! This is a worldwide international event. 180+ countries.

    Your brought up the Olympics, which was fair but I brought to the forefront, the World Cup, to dispel your created myth of a short event not being able to garner that viewership.

    You should keep your reporting to the bush leagues and stick to local things instead of venturing to international waters which clearly you guys dont have any grasp of.

    • Well if you was so INTELLIGENT as you claim, you would remember your password by now. From your first entry on the blog once that is entered you need not continue posting as a newcomer to the site entering a new password everytime. You mean to tell us LOL you cannot remember your password? Please take this one make this your password so you would not have to wait for our approval of your post; ‘DUMB DORA!’ LOL!

      Also while you are doing that, do present your facts of viewers on the world cup so we can take something from you serious.

      And of course Miss universe will tell you they have 1 Billion viewers, they know where they were coming and who they could sell that kind of BULL TO. Certainly not BP.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. Nielsen does not provide a complete report so this is incomplete reporting. I don’t care what the MOT or any minister said. No MOT or any government official will have these ratings before the Miss Universe committee. However, history has shown this show garners 1 billion people to view it. This show for a very long time has been broadcast to 1+ billion people. History > than any link you can provide until the numbers come out. You also failed to mention that the event was also broadcast 5 different ways over the internet! The viewership can skyrocket from that.

    Stop being small minded and judgmental. Are you mad that as a member of the press BP wasn’t invited to the event?

    Again. Allow the numbers to come out and then do your reporting. That is the responsible thing to do!

  8. Red herring much?

    Just like over 1 billion can watch a 3 hour event called The World Cup so can they watch any other event. I’m not saying the event garnered a billion. Those figures are not out yet, but for you to make such a posting without gathering concrete facts (where is your source btw) is being irresponsible to the Bahamian people.

    Nielsen does not produce ratings for anything outside of the US. For the Olympics they were used as the chief company to aggregate the stats. Meaning they have to wait for the other ratings to come in from other stations from across the globe.

    See Link:

    Clearly they are only measuring the NBC feed.

    The BP observation on the Olympics means nothing because the World Cup Final game garners over a billion viewers. The problem with BP is that they are just like a lot of other small minded Bahamians who probably can’t even fathom that there are actually billions of people on earth and that a billion people may just watch one event.

    Again this isn’t me saying that a billion people watched this event but it would have been better had BP waited for all figures to come in before blowing up on the Government.

    • We have provided the report by Neilsen, where is your report and the report from the MOT to say 1 billion watched the event? Or 2 billion as the minister said.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  9. It seems to me that most of the post on this MU topic comes from individuals who went to MU-2009, and they cannot believe that they got swung in the whole deal.
    BP observation about the Olympics rating comparison to MU, gives us something to think about. But then again, BLACK people don’t think we like to “FEEL” everything. The Minister of Tourism LOVES TO TALK FAST, and I guess he “FELT” like 2 billion was watching. But come on the IAAF and Jamaican Usain Bolt took a lot of viewer.

  10. We will say this again, slowly for some. Neilsen reported that 4.3 billion people watched the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Neilsen said some 70 million Americans watched the games.

    While Neilsen did not say that the audience watching the pageant was only from America, Neilsen also present estimates from around the world.

    All we say in this if the Beijing games only had 4.3 billion world wide viewers over a 17 days, how in the hell could 1 billion watch a 2 hour show?

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  11. @bahngr

    I dont think that is the assumption anyone is making. However I think you also have to understand that the numbers only account households that watch. If you take an aggregate of all these numbers and take an average per household then it is very likely you may get 1 billion.

    Bahamas Press needs to educate themselves on certain things before opening their mouths. Journalistic integrity is a serious thing and they should start taking it seriously if they want people to keep reading.

  12. Furthermore, the worldwide ratings for the amount of people who watched the Olympics was an estimated figure not an actual compiled figure.

  13. BP, you made a bo bo and jumped the gun on this. And in your response in post number 1, your spinning. why cant you just admit that you erred?

    What HAI and the Tourism officials know is that its hard finding actual ratings numbers worldwide because some countries dont have any kind of tv or radio ratings system at all (like the Bahamas).

  14. Who post these things on this site? gees, you get stupider by the week.
    Nielson is reporting, the ratings in the continental United States, only. Not the entire world. Plus you say NBC carried it exclusively world wide, when even you had ZNS right here also carrying it. I see why PLP’s love this site, ignorance at it’s best

  15. I think there is an assumption here that all countries with participants carried the pageant. I don’t know that that is true because if my memory serves correctly ZNS didn’t carry it for the last few years.

    There is a fee, and a substantial one I assume for carrying the pagent on local TV. I woud guess that there are numerous markets which will opt out on this.

  16. You do know Nielsen only records US viewership? Also in regards to the American viewership, they are possibly the smallest group. This was about taking the Bahamas to a global audience. Not just the Bahamas. Who cares how much they spent on it, it’s something that has never happened here before.

    Additionally if you think this event would have been held at any other place in this country if Atlantis was not here you are gravely mistaken.

    You really should try and understand how communication demographics work before you put your foot in your mouth.

  17. So far most of you are ‘On Point’ regarding the viewing audience.
    I certainly believe the Americans have little interest because of the level of talent and measure of success they have had in previous years.These kind of events is huge in Latin America,Canada and Europe. Notwithstanding the fact that our Tourism industry is driven by the Americans, I believe the exposure to the rest of the World was a good effort.
    Time will tell on this initiative (5yrs), when we see the dynamics of who and where we are attracting our Tourist from. Example, if we were to see (lol) Charters from Venezuela and Austraila then we hit a Grand Slam.
    Seriously, though we are always speaking of, are we marketting the Bahamas? are we tapping into New Markets? I will say this, Marketting is just gimmicks to influence. Its cost absorbing and 99% a Gamble.If it works, you’re a Genius however if it fails you’re Dog mess or a B S’r.

  18. you are right BP, to say 1 billion people viewed it, is probably a bit high (more than probably, definately a bit high). but I want to know what money was wasted. The roads needed paving, the streets needed cleaning and the overall all environment needed the upgrading. Yes it is a crying shame that it took miss universe coming to the bahamas for this to happen.

    I’ll admit, I don’t know what all was spent, but only the government knows that and they should state it. So to state waste is a little irresponsible (still hoping for that freedom of information act that HAI promised). To use examples of 23 million for a straw market is also a bit irresponsible in my opinion. Yes a straw market needs to be built, but 23 million is a bit high. Also, using the cutting of the education loan program is not a viable arguement. The government should have giving more warning. But what about all of the dead beats who have taken the government’s money or tax payers money and run. Lets go after those people. Publish those peoples names, especially the ones with jobs or rich families.

    Now after critiquing you on this story, I must say I appreciate how you are willing to publish stories that critique the government, it is just sometimes you go to far and I think this is one of those times.

  19. I will not try to argue with your response to my post since it did not actually touch on what I was saying, but, in your response you proved my point which was to refute what your actual headline said, “Only 5.84 Million people viewed Miss Universe Nielsen Rating confirm”. That is a false statement. Had you stated that only 5.84 Million people IN THE USA viewed Miss Universe, I would not be able to argue with that.

  20. BP, you totally read that wrong as Thomas said above. The ratings you posted were only for US households. This doesn’t include the rest of the world, which NBC may have fed the broadcast to, but they have no idea how many people were watching there.
    I know personally I have friends from all over the world and they were all on facebook posting about it. Some even asking me questions about the Bahamas because they have never visited and now they are more interested.

  21. BP, you need to stop talking fool. NBC cannot carry anything exclusively around the world! They may have been exclusive to the US, but that is it! They have Nielson in China, India, the UK or South Africa?! The USA is not the world! You need to re-wind, then come again, this time with all the facts.

  22. Okay, first of all, I hold no brief for the Miss Universe pageant or the Ministry of Tourism but your post is not really accurate. The 5.84 million viewers were only the viewers counted in the United States. As far as I know Nielsen does not track ratings for the rest of the world and if they do, those ratings have not yet been released so one cannot really say how many people worldwide watched the event. It is assumed that the country of each contestant carried the pageant (that would be approximately 80 countries) and as far as I know none of those viewers have been counted but beyond that, it is actually estimated that 180 countries carried the pageant and we don’t have the final count from any of them, other than the United States. Now I for one thought that the whole thing was a waste of money but your post does strike me as little misleading.

    • According to the United Nationals there are 6 Billion people living in the world 6 Billion. If this is true, it would mean 1 out of every 6 people watched the televised event Sunday night.
      Two-thirds of the global population tuned in to some form of 2008 Beijing Olympic coverage in August.

      Nielsen Media Research says 4.7 billion viewers globally saw at least some of the 17 days of TV coverage last month. This audience was one-fifth larger than the 3.9 billion who watched the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

      Host nation China claimed more viewers than any other nation, Nielsen said Friday, logging an audience reach of 94 percent among its population of 1.3 billion.

      In the U.S., where NBC and several sister networks aired extensive coverage, the 2008 Olympics took the record as the most-viewed event in American television history. Now this is the report by Nielsen for 17 days of LIVE coverage. How in the hell one night could generate 1 billion when the Olympics collectively over 17 days generated 4.7 billion?

      I’m pointing this out because MOT said BILLION viewed it. The Minister said 2 billion. We sat, THAT’s DAMN LIE!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

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