dscf9420Cat Island, Bahamas: For those of you who find the words of Hubert Ingraham sobering, then continue to pay your CLICO premiums. But here is a scene we thought no one would see anytime soon. Here once again Ingraham, Prime Minister of the Bahamas, is eating his own words, again!

Just last year during the budget debate in the Parliament, he told members, “I don’t do groundbreaking!” As he scoffed at his colleagues breaking ground for a complex now being constructed near the caves out west. But somehow he has again forgotten his own words.

With construction of PGA Village on the island of Cat Island now being envisioned, Ingraham was seen digging a shovel into the ground (BELOW) along with developer David Southworth. Almost half of the Cabinet was traveled with the PM to Cat Island on Friday. Hmmmmmm!

So much for the Bald Head Monk, he was chewing and backpedaling his own words AGAIN!


  1. HAI should,think before he asinine stament? RUSSELL JOHNSON does HAI have any idea what that is?I doubt it.He knows every thing I hope he knows that this would be his last time in office.

    @Russell Johnson

  2. lolo lolo our PM must have gotten so scared that he would welcome and participate in any groundbreaking ceremony.Even though I am a harsh critic of his I hope that within three months something happens.In this season of dire straits any economic activity is welcomed.I am going to back HAI on this one as too much is at stake for partisanship to deflect from this noble gesture.Remember when Carl Bethel got up in Parliamen over a year ago and announced a $9 billion worth of investments ?at least this time no announcement was made so I think this one is serious.Hopefully the PM will think before he makes asinine statements in the future as has the tendency to make an a… of himself.

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