Scandals coming out of the ROYAL BANK OF CANADA! – 3PM Sunday


rbc-officeBahamas Press will deliver a bombshell that will rock the foundations of The Royal Bank of Canada here in The Bahamas! Domestic Violence, COVER UPS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST and BANK RECORDS, will all be uncovered, in the beginning of what promises to be a collectors piece of INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM.

BP’s deep throat now deep in the bowels of the bank, has now uncovered some secreats within the operations, which will SHOCK THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF RESIDENTS in this country!

IF THE WUTLESS MEDIA IN THIS COUNTRY did their job, and guided the Bahamian people to the truth, less suffering would be taking place against the weak in this town.

Our SHOCKING STORY will begin on the tropical isles of the Eastern Caribbean and will end on the fourth floor of RBC headquarters. THIS SUNDAY AT 3PM on Bahamas Press…Stay Tuned!


  1. This is so interesting I cannot wait to read then call my friends at the bank to see if it is true. Then I wait for the cover up comments. I know couple pennies are safe; but I wonder what they will do to the people in the caption.

  2. We’ve just gotten word executives of RBC across the region and in Canada are all awaiting the 3PM broadcast. Well the article is uploaded already and ready to broadcast. ONLY time is waiting now. We hope you made a special prayer for the bank.

    Bahamas Press

  3. BP please stop giving a time for release as it has caused me to leave church early and I might miss a 3.30p.m service.This better be good.Of course I have vested interest in RBC of over 40 yrs and am ready to go there tomorrow and withdraw everything.

  4. Media all the drama leading up to this RBC story is making me a bit nervous now. You’re talking about attempted murder cover up and thing that some serious stuff. I have accounts with that bank and if they carrying on dangerous like that, I am really thinking about closing out those accounts. Anyway, we will just have to wait and see what this is all about.

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