Shame and Scandal in the RBC Family – A Bahamas Press EXCLUSIVE!!!



INSET: Acting Deputy Commission of Police in St. Kitts Joseph Ritcherson, Former Premier of St. Kitts Lee Moore (Mr. Pinstripe) and RBC Bahamas Top Executive Ross MacDonald.

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press has been flooded with information and documentation since we put up our initial post. We’ve have been meeting  and corresponding deep undercover with sources both in the Bahamas, and in the Eastern Caribbean island of St. Kitts.

Our source deep within the Fourth Floor of RBC House told us, staff have been asking whether bad behavior in RBC is being recognized and rewarded. Case in point, the manager of the new flagship on Carmichael Road, Mr. Toure Holder was hastily deported from St. Kitts after shooting a gun in an attempt to harm his wife and her lover.

Our source said that people have been fired for less, but he has been rewarded, the question is how come? We’ve been shown the employee Code of Conduct called “Honoring your Trust”. It calls for employees to conduct themselves with the highest integrity and honesty and to operate with that character trait within and outside the bank. We wonder if that is for some who are not the personal favorites of the Most High ROSS “THE CREEPY BOSS” Macdonald our source said.

At this stage, our source pointed us to the story of Mr. Holder and his wife, and provided us with sources in St. Kitts who we corresponded with and were provided with much details, including newspaper articles. In fact, we were put in touch with Mr. Holder’s wife lover. Lo and behold, he turns out to be a close relative of Lee Moore, former Premier of St. Kitts and star of the Commission of Inquiry in the Bahamas, the one and only ” Mr. Pinstripes” (Forerunner to Ron Pinder).

The story goes like this – Mr. Holder was transferred from RBC’s Freeport branch where he was the manager to head up the Bank in St. Kitts and the E.C Islands. He took his wife and family with him. He was the “Big Man” in town as this is a horse and buggy country.

Shortly thereafter, he and his wife opened a restaurant called “Goombay Hut”. It was here his wife met Lee Moore’s close relative who told BP he wants to go by the nom de guerre “Woody Big Wood Moore”. We agreed and we now provide in his own words the narrative of the affair and his near death experience at the hands of Mr. Holder.sir-timothy-hill-copy

” …the bank mon came to town and was carrying on like a big shot, he moved in the big power circles with the top police and Govt people them, i use to hang out at the Goombay Hut and hep he wife close up. The women was lonely and one night she had too much to drink and me fix she business for she. We start doing it regular and she say she like ma wood as she fella had a small ting. after bout six months some man talk on me and she, ma took she in she jeep to Timothy hill to drill her, she husband show up as me was putting good hard backshots on she, he fainted wen ma recoiled ma anaconda outta  she, he ten catch he sef and gone get he gun he start to shoot like a crazy mon, ma and the wife had just enough time to jump in she jeep bald naked and wail tail from there. He shoot after the jeep. ma gone in hiding for 3 weeks cause ma know he tight with them govt officials and the police. the mon near kill ma and he wife and was not locked up or charge, ma know a deal gone down, money was paid, ma dont know if by the bank or him, but a deal gone down. Ma miss he wife but ma scared that is why please dont use ma name.”

This is a first person account of the incident. There was no charge of attempted murder or at the very least, unlawful discharge of a deadly weapon after the crime was committed. This was so shocking to the people of St. Kitts that they claimed police bias. BP has been provided with the newspaper account and the police feeble denial of bias.

Date Posted: Thursday 13 December, 2007

Police quash claims of biases

By Shawn Seabrookes
Senior Reporter –

{Basseterre; St. Kitts} The Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Joseph Richardson, has emphatically denied claims by several persons that the Police are allowing some persons to get away with crimes while others have to bare the “brunt of the law”.

Superintendent Richardson noted that the Police are doing everything possible to bring alleged criminals to justice.

The allegations of bias stemmed from an alleged shooting incident involving a high ranking bank official, his wife and a third person.

According to sources, the bank official received a tip stating that his wife and her companion were at Timothy Hill, so he travelled to the area.

On arrival, it is alleged that he fired at the two of them (his wife and companion) and one bullet even grazed his wife’s vehicle.

The wife and companion were able to flee the scene without sustaining injuries.

Unconfirmed reports state that a statement was given to the Police about the incident.

The Acting Commissioner confirmed that the bank official was interviewed and then released. It was ascertained that shots were indeed discharged but allegedly in the air.

Superintendent Richardson noted that investigations are still ongoing into the incident, contrary to what many persons believe and he also confirmed that it is an offence for a licensed firearm to be discharged in public without a justifiable reason.

The bank official’s gun, a licensed firearm has been confiscated by the Police.

Now Mr. Holder was rewarded and recognized for this bad behavior, he was brought to town and treated to the Emperor’s Lair, what a shame! “Is the  bank now condoning domestic violence and criminal behavior?” our source asked.

BP has been informed that he is the pet of Senior Management at the bank, we cry shame on them! Why is this man still there!?

BP will be doing a series on this bank if they don’t get their act together and treat people fairly. Our Deep Throat within the bowels of the fourth Floor says she supports Mr. Beneby, but Mr. Macdonald has formed a “White Cabal” and has been bringing in his people from Canada and these are white faces.

It appears that despite some managers inability to meet deadlines and complete projects on time, sometimes for months and even years, they are rewarded with promotions and elevated into positions of even greater responsibilities.

Case in point, both the new Turks and Caicos branch, and the new Carmichael Financial Center were badly behind schedule, for the most part, due to poor organization, poor project management and in some instances just ineptitude! The latter, Carmichael, is still not totally completed despite all the fan fair at its recent Grand Opening.

Also, Carmichael’s “Real Landlords” or “Real Ownership” is currently the subject of much INTERNAL debate. (More to come.)

Clients complain daily about the steady decline in the banks service in general and the unavailability of banking machines especially over weekends, sometimes for days on end.

It is speculated in some circles, that this institution and its technology department, once a leader among financial institutions, is a major contributing factor in the delay of the full implementation of the “Automated Clearing House” project (ACH) which will allow instant check clearing between the Central Bank and all other clearing banks.

Is it any wonder why over the past 3 years, the entire technology department has either been transferred, been forced to resign or been forced out by its “Newly Anointed Head”? Meanwhile, the executive management acts with downright indifference despite warnings from most of the departing employees concerned.

Now, some informed observers deduce that a case of “Jungle Fever” may be the cause of most of this institution’s technology related problems, but the Executive Management team simply refuse to remedy it. They seem content to let a simple case of “jungle fever” bring down an entire institution.  My, My, My, as they say “the Power of the ……”

BP knows that the Wutless Toilet Paper is a major client and friend of that bank, and we will wait and see their response before we move on to part 2.

Our source told us, “I hope Ross MacDonald responds, I hope Nat [Nathenial Beneby] do not let them use him again, mind you he and Ross have some other issues and big bosses are coming in this week to deal with that.

Bahamas Press will wait 3 days and then all hell will break loose, we gat the goods.

A preview of part 2 involves a “Just retired, wicked and diabolical Collections Czar” vs. Senior management, this involves, unethical acts, conflict of interest and outright corruption. We shall wait and see, we have the goods.

Royal Bank of Canada House on West Hill Street in Nassau, Bahamas.



  2. Mr. Holder almost throw away his freedom because of this low life and a loose wife. I hope she now realizes that this man did not give a sh** about her or her marriage, he was just there for the ride. You can tell by the way he talks about what happened.

  3. jelly :
    man I laugh so hard! hey jr have you ever heard the saying sweet p*** charlene? BP you on a roll! but is mr. holder a relative of bertel holder?

    I still think Big Wood Woody Moore tops them all. LOL. I’m still laughing at that story.

  4. Good news, folks! I saw the infamous Mr. Holder this morning and his wedding band was intact on his finger. He was driving a black Chevrolet Trailblazer #204110. He looked quite happy so after the “hapless” scene in St. Kitts, he and the wife must have gone to therapy and resolved their issues.
    BP you owe me one for the sighting!…lol

  5. All I can say is this, it would take someone with extraordinary self control and meekness to not react negatively in the face of such a dilemma. How many men if confronted with this situation and they had a weapon would just walk away………..I am not saying he should have reacted this way, but betrayal and deception when discovered like this can make anyone go haywire.

  6. Well lawdy, lawdy, miss claudie! Seems like dem RBC chickens a commin home to roost. When yah powerful yah gatta be merciful an when yah diggin one grave, dig 2! All a dem people dat get step on, step over, gotten rid of, been victimized, harrassed and set up by dem powerful masters must be laffin their heads off. God don’t like ugly. Dem people that dey let go for nuttin an dem people dat they plannin to get rid of should take heed. Anytime company treats dey foreigners better than dey own local staff dey deserve erryting dey get. Dem folks in high places been gettin away wit murder for too long. They tink everyone stupid an een gat no sense. Not erry shut eye sleep. Now dey worrying bout image. Too late. Y’all shudda bin tinking bout dese tings long time before yinna start messin with people livelyhood. Sorry for da innocent staff who gatta hear alla dis mess but some bad apples shouldn’t be left to spurl da whole orchard.

  7. Dear truthhurts,

    You are to be commended for so quickly figuring out that it was me who asked Bahamas Press to investigate the ongoing corruption probe at The Guardian. I admit to having written under the pen name yaya.
    Although you claim to have a friend that works at The Guardian as a reporter, your eagerness to report public issues might be a starting point for your own career in investigative reporting.
    However, your post contained some glaring errors and omissions, two of the things that do not make for good public affairs reporting. Therefore, I will allow you to the front of the class for this lecture, but only on the condition that you promise to read carefully and take copious notes. If that is agreed, then we shall proceed with your lesson.
    So that the lesson is grounded in the kind of painful honesty that your penname suggests you value, I will, at the outset, establish some basic, easily verifiable facts. Depending on whether you operate in the interest of friends you claim to have in media, in the public interest, or in your own self-interest, the material in this lesson may be more or less difficult for you to accept. At any rate, it will help you learn some of facts about matters you seem to have wide interested in.

    These are the facts:

    I resigned from my position as a senior reporter of the Nassau Guardian newspaper two weeks ago. My resignation came four months after I returned to the newspaper as the third Guardian Fellow to have earned a Master’s in Journalism at the University of Illinois. Within my first month back at the paper, I noticed signs of a newsroom compromised by a system of journalistic corruption. Some Guardian readers and reporters directed me to more instances of internal corruption that convinced me I was on to something that required my urgent attention.
    The forms of corruption include, but may not be limited to the following: stories being reported, written, and edited by journalists who have potential, and, in some cases glaring conflicting interests; photo credits being given to photojournalist other than those making the photographs, government officials being promised favors in exchange for public information; stories placement being determined by criteria other than traditional new values; editors refusing to correct major errors in stories; editors directing journalists not to name names in stories; editors attempting to act as a intermediary between reporters and sources with whom the editors the editors have clear personal interest; editors directing that information in The Guardian-owned Freeport News be disregarded as for quotation and as for background for Guardian news stories; reporters being directed to never use certain sources for stories (even in cases where said sources are experts in areas that would allow their input to help the public better understand certain issues); editors encouraging reporters to engage in clandestine meetings to plan how stories, over which the editors and reporters share conflicting interests, will be reported, written and presented; blatant celebration by editors over the emergence of stories for which they have conflicting personal interests; repeated instances of executives of The Tribune newspaper –the Guardian’s former rival and current joint operating partner- openly making suggestions to Guardian editors about Guardian news coverage.
    These are some categories of the corrupt or unethical journalistic practices that have I have thoroughly investigated and reported to the newspaper’s publisher. They go against universally accepted ethical and professional codes for journalists practicing at national newspaper in democratic nations.
    It is my assessment that a Guardian executive board that has been strategically emaciated in recent years and the addition of editors who are motivated and empowered to use the paper’s stories and columns in their personal interest have rendered The Guardian the kind of publication that hurts the public’s interest far more than it helps it.
    However, the newspaper’s publisher has asked me to recommend some steps that can be taken to help the newspaper move closer to the ranks of those that act in public interest.
    I have recommended some best practices that are taught by the University of Illinois Journalism program and some others outlined in The Washington Post handbook. The Guardian adopted the Post handbook in 2005 and the newspaper has sent three journalists to study at the University of Illinois in recent years, an apparent indication that it wants journalists who strive to operate with the kind of best practices taught at Illinois.
    My recommendations include a renewal of the newspaper’s commitment to accurate reporting, a system guaranteeing swift admission and correction of errors, a zero tolerance policy for biased, corrupted reporting, creation of a more diverse corps of journalists, separation of the paper’s news desks and op-ed desk, and the appointment of a newspaper ombudsman or public editor.
    The public editor or ombudsman as they are called at some American newspapers is someone who monitors stories, responds to public complaints, and gives feedback to executive management and sometimes even issues op-ed articles on the extent to which parts of the paper may be acting outside the public interest.
    Last week, The Guardian’s publisher wrote to tell me that a thorough investigation had been launched into the newsroom’s corruption as a result of my investigation. He also noted that the he was considering my recommendations for cleaning up the newspaper’s act.
    Since blog posts are relatively short, we must end this lesson soon, but not before clearing up some of the statements you made in your post.
    You say the reporter friends you claim to have at the Guardian hates me for having been a reporter who is slow to file stories late. I am slow, but it does not quite add up that my turnaround time on stories would motivate other reporters to hate me. The speed with which I file my stories does not really affect other reporters.
    It is no newsroom secret that I am I was never the kind of journalist who sought to make friends at work. Not at the defunct Source, which buckled soon after I left, and not at The Guardian. So yes, it’s quite possible that some other journalists might even hate me, for indifference.
    However, the journalists who are most likely to harbor hate toward me for my slow turnaround time are editors. Especially those editors at the Guardian from whom I have had to hide stories so they could not slant them to help their friends and families and hurt those they dislike.
    Since you wrote your last blog post in the name of painful truth, at least admit that your friend at the Guardian is really a corrupt editor whose hatred for me has been borne out of my open challenge of the editor’s journalistic integrity.
    The name of truth might also be a sufficiently worthy name in which you admit that your friend who formerly worked at the Guardian, the friend you accuse me of having fought, was never physically touched by me.
    If the former editor is really your friend then the former editor would have told you that before leaving the Guardian in 2005, the newspaper’s then publisher ordered that I replace the editor as the sole reporter at the now governing party’s convention. The newspaper had learned that your friend, the editor, was reporting on the FNM convention while motivated by an obvious conflict of interest that readers complained had tainted the paper’s coverage of the convention.
    That convention was the last story I covered for the paper before resigning the first time. Soon after my 2005 resignation, I took a job as a press attaché for the country’s foreign minister, under the government of the current opposition.
    During my time as attaché, a caricature that had my face and the former foreign minister’s face superimposed on top of two animals engaged in intercourse was circulated. The caricature was vile and embarrassing. It was clearly meant to hurt.
    After reading your post, I am led to believe that the person responsible for that caricature’s publication was most probably a Guardian editor or former editor with access to the digital photograph that was used in the caricature. Very few people besides Guardian editors had access to the files where the photograph are kept.
    If your threat to re-publish that offensive caricature is geared toward stopping me from advocating a Guardian newsroom that operates in the public interest, don’t waste your time. It is too late to stop me from doing that.
    To be sure, I have succeeded in sharing with the Guardian’s owners, publisher, and a few of my trusted former fellow journalists all I have learned about the systemic internal corruption that has maligned reporting at the newspaper in recent months, and perhaps even longer.
    However, if re-publishing the caricature is meant to punish me, then go right ahead. Just know that I have separated myself from the corruption that one must deal with when reporting at The Guardian. The complete anatomy of that corruption is firmly placed in the public domain.
    By telling what I knew about how the Guardian has been operating, I feel I have repaid Guardian readers and sources for trusting me to report hundreds of stories they asked me to tell. Enduring the embarrassment of having the cartoon republished is pain I will gladly take for my ethical and professional convictions.
    Seeking to end this lesson on an agreeable note, I will accept your premise: Truth does hurt.
    Will you then agree with me when I say: biased, unfair stories, especially those told by newspaper’s claiming to act in the public interest, also hurt. They hurt the country. They hurt citizens’ ability to make well-informed decision about their lives and the lives of people they love.
    Can we also agree then that it is good to pursue truth in the public’s interest, even when that truth hurts?


    Raymond Kongwa

    • We would have rather this explosive piece to be posted under the headline where the Tribune[TOILET PAPER] attacked the Guardian. In future please post to the appropriate, but boy this is what ya call a mouth full! LOL! WUTLESS MEDIA!!!!!!!!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  8. @Married
    That’s just life my friend!!

    Life in itself is a gamble… So what do you think about marriage?? We have to learn to just let go and move on. I know that it is hard sometimes and that no one knows exactly how they will handle it if confronted with such a situation…

    All I know is that Mr. Holder would NOT have been where he is now if he had taken your advice!!! NOTHING in this world is worth taking another person’s life for, especially when your own life will be at stake!!

  9. The angry married banker should not be in any trouble. What she was doing should be against the law. She knew what she had before she married him if his dick size was not what she wanted she should not have gotten married. He should have killed both of them out there. The lover is just as wrong…Thou shalt not covet another mans wife. If it was my husband I would have shot both of them DEAD and fleed back to the Bahamas. You shouldnt play with any one emotions, no one knows what that man was going through when he saw his wife being screwed. Know one knows if that sent him over the edge….know his business is all over the internet and he was the one who was being cheated on. His work ethic is being questioned…. why because his wife is a slut. Think back to the last time you were cheated on and how did it make you feel…and the sad thing about it is that may have been the only way to get his anger out….he should have killed both of them….think about AIDS..what if she bought that to him….then what.. He is the victim!!!!!!!!!!

  10. man I laugh so hard! hey jr have you ever heard the saying sweet p*** charlene? BP you on a roll! but is mr. holder a relative of bertel holder?

  11. Bahamas Press was just informed by sources inside the ROYAL Bank of Canada that executives on the fourth floor of Royal House are locked down meetings. Workers have been advised to NOT ENGAGE IN ANY ONLINE TRAFFIC outside the bank operation (AN ATTEMPT TO BLOCK WORKERS FROM VIEWING BAHAMAS PRESS).

    Traffic stats on Bahamas Press are record-breaking today following this story! We’re not only receiving huge readership, but are also being forward tons of information on the Bank.

    Your Bahamas Press is now monitoring and carefully checking these documents pouring into our newsroom. With this amount of information, Bahamas Press would need to publish every month several articles per month on the bank activities.

    Standby Turned for Part 2……

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  12. @Russell Johnson
    But the scandal aint about catching another man with his wife but the fact that he brought a weapon to the scene and used it… Luckily he was a bad shot or he caught himself before he attacked and shot into the air!!

    In that case maybe there was not enough evidence to hold him…

  13. People in RBC stole hundreds of dollars from my account that I had with them before I removed all of my funds!!! I have never regretted that decision… Them Wutless, thiefing people!!!

  14. A man catches another “boning “his wife is no scandal on him but her for being a slut.From reading the summary of the case I can see why no charges were levied.The good banker should be commended for restraint despite the provocation and no stress should be placed on him for finding her giving away the goodies.Some of the females on this site have commented on immorality and I commend them because every man wants a woman who is above reproach.Thank God that good gentleman can come back to the Bahamas for solace.We should embrace him BP and not try to have ostracise.I know the former acting Deputy Commissioner of Police in St Kitts and he is above reproach

  15. I trust BP like I trust another man who claimed ‘proven leadership’ and built a whole campaign around trust. LOL….If you take that guy and put him and his trust agenda in rawson square and give a few people a few stones……TRUST ME…..He’ll get it.

  16. While I too am an RBC costumer who is being corned to pieces by high credit interest rates and it appears I’m paying against an unchanging balance for my mortgage every year, I have a bone to pick with BP too.
    I’m not staying up til 10pm waiting for a bomb shell anymore nor am I waiting around til 3pm anymore. Yeah RBC is aiding and abetting criminal activity but this friggin story isn’t ” bimbshelly” NO IT IS NOT!!!!

    It appears that you were wrong on the Ed Fields firing also and as much as you bash Christie, I’ve noticed most of the comments peosted to this website is done when there is a story on Christie; maybe he’s an overpopular and still darn pretty likeable guy.

    As a patron to your website I believe most of your stories should be centered around being the political watchdog….
    bring on the political scandals BP

  17. It would be good if RBC can make sure those ATM has cash in them during weekends and holidays, because sometimes emergencies is arise and people need to have access to their monies.

  18. When I read the headlines, I thought this would be in relation to the financial industry as recently many banks have been affected by the economic downturn. I guess if this is what is classified as “breaking news” then…ok! But at least it isn’t saying that my money and my investments are in trouble.

  19. Woody “Big Wood” Moore! LOL. Now thats one for the ages. Just when you thought “Sweet Dick” Willie was as good a nickname as it gets, BP delivers a classic. LOL. Man, I won’t even debate whether this story is true or not. Can’t really, but I will say that this gets my vote for BP story of the year and we’re only in April!

  20. OH MY GOSH!!!!! Between BP and truth hurts… mind is blown!! I gotta comment tomorrow…….lollllllllll

  21. RBC Bank President Gordon Nixon – Salary $11.73 Million


    I’m a commercial fisherman fighting the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Bank) over a $100,000 loan mistake. I lost my home, fishing vessel and equipment. Help me fight this corporate bully by closing your RBC Bank account.

    There was no monthly interest payment date or amount of interest payable per month on my loan agreement. Date of first installment payment (Principal + interest) is approximately 1 year from the signing of my contract.
    Demand loan agreements signed by other fishermen around the same time disclosed monthly interest payment dates and interest amounts payable per month.The lending policy for fishermen did change at RBC from one payment (principal + interest) per year for fishing loans to principal paid yearly with interest paid monthly. This lending practice was in place when I approached RBC.
    Only problem is the loans officer was a replacement who wasn’t familiar with these type of loans. She never informed me verbally or in writing about this new criteria.

    Phone or e-mail:
    RBC President, Gordon Nixon, Toronto (416)974-6415
    RBC Vice President, Sales, Anne Lockie, Toronto (416)974-6821
    RBC President, Atlantic Provinces, Greg Grice (902)421-8112 mail
    RBC Manager, Cape Breton/Eastern Nova Scotia, Jerry Rankin (902)567-8600
    RBC Vice President, Atlantic Provinces, Brian Conway (902)491-4302 mail
    RBC Vice President, Halifax Region, Tammy Holland (902)421-8112 mail
    RBC Senior Manager, Media & Public Relations, Beja Rodeck (416)974-5506 mail
    RBC Ombudsman, Wendy Knight, Toronto, Ontario 1-800-769-2542 mail
    Ombudsman for Banking Services & Investments, JoAnne Olafson, Toronto, 1-888-451-4519 mail

    “Fighting the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Bank) one customer at a time”

  22. I have a close friend who works at the Guardian, and while she says the owners do get up to some shady stuff, the only reporter that was forced out was useless, Raymond Kwonga (sp?), who reportedly was hated by the other reporters for his inability to produce a story on time, and was so dense he could not finish the Master’s Degree course the Guardian paid for him to go on, but tried to lecture everybody else on ethics.
    This is the same guy that got into a fistfight with a girl reporter who now works at the Consellors (a friend of my friend)at a political convention a couple of years ago.
    He was also hated at the now defunct, The Source newspaper, where he was also a miserable failure.
    Investigate that please and tell him to stop coming on here and other websites posting crap before we release the caricature of him and a PLP MP committing unspeakable acts, that was released not too long ago.

  23. BP should look into the alleged conflict of interest scandal owners of the Guardian are investigating in its newsroom. If is right about what is going at the newspaper, then the Bahamian public deserves to know that the paper is investigating its own for journalistic corruption.

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