Ingraham loads up BIS with political cronies


ingraham2.jpg<<< Sharon Turner in the background snapping Papa ‘bahind’.

Nassau, Bahamas — Like a bulldog left with the sole instruction to bite, Bahamas Press is watching every nickel and dime leaving the Public Treasury and today our attention moves back to a place we first bit when BP came online.

Now that Sir Arthur is headed to the hill, Bahamas Information Service is in need of a new Director. Apparently, we have discovered the department’s deputy director, Sharon Turner is unfit to lead the place despite the fact that the toilet paper gave her the title, “Veteran Journalist” [MUSSY VETERAN ‘JUNGLISS’].

You would remember during the Lizzy by-election Turner could be seen taking pictures all up on the Free National Movement’s stage, snapping all a Papa ‘bahind’ before Christie put a good cut-you-know-what on it.

We are told the taxpayers of this country is paying Turner  PLENTY MONEY to be the deputy director at BIS, and Sir Arthur – who hardly went to work anyway – was also paid big bucks. However, the INGRAHAM government has hired another individual under contract as a consultant to do the work in the department.

Our insiders in the OPM tell us now that Sir Arthur is headed to the Hill, changes must be made in BIS. Our sources say the new Director headed to the chair is Larry ‘ONLY I COULD WRITE’ Smith.

Smith, you would know, is another known FNM apologist and owner of Media Enterprises. Our source tell us Smith will come in to oversee the day to day operation while Turner continue her episodes of updating the FNM website along with following Hubert foot to foot at international conferences, snapping his ‘bahind’ at every turn to see how better it has healed since Lizzy.

We also know BIS will get a new editor. Coming to the stage will be, Anthony Capron, former Editor of the Nassau Guardian.

Now we wrote all this to show you how much waste Ingraham has with people’s money. Where is the Transparency and Accountability promised since 1992? Where is the fiscal responsibility? One man leaves BIS and three are hired! Now we see why every time the minister of finance comes to Parliament he’s borrowing money from the Chinese, WHAT IS THIS?

And if the deputy director is indeed a ‘Veteran Jungaliss’ as we believe, why not fire her tail and bring in the talent! This is the same foolishness what has this country turned upside down borrowing money the children and grand children must payback. I wonder what kind of praise the Toilet Paper now has for BIS these days?



  1. When you think about it BP, who else does the FNM have to put in BIS? Larry is an a..hole, but a very decent journalist. Anything would be better than the gal with the chemistry degree who the Tribune is trying to prop ups as a journalist. If she’s a journalist, BP, you and I are journalists too.

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