Spicey Picey You can be Fish or Fowl not both – Christie must lead and force Soca Forbes to Resign if he accepts the URCA deal


Christie junkanoo<<< Perry Christie Leader of the PLP.

Nassau, Bahamas – We here at BP do not provide spin, we only break news. We were shock to see Picewell Forbes spinning like a “top” today in the local and wutless media. He was responding to the story we broke on him accepting the job at URCA. He could not deny the story, but said that he is not leaving the PLP.

Well that may be so, however, he confirmed that he met with Hubert Ingraham after Obama’s inauguration and admitted meeting with Tommy Turnquest on Friday as reported by us. ‘Soca’, we stand by our story based on the source we received it from. We are being told that you already have your Letter of Appointment. We too represent the Golden Generation and are very happy for you, but you are either “Fish or Fowl” as Ingraham put it to you. You cannot serve two masters, the good book tells us that.

We want to know whether you reported your meeting with Ingraham to Christie and if not, why not?. We want to know whether you reported your meeting with Turnquest to your leader prior to meeting with Turnquest and if not, why not?.

As the old people used to say Soca, “when you come, come clean even if you come rough dry”. Speak truth to power my Brother and stop spinning and  “Shame the Devil”.

PicewellWe now suggest that you truly represent the Golden Generation and do the Honourable thing, as you cannot be both Fish and Fowl. You will be paid by the taxpayers and we expect for you to be above reproach. Please stop the madness and do the right thing!

As for Christie, we warned him about Malcolm Adderley and the precedence he was setting by allowing him to accept the post of Chairman of the Gaming Board from Ingraham and remain a PLP MP. We told you then to deal with the situation before it came back to bite you. You paid us no mind. Now “monkey back putting question to he ma” and we right back here again. We implore you and the NGC to deal with Spicey Picey sooner rather than later. This is Ingraham’s way of showing you up as a weak leader Christie, we suggest that you “man up” and find some “cojones”!

We also think you should stop using so much “Just for Men” and let your head breathe so that you may think clearly.

This is our final warning to Christie to lead. In the event that nothing is done again as it was the case of Malcolm Adderley, Christie Sundays will return to this site and we will be viscious. As they say, a word to the wise ought to be sufficient, but in Christie’s case, we have to provide more words than necessary.

A PLP source is reporting that The Home town Boy was a little rude with Christie in the meeting Friday evening and was alleged to have said to Christie, “I will be making more money than you.” My goodness ‘Soca’ did that one for Rolly Gray and plan to sail away. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! WAP TAKE DAT!


  1. Truth hurts why are you still on this old story, they are saying that Dion Foulkes has the job.

  2. Now this would be the worst move ever. To put picewell in charge of Urca:The man who single handedly brought shame to all professional journalist by blurting out garbage at the PLP convention, without checking the facts.MMMMMMMMM. somebody done lost their mind eh?

  3. If I remember correctly, in the last post, he wrote a letter to say that he is not interested in the URCA post, is he lying?, but if he wrote that letter, I will take him at his word and this conversation should be over until he shows that he is lying, again a red herring of nothing.

  4. Kevin Mckenzie, please stop hating on Picewell! Oh, by the way, please reply to this post and let us all know what you are qualified to do! Jealousy will get you nowhere!

  5. @kevin mckenzie – How do u know what Mr. Forbes is capable of? How can u say that he lacks the mental capacity to run URCA? Do u know him personally? I can tell you that he is an educated gentleman, with a BA in broadcasting & an MBA–which is much more than most of the people at the helm of  inststutions in this county. Don’t mind the ‘spicy picey’ comments – this genteleman is very intelligent and well-educated.

  6. If this turns out to be true it will show the Bahamian people that the government is ABUSING THE TAX PAYERS.We all know that Picewell LACKS the mental capacity to head URCA.The only thing Picewell could do at URCA is SIGN documents which he DOES NOT UNDERSTAND AND MORE THAN LIKELY DIDNOT READ.In the world of prostitution a pimp is usually referred to by the names DADDY OR PAPA.

  7. I agree, I think you should be concentrating on something with substance, this is definitely a distraction piece, all the serious things going on and Picswell is the top story, you should be warning Hubert, because he is the one getting beat, he don’t really want another bye-election to get WAP some more, what do you think?.

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