Is your website working for you?


by Communikas

As you know the internet continues to evolve and advance, new technologies are coming out every day, and along with that, user’s expectations are also growing.

Every time one of your customers or prospects visit a well structured, navigable site, the pressure increases for your company to offer a pleasant, modern unique experience. If you fail to deliver that, you may lose customers. So here are some of things to consider.

1) Message: Does your website have an elevator pitch, a clear message explaining why your company is different and what you do better? Does your website do that just from the front page?

2) Navigation: Is your website easy to navigate? Can a client or prospect rapidly find all information or complete interactive tasks quick?

3) Call to Action: Is the website generating responses and inquiries the way you expect? How long does it take and how easy to find are your offers?

4) Response Time: Does your website have a fast response time? Or are your clients getting annoyed by spinning beach balls while your content downloads?

5) Social Media Integration: Does your website integrate well with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? Nowadays, people love  to receive information in different flavors, but are you giving it to them?

6) Mobility: Is your website compatible with SmartPhones? Many users today are surfing the web via mobile application just as they do via their laptops or desktop computers.

7) Search Engine: does your website show up in the first pages of search engines like Google or Yahoo when you type the keywords that your potential customers would prompt when looking for someone offering your services or products?

Lastly, consider updates, how easy is to update your website. Do you need to call a programmer every time you need an update, or can you manage your site from a user friendly back-end.

Just remember, that if your website is not up to par you may be losing customers, and you can’t afford that.

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