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by Communikas

Twitter – as we all know, is the most popular and the fastest growing social networking/micro blogging platform on the World Wide Web. Previously, the Twitter users were confined to the small spectrum of personal messages, but with its rising popularity, it has drawn entrepreneurs and business conglomerates in its portfolio. If you have a business of your own, twitter can be the best place to market your products. The Twitter social networking tool allows the user to give out tweets or 140-character long social messages to his/her entire social circle with ease. The simplicity and versatility of Twitter has largely contributed to its growing popularity in the marketing realm.

If you are the owner of a website, then you will probably know that the amount of money you make is directly proportional to the amount of web traffic that is directed your site. You can enhance your website traffic significantly by using Twitter to market your latest offerings. Some of the methods that you can use have been explained below:

Followers: If you are trying to market your products on Twitter, you will need to get in touch with as many people as you can at the first stage. According to Twitter jargon, you need to get a lot of people to follow your tweets to ensure that your marketing campaign reaches large demographics. The best way to make a lot of followers is to simply search for them using the “search” feature provided on the website itself. You can choose people from the same geographical location to enhance the brand recognition of your company. The next step would be to start following all these people. As a natural altruism, most of these people will start following you in return.

Tweet carefully and buildup followers: It is advisable that for the first few months, you tweet for non-commercial purposes, which will include sending some useful tips related to the offerings that you wish to market later or simply sharing light-hearted jokes and similar stuff with your followers. As you grow in popularity, you can keep updating your profile so that people get to know more about you and your company.

Be cordial: Being cordial is the first and foremost criteria of tweeting success. Never be rude to a fellow user as this may affect your reputation. Accept a friend request that comes your way and have conversations with your fellow users so that your popularity increases further.

Start the marketing campaign: Once you get huge number of people following you, you can simply start sending urls of your website, along with interesting messages. Since the links to most websites are more than 140 characters long, it will be a good idea to get them shortened using service like tinyurl. Make sure to say something interesting and follow it up with the link when you post the tweet.  Users who send out links to their own websites at all times are considered spammers and lose their followers in quick succession. So, be prudent with your marketing campaign.

Twitter can greatly enhance traffic to your website and get more people to appreciate your latest product offerings. Twitter can really help you get a jump start on your business venture. So, good luck with your Twitter campaign!

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