Jeep engulfed in flames near Carmichael and Gladstone Roads last evening


pathfinder-burned<<< A firefighter sprays water on a vehicle engulfed in flames around 8:30PM last evening.

Nassau, Bahamas: Once again your Bahamas Press was live on the scene, this time in the Carmichael and Gladstone Roads. A Pathfinder Jeep was ablaze. The fire quickly charred the entire vehicle. It was a compete writeoff.

The driver of the vehicle was in complete shock and stood in tears with his hands on his head. The only word he uttered was, “All my tools in there man,” sobbing quietly to himself. An eyewitness told the crowd gathered that the man just had bought the vehicle.


  1. I passed on Carmichael road and I have noticed that the burnedvehicle has snce moved.Thank GOD for BP.

  2. Good afternoon Joe Blow,Not only Coral Harbour South is kept clean.I live in the Golden GATES #2 area and my yard and house inside and out side is well kept,clean green and pristine.Now it is up to the neighbours in the neighbourhood to do their part.

  3. Come to Coral Harbour South and you will see that we work hard to keep our area clean, green and pristine despite the fact that the nasties come every week-end and leave their garbage for us to clean up.

  4. What i’m doing to help? A lot I start by keeping my surronding clean both inside and the out side.This is what counts.If more neighbours were to do the same the country would look much better and Mr Deveaux wouldn’t have to hire that much person.Joe Blow I hope you keep your surrounding clean.

  5. There are many of us standing up and cleaning up, including the Ministry of the Environment people. Dibbles, you need to take a drive around this island and see the difference Mr. Deveaux and crews have made. Unfortunately the “nasties” don’t care about our environment and continue to litter anywhere they want. What are you doing to help?

  6. BP, if we don’t look out our country would start to look like some of our carribean island down south.Bahamians look out,and would the real Bahamians please stand up, please stand up.

  7. And we would add to this Dibbles, The Director of Environmental Health was parked on block away from the area observing the cleanup teams nearby. WHY CANNOT WE SEE THIS AS AN EROSION OF OUR CLEAN ENVIRONMENT?


  8. yesterday’s date 2 March 09 I passed on Carmichael road and that eye sore was still there. How long would this vehicle be left there for.

  9. I just passed that area around 5:00pm todays date and the vehicle was still there from 26/2/09 at 8:30pm.The question is who should be made to move that brunt vehicle? who ever it is,they should hurry and move that eye sore.

  10. I am just wondering how long i will have to look at this eyesore everday
    on my daily commute. The owner of that vehicle should have been made by the police, to have that car towed after it was cooled.

    Boy we have a slack country. I am going to count the days until this eyesore is removed

  11. BP. i just saw the video of the fire. You see how BUSH LEAGUE our fire department is? How the hell could they allow traffic to flow right next to the burning jeep? What if that jeep had exploded while those cars were passing? that road should have been blocked off for safety reasons.

    OMG! Bush league BP, totally bush league.

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