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  1. Joe blow it’s good to know that some one still eat home cook food.This is the best way to go,especially in these hard economical time.

  2. I am too old to be eating from any fast food outlet Dibbles. The digestive tract just doesn’t work as it used to. Just making an observation. Service improvement has little to do with the food served, although if you eat there, you would know better than me about that.

  3. No Joe Blow,This would help them to improve their service.This is called constructive criticism,join in and just be true.

  4. I totally agree with WOW,let me help KFC out those cooks has since got old and has now retired.It’s now young people cooking who wasn’t thougt properly.That’s the reason for the bad taste.,

  5. BP and Dibbles, do y’all remember when KFC actually tasted good? The Colonel must be turning over in his grave because they can’t be using is secret recipe. I avoid KFC at all cost now and it has nothing to do with prices or healthy eating. Even the chicken in those pictures look pale and tasteless.

  6. BP do you remember when KFC two piece, fries, biscuit and drink was $2.99? At that time after eating that meal you would have been full.Now that same two piece fries biscuit and drink is now $6.80.After eating this you would still be hungry.

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