Kettlebell Training


By: Diego Morales.

Personal Trainer Certified.

If you want to get results in your training, you can not keep doing the same workout every week. For this reason, we want to share the latest in weight training, which we use with some of our clients for the purpose of not following a weekly workout monotony. Instead, we want to motivate them with new training techniques in order to reach their goals such as reducing body fat, or improving their fitness in a short term.

This week, we recommend the kettlebells weight training. This training is effective because it works more muscles simultaneously, and a variety of exercises to work the whole body.

Several sports do not provide a comprehensive training with functional movements such as kettlebells which provide a steady progress and help you learn to move correctly. In addition, each workout is a variety of challenges to improve your fitness.

The kettlebells should not be confused  with the traditional weight lifting. With training kettlebells most exercises are done with weights in motion, trying to cover as many muscles as possible.

The work focuses primarily on functional strength and thus giving the ability to develop the cardiovascular system and power, achieving muscle tone, improve posture, and lose body fat.

The exercises with kettlebell can be done in the gym or at home. However, we advise to start with a personal trainer and once you learn the routine and the moves, you can continue practicing individually.

Kettlebell Training Benefits:
• Accelerate the development of overall strength.
• Promotes physical stamina and resilience.
• Ensures the correct combination of strength and flexibility.
• Reduce body fat.
• Shape and tone your figure.


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