Excessive Protein Consumption


By: Diego Morales

Certified Personal Trainer DGM

Any person interested in body building or personal fitness knows that they must take sufficient proteins to stimulate their development and muscular growth.  Everyday there is an increase of people who use nutritional supplements in order to improve their training resistance.

One of the most well known nutritional supplements are proteins that provide positive benefits but over use of the product can be very detrimental to the health of a person.
Proteins carry out a great number of functions in the cells of the human body. They are part of the various essential parts of the body, such as, the muscles, sinews, skin, and nails. Proteins also perform metabolic and regulating functions, such as, assimilation of nutrients, fat and oxygen transport in the blood, and inactivity of toxic or dangerous materials.
The excess of proteins is the cause of numerous diseases like cardiovascular upheavals. This is because the majority of proteins which come from animals contain large amounts of saturated fats resulting in increasing a person’s cholesterol which will obstruct ones arteries.
Continuous consumption of proteins can produce an overload in the organism. The kidneys and the liver can be affected because they are in charge of eliminating the remaining substances that develop proteins into ammonia, the urea and the uric acid. In addition, the protein from animals can cause the formation of kidney stones, because the calcium purified through the kidneys can be eliminated.
The amount of proteins required every day is a controversial subject; it depends on many factors such as   age, state of health, and daily physical activities.  The World Health Organization and many national agencies of health have independently led studies recommending that the daily requirement of protein must be between 10% to 15% of daily caloric intake.

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