Easy Ways to Detoxify the Body


By: Ana Milena Perez



One of the easiest ways to help detoxify the body is a natural feeding, easily absorbed and leaves no residue. Not strictly a vegetarian, but naturist. Cleansing the body leads to the discovery of a sense of comfort, lightness, vitality, that you are would to feel again. Here is an easy and fast method, without underestimating the various detoxification methods that are currently under medical supervision.
Remember that nature contains all the necessary and essential to keep healthy bodies, within a healthy and balanced environment, so we will have something from her as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, oats or wheat bran, which are fibers that have the function of drag, so that help clean the intestines and prevent the spread of germs and toxins of food waste.

Another is the ingestion of clay, which for its absorbent action (special to attract the toxic molecules), prevents the proliferation of bacteria and deodorize stools and helps to keep clean intestinal tract, in addition, because of their mineral components, revitalizes the tissues and, finally, Is an antiparasitic, but it must recommend that the clay is not absorbed by the intestine, so it must be taken care to manage it, mainly for people with constipation or intestinal laziness, by its absorption of water may encourage the formation of faecaloids (stool hard and difficult to pass).

Vegetables are important foods, they have fiber that carries food waste minerals and trace elements they contain are important for the body and ion exchange.

Fruits are also important besides nurturing; they contain antioxidants that help flush the accumulated toxins in various organs of the body, along with promoting diuresis and energy inputs into the cells, and help the exchange of nutrients substances from the waste, making it easier.

The detoxification therapy includes fruits such as grapes, which are more effective because they have seeds that contain the germ of life.  Carrots, pineapple, pears, mango, watermelon, pear, peach, tamarind, berries and some citrus fruits, are also excellent as detoxifying fruits due to its antioxidant properties.

Something very simple and easy to perform for you to feel positive changes in your system is doing the following:

Do this just for 3 days: eat only fruits in the morning and avoid consuming any type of animal protein such as meat, pork, poultry or fish and dairy. Instead of, eat plenty of whole grains, such as brown rice, any kind of beans, raw vegetables in every color and drink plenty of water. This is not recommended for more than 3 days.

Only under medical supervision you can proceed to a more profound and lasting detoxification and especially in cases of different diseases.




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  1. Good advice, eating fruit at the start of the day is a great thing to do. I tried the fruit detox recently and i think it did me wonders, but it did give me a bad headache at first, is there anything you recommend to do if a headache does occur?

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