BEC GM must answer how did pole #44 get in the middle of a Haitian Village?

Kevin Basden, GM for BEC


Nassau, Bahamas –– BEC pole #44 runs directly into a Haitian village burnt to the ground on Christmas Day in the Fire Trail Road area.

BP has learnt an illegal number house was also in the village. The question to BEC is this, who authorized a public lamp pole to be positioned in the centre of the Haitian village?

Could this be the electricity the Bahamian people are paying for with bills doubled? BEC is operating in the red?


  1. Nothing ever seem to make you ugly bahamians happy…Y’all are the most miserable people that anyone can run into. And y’all talk too much, I can’t stand y’all not one bit…

  2. Our politicians are a total disgrace.They have all allowed this country to be over populated by illegal immigrants building illegal villages.They now need to send these people home and don’t begin to tell me that your papers were burned because immigration should have a record of you if you did your business in decency & in order. Everyone in the government acts as if these villages don’t exist and they do. Everything about them are illegal.But when poor Bahamians who unsuspectingly buy a piece land belonging to someone but did these the right way having a search done lawyers spending their hard earned monies only to learn later on that the property belongs to someone else and not from whom it was bought our government has no pity for them. They allow their homes to be demolished with everything in them and don’t even offer my people a blanket. But they on tv making sure that the illegals are doing well after their loss of illegal structures with illegal wiring and entering a country illegally. What the hell is going on and are we encouraging illegal activities. I think these low down dirty shame of a leaders just want votes when election time comes around. They are using the immigrants.

  3. when I bought my house in the carmichael road area after signing the occupancy certifacate I had no light nor water a haitian told me he could get me light for a fee and the M.P. told me for a hundred dollars I could get telephone

  4. I just could’nt understand why my light bill just keep going up;even the illegals getting slick.I’ve notice how they edging their way back onto the streets selling phone cards.They don’t pay for health care, education,national insurance,”NOW BEC” and the list goes on:we damn rite, better get them out of here!!!

  5. I wonder who is responsible for #44 in the Haitian Village, since that village has been there for some 10years, maybe just maybe it was not under Mr. Basdens watch, I pray not. BP I sure you have to show your permit and house occupancy to get light from BEC. Or is #44 the responsiblity of someone at the MOW? The government need to look into this as we Bahamains are being robbed by the illegal immigrant in our own country. I sure hope who ever the land belong too, that they clean it up and force the remainder of the illegals out, it aboout time the illegal pay their way in this country.

    • The biggest joke is government admitted on ZNS that they own the land yet we watched this develop to the potential tragedy! LOL Both PLP AND FNM are assanine.
      Man, we are the laughing stock of the Caribean again.
      So sad.

  6. People, this has been going on for a long time not. I live in that area and i could tell you those people didnt need for anything. Light, water, money, drugs, sex, numbers……….its all been there for a long time and now someone is just exposing this? We wonder now why our bills fluctuates so much at the end of every month. We gatta pay for the squatters to have their light for free…………..ooooops , not freee. Someone from BEC is being paid very well to keep these things on lock.

  7. Wake up people. This tells you that we’re paying for. incompetence at the top come down. Right now they’re all playing the famous government pastime game of Cover Your A**. Wake up people!

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