Sources in the OPM have confirmed BTC MOU is being rewritten?


Julian Francis, another one of Papa's ill-fated misfits.


Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is unraveling the secrets deep in the belly of the BTC ‘BAD DEAL’ and today we can confirm the Memorandum of Understanding between the buyer  –  ‘CARELESS AND WUTLESS’ and the Government of the Bahamas is currently being rewritten, according to sources in the Office of the Prime Minister.

BP can confirm reliable sources have revealed the much discussed 3% “Finder’s Fee” alleged to be outlined in the MOU is presently being removed from the document following rallying opposition against the sale of the cash cow.

We are advised a senior member connected with the Free National Movement Government and intimately involved in the BTC negotiations was poised to collect more than $6.3 million for their involvement in attracting the “buyer” to the table.

“It is no wonder why the MOU has not been made public following revelations of its contents. Officers of the government have been directed by “high-ups” in the regime to have sections of the agreement removed before the January 19th sitting of Parliament; when the said document is promised to be tabled.”

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Inrgaham allowed no bidding in the BTC sale. WE WONDER WHY?

Sources have also confirmed to BP the BTC ‘SWEET HEART’ deal is a “DONE DEAL”. Further revelations by persons close to the transaction confirmed, the former MOU was signed in late August of 2010, when instructions to a banker in New York prepared documentations to transact the sale with the Government of the Bahamas.

Bahamas Press over the weekend has kept a close eye on the BTC situation, while residents were preparing ham and turkey. We on the other hand have been dropping our sound devices in several high-level meetings on the sale of the public asset to the regional carrier.

We can also tell you senior technicians at BTC have been ordered to hand over all high-level passwords to databases to representatives of the new company. We are told by our source in the OPM, those experts at BTC have refused to transfer such information and is expected to further carry out resistance to the sale in the coming days.

BP can also confirm inked in the MOU, according to our source; the new 51% owners of BTC will also be paid a management fee to operate the company. Upon taking over the Corporation, the new buyer intends to immediately transfer whole departments out of Bahamas to regional offices in Jamaica.

Also earmarked in the details with the DEVIL is the intention to downsize more than 300 BTC workers, coupled with a blood axing of more than 80% of the current executive team.

LOOK WHO IS NOW WORKING FOR CABLE AND WIRELESS. Sharon Brown, THE Former GM for FCIB, is now orchestrating the SWEETHEART DEAL for the sale of 51% of BTC to Cable and Wireless. Boy BP good eh? We wonder how she got that job and what she knows about the telephone business.

One of the chief goons in the sale of BTC, Julian Francis, told media today he would challenged Union Leaders to a televised debate on the sale of the Corporation. Francis should note the debate in the sale of the Corporation is not one to be had with the Union but rather the Bahamian people, the real owners of the BTC, who have asked repeatedly for the signed MOU to be made public for all to see. The document is now being rewritten, and is yet to be made public!

Hubert Ingraham told “economically dying” Grand Bahama the country cannot sustain a borrowing path and therefore we must sell some things in order to stop the hemorrhage of the lifeblood of the Bahamas to world lending institutions.

Somehow Ingraham has forgotten how his government racked up more than $1 billion in debt on the working poor and upon three generations unborn, to build roadways with contracts awarded to a Chinese and Argentinean company; along with extending a Port at Arawak Cay to benefit 19 wealthy FNM benefactors.

Somehow he has forgotten it was his government who delivered taxes on the working poor in the country, raising taxes on the Holy Bible without one cry from the Bahamas Christian Council. [They found their tongue on the gambling issue though].

By chance the Ingraham government has forgotten it was its ‘WUTLESSLESS DUTTY’ administration, that pauperized and made peasants the Bahamian workforce when they fired workers all across the length and breadth of the Bahamas; including staff at ZNS while by a stroke of a pen hired Chinese workers to build highways on borrowed money at $10 million per mile.

Now that members of the citizenry are weak, busted, disgusted and powerless by a WUTLESS MEDIA, the FNM government is now set to have Parliament approval on the national asset, BTC! BOY I TELL YA!



  1. BP will moderate the National Debate with Julian Francis and Former President of BTC Leon Williams so all can see who is a fake and a fraud!


  2. What has me shaking my head is how out of sink Papa is with the Bahamian public on this issue. For some reason he and his cabinet think its the unions who are clamoring and not the public. Its like Papa cant distinguish whose voice is who right now.

    I am also disappointed in Branville too. If you want to be a national leader, then its issues like this that his voice should be heard. I am beginning to think my first assessment on him was correct, he is an empty barrel.

    Lastly, where is Cassuis Stewart and the BDM? Where is Dr Roillins? Why are they so quiet?

    • I am more concerned with greater national voices on this issue. Where is the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce the BTC sale? Where is ‘Ve the ‘ONLY’ People’ led by Ed Fields? Where is the Bar Council? The Chartered Accountants of the Bahamas? The Bankers Association? We have spineless institutions which mutter not a DAMN WORD on national matters, yet they want us to follow them?

      They better get they coconut head from around here.


  3. I believe it was Belize which pravatized and then found out that they could not live with the results(at least not in the case of their telecommunications network) and went to parliament in one day and took it back. I agree Altec the PLP really needs to make it as clear as they made their position on the relocation of the Nassau Port. There are no guarantees for those investors in that port to that location and C&W should be told to take no comfort in that piece of paper they are signing. The interest of the Bahamian people, is and should always be, paramount.

  4. BP, if what you claim in this article is correct, then its now in the PLP’s court to come out and state emphatically, that they will nationalize BTC, like Brazil did, when they retain power.

    Is it me, or does Papa not know his party has an election coming up? Because it sure looks like Papa is going out of his way to mash up the FNM on his way out.

  5. this man punch,power,& bottle, drunk”. een long nah.
    one thing i learn from this if it een broke dont fix it
    it was not broke in 2007 but we fix it. this what we get.

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