Did Ingraham clash with Williams in John Bull over the holidays?


Leon Williams, former President of BTC, who lead BTC to record breaking profit levels.

Nassau, Bahamas —  A store in the downtown area may consider banning the Prime Minister of the Bahamas from entering a store following an incident which left shoppers on Christmas Eve ashamed and bewildered.

BP reports an alleged verbal assault by the Prime Minister against the former President of BTC, Leon William in a downtown store over the holiday weekend.

Eyewitnesses confirmed the PM walked up to Williams, who was shopping in the store at the time and began screaming to the top of his voice, as he questioned Williams’ participation in a protest on Bay Street against the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless.

You would remember Ingraham quickly adjourned the Parliament and fled the area as protesters called him a coward who refused to meet with the people who elected him.

Hubert Ingraham

Scores of shoppers were left embarrassed following the actions of the PM, which left tourist shocked asking, why would officer of the public conduct himself in such a violent manner?

William we are told took the high road and walked away leaving the PM ventilating almost coming to use words that were not good for the children to hear.



  1. ENTER YOUR NAME: Do you understand what the difference is when you sell 49% of your company as opposed to 51%, dummy. Let me explain so you dumb asses could understand: when you sell only 49%, you still own your company but God help you when you sell 51% because you don’t own it no more and you don’t have the last say anymore. Do you need any more explaination, as to the differece between Perry’s Deal and Ingraham’s? Besides with the Blue Water deal, it was Leon Williams and the heads of both BTC’s Unions who recommended that the PLP government go with them with selling 51%; as a matter of fact they recommended the terms to Mr. Christie’s government. That is the clear difference here. Ingraham’s selling to Cable & Wutless was Ingraham’s decision alone, believe that. BTC’s employees were safe with the Perry Christie’s deal, the Union Heads made sure of that, the employees have no job security with this Ingraham(don’t believe that Bahamians can run anything)fire sale. And remember the PLP was getting, net, $132 million more than the FNM and for 49%, as opposed to INGRAHAM’S sellin of 51% and the control of the company. Those are the facts that we all know and that is the difference between the PLP and the FNM way of doing business.

  2. Leon Williams said that he was in John Bull store doing some shopping. He heard someone shout his name out loud; when he turned around(because he was back on to whether the shout came from)he saw that it was Hubert Ingraham. He wished Ingraham “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and Ingraham started derailing him for marching with the Union on Bay Street. Ingraham asked Leon why was he on the march(like that was any of his damn business)Leon said that he told Ingraham that, “well I marched 40 years ago with Batelco, as well, for the rights of Bahamians; so what.” The point here is though; why in the hell would a prime minister or any government official at that level approach a private citizen, in an open store no less, and question them in an angry tone about that citizen’s right to exercise his or her rights? Ingraham is an ass and if I were Leon Williams I would have told him to “KISS MY ASS” and then walk away from the crazy fool. She should be locked up for being a public nusance in a crowded store of shoppers. If it were you the police would have been called to the scene. Prime Ministers don’t go around attacking, verbally or otherwise, private citizens. There are laws against that. Citizens have the right to move around freely without having their freedom disturbed, especially by someone who should be put away.

  3. So, What did Mr. Williams say happened, or is this whole thing dreamed up by Fwed Mitchell and the PLP Chairman? Who are these witnesses, and what are their statements?

  4. How is it that you SNAKES, are so ready and willing to believe(no proof presented)any old LIE that the wutless Tribune and Guardian manufactures on the PLP but, in the face of truthful evidence, you don’t want to believe that your piss head prime minister would attempt to pick a fight, with a private citizen, in a store like John Bull on Christmas eve? Are you telling us that you don’t believe Mr Leon Williams? I’d rather believe Leon Williams any day and seven times on Sunday that to believe that lying Hubert Ingraham; although he has not denied it as yet but knowing what a barefaced liar he is, I know he will deny it, notwithstanding a store full of patrons who can varify Williams’ story.Besides; why would Leon Williams lie about a thing like that, you donkies?

  5. Wow!!!! I heard about this story on BP and decided to come and see for my self. I find it unbelievable, as I just happened to be in John Bull at the time shopping. The PM was there engaged in conversation at the time. I also saw Williams there, I saw and heard none of this so called confrontation, which I am sure if it happened I would have heard, because i was less than 25 feet away from the PM and his entourage at the time. Unless it happened somewhere in the back of the store in closed quarters. This would have been around 3pm.

    Pray Tell

    • @truthhurts, Mr. Leon Williams is live on hardcopy rite now speaking of the matter that happened with him and the PM rite now, and side that he wised the PM merry christmas after he was done.

  6. THIS is just what we need more people like The Punch or Mr Russell Johnson who by the way is in for a black eye.The PM love a fight and will PUNCH THE SH** OUT ALL YOU HATTERS.SO GET READY FNM ALL THE WAY.THING ARE GOOD AND WILL GET BETTER THANK YOU MR PRIME MINISTER!!!!

  7. What a horrible example for the youth of our country.The only thing that young thugs have to lookup to is a CALIGULA who just cant cut the mustard.He asked for opposition and now that he is getting it he panics and reacts stupidly.PAPA is a c oward and only played crazy bcos he was surrounded by bodyguards.The RICKY and CHARLES characters are typical ostriches who lack “testicles”.Playing foolish will not deliver PAPA from the whupping he and his party will get in less than 18 months time.

  8. I wonder if people reallly know the true kick to all of this stupid mans antics. Hows about the fact that he decides to sign a deal with BahaMar just shy of 2 years to elections. Hows about his stake hold-ship in the Balmoral project? So, the Balmoral all of a sudden comes online and is almost sold out to the so called “high class black folk” with starting prices od $699,000.00 ? I wonder who are the fools, those buying into it or those who believe that he does not have a hold on the development. The man paved the road right up to the entrance of the new development and stopped there, to hell with the rest of people. its all for him. Hows about we think about the road works project. Allowing a company to come in who went bankrupt in their own country of origin becasue of mismanagment and then come here to give us these crappy so called “new” roads. Then there is the the fact that this foolish immigrant decides to have every major development come to completion at time of next election. There is more, gatta run stay tuned.

  9. RICKY & CHARLES I didn’t realize that being crazy and stupid was infectious.You both have caught the bug from your ignorant, stupid, gone luny, lunatic prime minister or your papa or whatever you call IT.

  10. Every Gov. official must remember that they are representatives of the people and has the moral responsibility to lead by example in words and in deeds. Failing their obligation diminishes the trust and respect owed to such office.
    Mr. Prime Minister have you lost your way?
    George Forbes


    • That attitude; that my choice of leader at any and all costs, is what keeps societies like ours struggling for pride of place. If by some miracle, the few sensible supporters of this rabid, foaming creature could manage to clear the crusted feces from their lips and eyes, we could reject this sort of dictatorial posturing and elect a Prime Minister with less emotional baggage.

  12. The post of Prime Minister has not been well served over the last three years. From incessant giddy laughter. Insults, to worthless press conferences. We need change!

  13. sounds like a personal beef the PM have with Mr. Williams. It’s a good thing at least one of them still had some class left to avoid a bigger scene, otherwise the headlines surely would have read differently! As for the other one, what an example being set from the top for our children… this is sad.

  14. BP, someone in that store had to have a camer or phone and recorded that great moment, see if you could get a copy of it to post for we could see buddy.

  15. This man display the same power of Papa Doc, Idi Armean and all the other dictors before him, Bahamians wake up before it’s too late KICK this man who promise he’s was not going to run after his last term in office. But GREED for his personal gain wouldn’t allow him to sit his ignornant meat head down some where and have his drinks on his porch in a peaches can, where he started out from ,but rose to power to drink with the filthy rich and shameless. It’s Election time soon Bahamas the ball is in your court. The alternative it not any better either all about their click, humble until you put them back in power. We need new young and honest leader, seem like seeking Etopia , but with God all things are possible there a great man of God whose leadership is right in your midst pray about it friends. May God holy presence continue to lift up the spirit of my people Happy New Year Bahamas.!!!!

  16. Oh please Tell Leon Williams account to the public for mismanagement! Only in this country people feel they can get away with such things!
    WAKE UP BAHAMAS When law and order comes people DO NOT LIKE IT! SIMPLY PUT there are some people that still use their head in the BAHAMAS!


  18. Yes, yes, yes! He has finally hung himself! What an embarassment!! I always knew he’d be his own worst enemy! What’s the matter? The btc workers finally got to you? Scared this will be the thing that crushes you? Old lazy, conniving, selfish, greedy, grubby,
    grab-alicious, philandering, faking in church, devilish, lyin, thiefin, jealous, brain barren, insecure, ineffective, prejudice, hate your own people, suck up to the foreigners, uncreative fool!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I’m ashamed, the PM, my God so this what it come down too !! It was ok when PAPA unceremoniously let Williams go.What The PM knows about Telecommunications can fit in a thimble, and still have space for the chinese army.

  20. Well my brother Kevin McKenzie,that answers the question of weather or not a 3% finders fee was in fact paid.The fee really is a facilating fee or something like that.Thank you and others like you for pointing that out.

  21. My questions to the government are as follows-1 we are aware that Cable&Wireless DIDNOT meet the August,14,2010 deadline but approached the government some 6 months later,can the government show the registration form along with the US dollar 25,000.00 cheque so that we can confirmed the exact date C&W APPLIED?2-Who accepted the VERY LATE registration and cheque from C&W?3-Up to the 16.05.2010 minister LAING CLAIMED that he was “NOT AWARE” THAT C&W was a part of the bidding process,so WHO gave permission for C&W TO BECOME A PART OF THE BIDDING PROCESS?4-was the Bahamian GROUP {CFAL}IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ATLANTIC TELE-NETWORK AFFORDED THE SAME FAVOUR AS C&W?IF THE ANSWER IS NO,WHY WASN’T CFAL,A BAHAMIAN GROUP ALLOWED TO AMEND THEIR PROPOSAL?5-Finally,who are the lawyers,accountants and persons representing C&W INTEREST IN THE BAHAMAS AND WHAT FEES {MONEY/SHARES} ARE THEY BEING PAID?C&W WILL HAVE TO DECLARE THEM ANY WAY.

  22. Here’s a summary of events-January,2009 the government commits to selling 51% of BTC.2-In July,2009 interested parties submitted their registration forms along with a $25,ooo.oo US dollar cheque.3-14,August,2009 is the deadline date.Cable&Wireless DOESNOT APPLY.3-During December,2009/January,2010 mr.DAVID SHAW,CEO OF CABLE&WIRELESS APPROACHES THE PRIVATISATION COMMITTEE SOME 5 TO 6 MONTHS AFTER THE CLOSING DEADLINE.4-By May,2010 the TRIBUNE is calling CABLE&WIRELESS A SERIOUS BIDDER/PLAYER in the privatisation process.However minister LAING is “NOT AWARE” that Cable&Wireless is one of the bidders.5-July,2010 mr.JULIAN FRANCIS AND THE COMMITTEE REJECTS THE LAST 2 APPLICANTS WHICH INCLUDES A BAHAMIAN PARTNERSHIP{CFAL & ATLANTIC TELE-NETWORK}.Mr.Francis claims this is when they started to negotiate with C&W.6-Government signs MOU with C&W ON 02.12.2010

  23. My, my, my!! what a shame!
    The P.M’s behavior could easily match up to behaviour that fella from Uganda….

    you know who ah mean? yeah him!

    Take note Bahamas

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