BREAKING NEWS<<< More Bloodshed in Bain Town at this hour



Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is reporting a second day of shooting now underway in the Bain Town community. Reports reaching our desk confirm just moments ago there was yet another shoot-out near the Poinciana Drive section of the community.

BP advises residents to avoid the area and persons living in the community to stay indoors.

Bahamas Press can confirm shortly after 9am yesterday, a young man was attacked  execution style with a high powered weapon by a group of men on Augusta street in the same community.

Police however caught up with the shooters in the Strachan’s Corner area just off East Street, which resulted in a shootout with officers. One of the men was shot in the leg by police and is in custody.

Police recovered on the scene a high powered AK-47 weapon and a handgun. The AK-47s are weapons now being used in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. How they ended up on the streets of the capital is just mind-boggling.


  1. @Ivasson, why are u so quick to classify these men as hoodlums? First of all i do not condone crime, i am 1000 percent against the crap going on in Bain Town. My family and friends are from this area and they too are up in arms over this unrest in that once tight-knitted community. Just like every other criminal, whether white collar or blue collar, we need to first understand what brought them to this point. We need to get to the root of the problem before we judge people so quickly. Many people on the outside looking in have no idea who is actually fueling these turf wars, many of these foolish young men get their weapons from people who u wouldnt dream, are involved in criminal activity, they are paid to do these things, my cousin was shot twice in 2010 and will never walk again. I want justice for him too!! But all i’m saying is rather than berate, try to help or find ways to assist young men and motivate them before giving up on them, they want people to care about them too. The sad thing is many of them dont have anyone to inspire or motivate them because they have already given up on them before trying to reach out first… most people dont care until something tragic happens to them or their family. This is not the time for name calling, its time to heal our nation, thats what time it is. It starts by getting to the root of the problem and saving the young children who are coming up in the midst of turbulence and giving our young people hope. Make parents responsible, feed and clothe the less fortunate children so that they dont fall prey to unsavory characters who force them into a life of crime. Folks, its hard out there for young struggling Bahamians, i am one, thats how i know.

  2. BP this is really no mystery.The authorities know exactly how these guns are getting in the country they just don’t want to tell the public. Why the don’t want to tell the public because it means admitting that they have all failed at their jobs. Thats the politicians, police officers & immigration officers.Immigration has a huge part to play in this.

  3. Such irony, that ater the “New Improved” Commissioner arrives we have a record murder year for the Bahamas! Who is this guy? LOL

  4. These hoodlums have a free run of the streets. If the police have more frequent road blocks and searches along with immigration a lot of these imported weapons and criminals will have more respect for the law in this country.

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