Killarney MP Helps the poor


With that in mind this month, we launched a first in a series of food drives throughout the constituency to help those most in need.

The first leg of this initiative is hailed as a success, as residents of Oakes Field, Rock Crusher, and Highland Park along with others responded to the program by donating non-perishable food items to be given to those most in need. The items collected are expected to be donated sometime this week.

It’s not hard to help someone in need. One just has to take stock of what is happening and be motivated enough to reach out and lend a helping hand. We say thanks to those in the community who donated, which aided in making this drive successful. We admittedly sometimes stray far from the prescribed principles of being our brother’s keeper or even simply walking in love. For whatever reason, those simple acts are not followed. This is another opportunity to help those in need. Killarney has once again picked up the baton to continue the race to be our brother’s keeper and to walk in love. We are committed at this juncture to helping those in need.

The downturn in the economy has led to increased numbers of persons turning out to soup kitchens, the Salvation Army or any number of other social outlets for help. But if there is desire in the hearts of all residents to help one another we can for starters DECLARE WAR ON HUNGER.

This spark to help most in need in the Killarney Community is one we hope will spread throughout The Bahamas. It’s not something considered isolated to Killarney, I, urge you to simply walk in love and be your brother’s keeper. Our brother’s and sister’s throughout the nation need help, and a hot meal or food to provide a meal could mean a lot. Do not close your ears or heart to those who need you.

A glance at the global news headlines indicate that Australia is now recovering from massive floods, as is Brazil; in China there was drought, and Russia there was fire. Aside from that food products such as corn is used for bio-fuel. Those natural disasters have long terms implications as food prices are expected to go up. With that said what could be a better time to act, than now?

This is only the first leg of the food drive. Residents in Skyline Lakes and the Lake Cunningham communities should begin preparing donations. It is suggested that at least one can of a non-perishable item be donated, as this would be required of you no more than twice a year. Certainly, we can afford two canned items per year?

“Be the change you want to see”. It only takes a spark to get a fire going, Killarney, let’s be that spark that re-ignites the simmering flames of brotherly love. It’s not an option, we all need each other.


  1. If he cared about this country and the people of this country he would oppose the sale of BTC… and the country. A couple cans of cream is not enough.

  2. @BP
    This “flowery” story about Dr. Minnis, which reads like a romance novel, doesn’t capture some of the “other things” at play in this gesture by the good doctor (who has major public image damage to overcome). I will present some of the facts from the other side of his political activities, just to balance things.

    Dr. Minnis lost most of his star power during the conflict with the Nurses Union. The union’s matter was so fundamentallyu sound, and his approach was no harsh and inconsiderate, that the public perception that he is not the right man for the job (leading the FNM) still dogs him to this hour. The PLP can always minimize him by recalling how he refused to move an inch in the direction of supplying the insurance coverage for nurses who put THEIR LIVES AT RISK BY ATTENDING TO PATIENTS (WITH HIV AND AIDS) DAILY. AND THIS MAN IS A PRACTICING DOCTOR!!! One would have expected his support to naturally go in the opposite direction (expected him to champion the cause). Then someone “leaked” something out of cabinet discussions which seem to indicate that he wasn’t pushing for the insurance there, but instead he was among the “chief” opposers to relenting and meeting the CONTRACTUAL DEMANDS and series of promises made to nurses. That didn’t help the FNM’s case or Dr. Hubert Minnis in the arena of public image. Added to that was the cleaq public support that was steadily building in support of the Nurses Union. Hubert Minnis made Cleola Hamilton (President, Nurses Union) a household name and provided the platform for her to “show wat she gat” as a leader. The matter totally embarrased “Papa” in the end. He had to sit and listen to BJ Nottage scould and taunt him in parliament. “Papa” has never been known to be a forgiving man and to this day if you watch parliamentary sessions on television, Hubert I. has placed a mile and a half between himself and Hubert M. Those who want to last long in local politics MUST LEARN THAT YOU NEVER, NEVER GET IN ROWS WITH STRONG WOMEN IN THIS COUNTRY. Take a page out of Desmond Bannister’s book. Belinda Wilson (BUT) has been “picking a fight” with him” at every turn but he is smart enough to “take last”. “Papa” made the mistake of a lifetime, messing with Cheryl Grant-Bethel. “Papa” will pay dearly for this and he knows it already. The “bloody your face” remarks have already damaged him. Remember, a group of powerful FNM WOMEN PUBLICLY PROTESTED ABOUT THEIR TREATMENT THE OTHER DAY. It is more than coincidence that their remarks followed the disclosures by Cheryl Grant-Bethel. Bahamian women are willing to lock hands, temporarily disregard party affiliation and fight together to get rid of any man they no longer want (ask John Pinder if you don’t believe me). This is why “Papa” recruited John Delaney (AG) to do the dirty work connected to the Cheryl Grant-Bethel issue (John is not an elected politician – he doesn’t have the personality makeup to be elected any where – making him the ideal sacrafice in this case). So Hubert Minnis is a victim of poor political decisons of his own making and he will be easy picking if the women want to suppress him in the FNM or vote him out of Killarney (Jerome Gomez take note).

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