Look how the price of meat skyrocketed during Irma!


This cannot be the good for consumers!

Nassau, Bahamas – All this week persons have been telling us how prices have climbed through the roof as Bahamians desperately tried to prepare for Hurricane Irma.

And now that the storm has passed, the onslaught against the People continues. We at Bahamas Press continue to ask what has happened to consumer protection in this country?

Foodstore prices have climbed through the roof and with persons cutting budgets going to the foodstore is a must.

We have seen some prices at Supervalue and look what we saw on the shelves!

Someone needs to do something about these crooks!

How could it be the People’s Time when one crew is getting away with murder against the people?

Meanwhile with power out all across Florida who will make sure the Bahamas don’t get the soil products shipped here?

We report yinner decide!