Man gunned down naked on Whites Addition just off Kemp Road last night…


Victim was naked in the street after fleeing out of a house in the area!

Man shot dead after fleeing out of a home on Whites Addition....
Man shot dead after fleeing out of a home on Whites Addition….

Nassau, Bahamas — In the third incident, shortly after 10:30pm, police received a report of two persons shot at Whites Addition off Kemp Road.

When police arrived at the scene, they discovered that two males were shot. One was in the street with no clothes on with clothes thrown to cover his naked body. That male who we have yet to identify, some say was messing with the wrong person, in the wrong house at the wrong time. He was should multiple times to the upper body with a high-powered weapon.

The victim washed cars in the Nassau East and Prince Charles Plaza. He was said to be a simple young man.

The other male was transported to hospital where he remains in stable condition.

This homicide records the 130th incident for the year.

We report yinner decide!




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