Murdered educator was the live-in girlfriend of FOAM’s Vice President!


Educator had left her husband for another man…

Joyell McIntosh
Joyell McIntosh

Could the Queen’s College schoolteacher’s murder be as a result of a painful breakup and jealousy?!

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press now can report more details into that shooting on Parkgate and Village Roads on that female educator last evening.

We have identified her as 34-year-old Queen’s College teacher, Joyell McIntoish.

Shortly after 8:00pm, police received a report of a traffic accident on Parkgate and Village Roads. Officers on arrival at the scene met a Toyota vehicle crashed into a wall. On examining the vehicle the officers found the lifeless body of an adult female, who had been shot. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

Unlike most news agencies in the Bahamas we at BP have dug deeper into this crime and here’s what we know.

McIntosh had become estranged with her husband after she had left him for another young man. She lived in the Whites Addition area. The new hubby and the victim had a second child together. Bahamas Press can confirm McIntosh was the live-in girlfriend of the FOAM Vice President, Tomiko Evans!

FOAM’s President’s live-in boyfriend was just murdered a few months weeks ago and she has fled town! What in the hell is dis?

But relatives tell us the victim was being constantly harassed by her ex-lover and in some incidents had been threatened.

Could this case now be another deadly love triangle fueled by jealousy?

Detectives believe the victim was being followed before being fatally shot. The million-dollar question now is by whom?

We report yinner decide!




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