More Bloodshed over the weekend four murdered including a young woman


Young twenty something year old, Inderia Barry, is the 190th murder victim in the capital since 2009. Her body was discovered near a dumpster in the South Beach area Saturday morning.


Nassau, Bahamas — We can tell you blood is flowing down the drains of the capital once again as crime festers out-of-control.

BP is reporting that the streets of Pinewood Gardens are hot with blood, where two more murders were committed this evening.

Both incidents occurred one hour apart near the Pinewood north section of the community bordering the Kennedy Subdivision area, just stones throw-a-way from the Mt Tabor Baptist Church.

Eyewitnesses tell us the first incident occurred shortly before 5pm this evening, when a young man on arrival home at his Willot Tree residence in Pinewood Gardens, was approached by three men in a vehicle who opened fire and shot the victim. The young man was taken to hospital where he later died.

Shortly before 7pm this evening another male was walking on Wynders Terrace in the Kennedy Sub area when he was approached by a young man who shot him in the chest. The victim died on the scene.

Some believe the second incident was a retaliation attack.

Both victims we can tell you are murders #192 and #193 since 2009, and racks the number of murders count to seven for the New Year, with three additional suspicious deaths still unclassified by police.

The blood shedding record of murders and suspicious deaths reflects a count that is almost one incident every day since the year rolled in.

These latest murders also confirm some four murders have occurred in the capital since Friday.

On Friday an incident occurred in another hotbed crime spot on New Providence. A man fleeing the OK Bar on Hay and East streets had shot dead a man inside. The shooter attempted to get away, but police cornered the suspect killing him dead.

Then again on Saturday morning around 10am the lifeless body of, Inderia Barry, a twenty something year-old woman was found with a gunshot wound to the head near a dumpster in the South Beach community. She has become the second woman to be shot to death in less than one week.

Bahamas Press calls once again for the resignation of Tommy ‘WUTLESS’ Turnquest, who appears to be speechless, clueless and WUTLESS when its comes to creating policy to combat crime in the country; which has spiraled out-of-control!



Police can confirm that group of Cuban nationals were arrested at High Ridge Cay, Northwest of Mangrove Cay, Andros.  The group which consisted of thirteen (13) males was arrested sometime around 11:20 am on Saturday 15th January, 2011 at High Ridge Cay.


Sometime around 4:00pm on Saturday 15th January, 2011 police received information that a stolen vehicle was at Peardale.   Police responded and discovered the vehicle, a beige 2000 four (4) door Honda Civic occupied by a single male.  The occupant on seeing the police pulled off.  Officers gave chase and eventually caught up with the occupant, after the car crashed into a  wall in the Peardale area.  Officers conducted a search of the vehicle and discovered a quantity of suspected marijuana. The 25 year old of Claridge Road was taken into custody.  Police investigations continue.


On Saturday 15th January, 2011 sometime around 9:00 pm police received information of an armed robbery at Doctors Hospital parking lot.  Police responded and information received that a female was walking towards her vehicle when she was approached by a male wearing dark clothing allegedly armed with a handgun.  The culprit robbed the female of her jewelry and fled the area on foot into the Hawkins Hill area.  Police are investigating.

Sometime around 4:15 am on Sunday 16th January, 2011 police received information of a shooting at Marshall Road off Baillou Hill Road.  Police responded and information received that 25 year old male was at Marshall Road when he was shot by another male armed with a shotgun.  The victim received injury to his arm and was taken to hospital via EMS personnel where he is detained in stable condition.

ARMED ROBBERY at Snack Food Store, Pyfrom and Kemp Roads

Shortly before 9:40 am on Sunday 16th January, 2011 police received information of an armed robbery at Snack Food Store, Pyfrom and Kemp Roads. Police responded and information received that a short dark male wearing a dark jacket, red shirt, dark pants, a red tam and walks with a limp, entered the establishment allegedly armed with a handgun demanding cash and cell phone cards.  The culprit robbed the establishment of an undetermined amount of cash and cell phone cards and fled the area on foot, north on Kemp Road.

Moments later, police responding observed a male fitting the description in a nearby yard.  Officers attempted to approach the male who produced a handgun and fired gunshots at the officers, while running into the Strachan Corner.

Officers returned fire from their police service weapon and later arrested the suspect a 32 year old male of Golden Gates, in the Strachan Corner area with a handgun with ammunition.  Officers also recovered from the suspect, an undetermined amount of cash and cell phone cards, believed to be the property of Snack Food. Police investigations continue.

DRUG ARREST AT THE Lynden Pindling International Airport

On Sunday 16th January, 2011 sometime around 9:55 am officers of the Drug Enforcement Unit were at the Lynden Pindling International Airport when they arrested two (2) Bahamian males after disembarking a private aircraft that originated in the Turks and Caicos Island.  Officers conducted a search of the males and discovered 16 packages of suspected cocaine, in a suitcase carried by one of the males. The male’s ages 38 and 45 years were taken into custody.

UPDATE: Two suspects were caught moments ago at Executive FBO at the International Airport. BP can tell you Mr. Collie ran off with a huge black duffel bag containing 40 ounces of cocaine and was shortly caught while trying to run. Both Men Are In Custody.


Sometime around 11:30 pm on Friday 14th January, 2011 plain clothes officers were on routine patrol in a marked police vehicle  on East and Hay Streets in the area of the O.K Bar when they  heard gunshots being discharged and observed  a group of  people running from the area of the bar.

Officers also observed a male wearing a camouflage jacket, armed with a handgun, chasing and firing gunshots at a male wearing a red hooded jacket.  The officers identified themselves and shouted to the male armed with the handgun to drop his weapon.  On hearing this, it is reported that the culprit pointed his weapon in the direction of the officers which resulted in the officers returning fire from their police service weapon hitting the suspect to the chest area.  Officers were able to recover from the culprit a handgun with ammunition.

Acting on information, officers proceeded to the area of the O.K Bar where they discovered at the entrance, the body of a male wearing a short blue jeans pants and a brown shirt with gunshot injuries to the chin.  EMS responded and pronounced both people dead. Police investigations continue.



  1. Oldman, I don’t know what to make of it because on one hand you have the police bragging about the amount of criminals they were able to apprehend and have brought before the court that are given bails. Then on the other hand the courts are blaming the police for not providing them with sufficient evidence and doing shabby investigative work. Everybody seems to be looking for an escape goat and nothing is being done and the crime situation is continuous being allowed to deteriorate and the criminals are getting away with murders. We blame the Minister of National Security for his inability to get the system under control and he is flipping the coin on us telling us we all have a role to play, when he knows very well everybody isn’t going to do what they are suppose to do. I feel that is his way of telling us he can’t handle the job we elected him to do. Some people may feel that I am being unreasonable where the minister of National Security is concerned, that could not be furthers from the truth. The way I see it, if government could get the seatbelt law passed and charge people all kind of monies for forgetting to put on their seatbelt, when this is a law that is just being enforced and they could book you for all that monies upfront when they know plenty people are just to getting use to wearing it. Why can’t they have laws passed to increase the penalty for more serious offences like illegal fire arms and narcotics possession and other serious crimes? We are told the police are our friends and they would like for us to work with them, I have no problem doing that if I have evidence pertaining to a crime, but what type of witness programs does government have in place, where I can be assured that my family and I will be safe? What is there to encourage me to come forth? Police brutality is another matter, you have many accused persons complaining about the police beating and forcing to them into signing statement, this is a major reason I believe the courts are allowing many accused persons to walk free. What is being done to ensure persons are not being beaten and terrorized into signing statements? I would like to see Tommy address these concerns and as the Minister of National Security I would like to see him lobbying for stricter penalty for serious crimes and no bail for persons repeatedly accused of murders. He needs to do things that would put some fear in these criminals and prove to people that he is indeed the man for the job.

  2. I am surprised of the wreckless journalism by you guys. Premedated murder or robbery or any type of crime cannot and should not be pointed at no political party. No Party is responsible for the minds and the culture that the youths are taking today. it stems from their upbringing and moral values for life and anothers life. Folks blame the parents but remember you have never published no parents killing and robbing half the time they are not present during the time of the offences are being committed. so with that said if the mother and father are not the blame, where does the politician be it FNM or PLP fit in to carry the blame. It is clear that this is a PLP based media and that is fine, But for crediabilty purposes be fair and mature in your journalism.

    • media could u say whether the two people found shot to death in the firey car crash in freeport was a part of these three suspicious deaths or are the police not counting these to keep the murder count low.

      To Ms. sands, its not really our court systems fault, because if the police bring a case forth with poor evidence the case is thrown out and should be. i feel that in many instances the court is to sympathetic towards the police which causes many of these poor cases to linger. And dont believe for a minute that the police dont charge people without evidence i have seen it done several times. It is just that we want so much to believe that the police wouldnt do anything wrong. What needs to be done is the AG office needs to take the lead when charging someome with a serious crime rather than letting the police push these weak cases down their throats. Do a better job in selecting these case the police wants to brings forth to ensure the court time is not wasted on a case which lacks evidence. Its seems as if they the police are more concern about how the numbers as oppose to solving crimes. also what is needed is that the police needs to be paid overtime. and the reason i say this is when a police is called to a scene near the end of his shift, he is not truly motivated to continue his investigation which may take several hours so he would more than likely rush his efforts simply to run home to his family. this causes us a disservice.

  3. Sick n Tired

    I think you said it all for all the other comments and the Bahamian public at large. Crime is a money maker for all the thousands of half nass lawyers in the Bahamas.

  4. Crime affects us all no matter what side of the political divide you may be on.In my opinion the R.B.P.F is trying to fight a battle with their hands tied.Its quite clear thet neither the Government or Opposition is serious about curbing this crime issue.Ammending the laws as it pertains to arm robberies and murders should never be a debate if the powers that be are serious about making our country safe for locals and tourists alike.what sense does it make for the Police to arrest one for murder or arm robbery only to have the courts give them bail?.Now to get down to the heart of the matter ask yourselves these questions,(1) How many of our parlimentarians are lawyers,(2)Who is responsible for ammending the laws, (3) Who is responsible for appointing judges, and (4)Who decides wether or not bail is given in these such cases?.Answer these questions correctly and you will see why nothing is being done, its a cycle, ammend the laws, revoke bail,=”BADMAN” does not have a chance to do it again=”No Big Payday” for lawyers

  5. Millrick I totally agree with you. There is only so much the police can do, but it takes a collective effort in order to overcome this problem. The parents need to work with the police, the police need help from the courts and the judicial system and EVERYONE need Jesus. An example has to be set NOW so that a strong message can be sent to these criminals. Lets hang ’em high!!

  6. Gentlemen,i think we may have flogged this issue to death? Sufficient to say, the crime issue can be controlled if the police present a plan and display the kind of persistence and innovation that the criminals display daily.

  7. The police are our friends and for the most part they are doing an ok job when comes to arresting the criminals. It’s just our lousy court systems that are putting the criminals back on the street. The criminals have no respect for our legal system or for the Minister of National Security. They know the cases may take years before it comes up and when it does comes up the police for the most part can’t seem to locate the files or the police left out some important information in the report. Our National Security Minister comes across as laid back, I don’t see anything he is doing that would put fear or discourage the criminals from committing crimes. If Tommy would put half of the interest he places on booking people for minor traffic offenses on dealing with this crime situation, this country would be in a much better predicament. Everything Tommy does shows he isn’t serious about getting to the bottom of this problem. Tommy could be doing more; it seems to me that he is more focus on generating monies from booking people for minor traffic offenses than saving the lives of our people. It’s well and good Tommy making people wear their seat belts, but the same or greater emphasize should be placed when it comes to dealing with other serious crimes as well. Tommy always talking about what everybody needs to do to help with the crime problem, I agree with him everybody needs to play a role when it comes to combating crime, but the truth of the matter is everybody will not do their part and Tommy is fully aware of this. Instead of him beating around the bush and talking foolishness all the time, he needs to deal with these out of control criminals and stop wasting time. Rodney Moncur should have been the minister for National Security; he would have had this problem under control long time.

    • I agree with everyone on this page. But Kim I agree with you the most.

      Tommy plays a role. Government plays a big role. And parents of these imps play a big role. The question is when will it stop (not murder bcz that will always be a part of living, but what I mean is the rapid amount of murders for such a small population as the Bahamas)? We know how to curb it, but nothing is being done. There’s just a lot of talk.

  8. PLZZZZZ PEOPLE! Youll need to stop all the BULL**** about the FNM & PLP, because if the bahamian people vote JESUS in they would say he needs to go to. Bahamians are the most ungrateful people on this planet never satisfy. Mr. Turnquest and Mother Pratt arent the blame for crime, do u think they are SUPER HEROES please people get it together, Maybe if we get are act together and be a good parent to are children and grow them up in the right way by setting good examples then things will be better. They say the Bahamas is a CHRISTIAN NATION then we need to act like it. Like the GREAT BOOK (THE BIBLE) say “AN EYE FOR AN EYE & A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH” so we need to put the CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN PLACE.

  9. Michael J. Brown you said it, when you said the police will respect a man from the military to be their boss, not a tomommy t. who only have a beginners accountant degree, I totally agree with you that tommy have no military training so he deserve no respect so his ass should be moved cause he is a disgrace as minister of national security, point blank!!!!

  10. happy to say that the guy who got kill at the bar Friday, was involve in my brothers murder, he had just turn 21 walking from junkanoo,Jan 1st, 2007 it was a few hours into his b/day and they killed him. so Terrance got what was coming to him also.because the system failed us.

  11. Whilst is is easy to blame the crime situation on Tommy Turnquest i do not entirely agree. If the FNM had not given police the resources to fight crime then, the critisim would be justified; this is of course not the case. What is happening here is the disintergation of Bahamian society. The police can of course make life more liveable for Bahamians but, they need a coherent plan and, none has been forthcoming. What i blame the Minister for is believing the foolishness that the police feed him everyday. Police have over the years given unfiltered crime advice to many Ministers. No one should act on information unless it is supported by facts or, confirmed from another source/s. If the Minister continues on his present course, it will lead to a greater disaster than what we have now. The Minister must look inside RBPF and outside the RBPF to the many qualified Bahamians who can assist with getting the crime monster under control. The Minister should not be afraid or deterred from doing this. The Minsiter should also realise that RBPF do not take advice from civilians. Tommy Turnquest although their boss[RBPF] is still a civilian.The Minister should also realise that he is only hearing what RBPF wants him to hear! He needs other independent inputs and he needs it now!!

  12. The govt is running the Bahamas under the ground and the opposition i think would do a worse job both political parties need to go. Minister of nationals security is doing a poor job they need to implement capitol punishment but they joking I hope in a few years it still is better in the Bahamas. MP’s were are they oh I forgot they have a job until 2012 so they chillin. Real change is needed. However we can’t put all the blame on the govt. what about these unfit parent raising a bunch of gangsters no morals no values it begins in the home. Train yoour kids in the right way cry now or cry later when they get gunned down in the streets or delivered to the death chamber.

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