The Silly Comments from C&W/Ingraham and The ‘Dutty’ Toilet Paper – They have NO DAMN SHAME!


Cable and Wireless' David Shaw

Nassau, Bahamas – When ‘ya’ read the news nowadays in the Bahamas, you must invoke the gift of CRITICAL THINKING into the mix, and if you do so like us, you would note some of the dumbest people in the world find themselves in front of a microphone.

An example of such a dunce is the current representative of Cable and Wireless, David Shaw, who seems to woo the ’empty heads’ this week’s at Bahamas Outlook event.

Shaw could be seen stoking the egos of ‘depress brain matter’ at the event, telling members of the WUTLESS media his company is deliberate in moving quickly to complete the purchase of BTC. Shaw added: When BTC is acquired [by Cable and Wireless] Bahamians will own 49% of the company.

WHAT kind JACKASSES would sit and listen to such comments? Some people in this country has NO DAMN SHAME! And we wonder if the representative for the telephone company thinks Bahamians are so dumb and stupid; that we do not possess the arithmetic aptitude to know that 51% from 100% equals 49%.

The Bahamas' SHAMELESS WONDER, Hubert Inrgaham, the man who allowed no bidders to buy BTC sale. WE WONDER WHY?

The fact of the matter is this, Bahamians own 100% of the company today and to find out that they own 49% in the days ahead is really not progressive at all.

A few weeks ago the same representative of C&W could be heard telling Bahamians through the ‘DUTTY’ TOILET PAPER, when C&W assumes BTC, the company will have a 95% Bahamian workforce. WHAT A JOKE! Today, the company today employs 100% Bahamian talent? And here again members of the WUTLESS MEDIA refuse to question the comments. We find this depressing to say the least.

BP wonders when will we see the day when we as Bahamians stand on our two feet, look straight and face the modern-day Pirates invading our territory.

The Bahamas is not discovered treasure anymore and this time Columbus will not get away with his bloodbath! “Enough is indeed Enough”!


  1. BP – You seem to be following the painful progression of this BTC Privatization Deal through a MAGNIFYING GLASS, which is the job of any reputable news agency, particularly the ones who are themselves (as John Doe Citizens) part of the very nation that will be directly impacted; positively or negatively as the case may pan out to be. While I would prefer the ‘Bahamianization’ of BTC, in that the new owner (majority stockholder and managing partner)be Bahamian, I do concede that that partner must come with a wealth of resources beyond dollars and cents, namely executive level industry expertise and direct connections to or ownership thereof of the advanced telecommunications technology so badly needed to bring BTC out of the ice age. If we TRULY (and I emphasize TRULY) cannot identify a Bahamian company, or group of Bahamian investors who can meet the eligibility criteria, then the government is only acting responsibly by ‘shopping’ beyond these shores for such a partner, as we all must readily admit that privatization in this instance, is one of the necessary next steps in the life of this economy. My proverbial antennas however, are raised when I develop the distinct impression that the FNM government has gotten ‘GIDDY’ over the first serious and seemingly legitimate offer from a foreign entity, as if to convey that foreign is automatically better, and that better, however MARGINAL is good enough for this nation! I am sure whatever C&W contributes (should it secure ownership), it will improve something in the operations at BTC, but the question of the day is, will that SOMETHING be enough to accomplish what we seek to gain out of such a major transition? Well, I am not so confident about that given all of the things that have been slowly coming to the surface.
    Now, as for your article in point, I would not and cannot expect anything substantive from C&W and its representative, as by the sheer nature of his role, he will, as any good executive would, position his company and its initiatives in a most favorable light, but I do however, join you, BP in SOUNDING THE ALARM and calling for the ‘Government of the Sunshine’ to manage this process effectively and in COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY.
    You got my FIVE CENTS. Now here are my TOP SIX QUESTIONS!
    Question HAI – Has the Government of the Bahamas published to the nation the eligibility criteria required for serious consideration?
    Question HAI – Has the Government of the Bahamas actively sought out Bahamians who it may view on a preliminary level as potentially qualified candidates eligible for consideration?
    Question HAI – If approached by such individuals or parties (BAHAMIANS), did the Government of the Bahamas do all in its power to work along with such applicants to position them for qualification or at least provide specific feedback, guidance or a detailed assessment of how they ‘measured up’ against the Government’s profile of the ideal partner?
    Question HAI – How much of the 95% will be a part of upper level management?
    Question HAI – Will the 5% all be executives, department heads and mid level managers?
    Question HAI – Like both parties sought to do with the BAHMAR deal, and the FNM government has so effectively incorporated into the current agreement, will Bahamian employees enjoy the benefits of a well structured ongoing training program designed to support and encourage their professional growth and development? Or will we keep Bahamians CONFINED to what they know today and/or need to perform their current job functions so as to maintain a reason for foreigners to parade in and out of this country on countless work permits to do SPECIALIZED WORK and enjoy the high salaries, plush benefits and perks that come with such opportunities?

    • Yes it is Newsman and Cable Bahamas is using its backward infrastructure to deliver technology to the southern family islands.


      • If that were true then it could explain why (the limited) internet access in the out islands is terrible, although its mostly slow and intermittent DSL being offered. Media, anyone that has the slightest understanding of the Internet in the Bahamas knows that DSL here is a joke and not even an option for true broadband, lets not talk about Cable Bahamas please, lets stay on topic. I am tired of Cable Bahamas but they are the only real option at this time – cant wait for there to be another one.

  2. I find it absolutely amazing that a foreigner who has no standing in The Bahamas can get up at a forum that is focused on business outlook for The Bahamas for 2011 and speak to the issue of what their company/CW, a marginally bankrupt company, will do WHEN they purchase an icon of the Bahamas sucess in telecommunications. This is absolutely amazing. Why did Inghram bring them in? It is all so demeaning and insulting to self respecting Bahamians.

    And it is good that Alexiou/Ferguson who had thought that they had friends in high places have now been taught a real lesson: the Inghram/FNM Government cannot be trusted in anything. I thought they would have known this? Sadly enough they are learning a real hard lesson, much too late.

    • We wonder did Ingraham know something was about to take place at the company as to why he made the comments about the Colina bosses. The day following those words by the PM, all temporary workers at the company were handed their walking papers. Also just before the holidays Ingraham told the press things were looking good, but just after those statement the same company dismissed some 20 members of staff.

      THINGS as Jamaicans would is are “DUTTY TUFF”.


  3. As a student abroad in the UK, I can attest to the fact that “they” (some of the British) do not have any regard for people of colour. They treat us like we are absolute idiots and are surprised to see that our country can produce, intelligent, smart people who are quite capable of voicing their own opinion especially if they smell a rat. Have worked for a telecommunications company here part time, I can say that I would HATE to see them in our country. They were absolute slave drivers…..and I was very glad for the day that I was able to show them the back of me walking out the door never to return. And on the other hand as a customer of the fixed line services here I can say that we complain about BTC but its even worse here but I have no choice but to put up with it, They refuse to update a lot of their equipment at exchanges but yet the price of everything goes up every 6 months , and customer service is almost non existent And this is the type of company that some Bahamians want , trust me NOTHING will be cheaper. I am sure they noticed how much revenue BTC pulls in and will plan to see how they can increase that figure , and who do you think the prices will increase for ? US Bahamians!!!!. So please people don’t give up Fight this until you can fight anymore…….

  4. As a student abroad in the UK, I can attest to the fact that “they” (some of the british) do not have any regard for people of color. They treat us like we are absolute idiots and are suprised to see that our country can produc, intelligent and smart

  5. After all the rhetoric and all the information that was giving by this site, and others , i have reach the conclusion that we simply don’t get it. i have given up on this fight on BTC and Cable n Wireless. If , we as a people don’t want to be owners in our Country, then let us continue to work for others. Every one talks about opening the market and we will have better services and lower rates. The question I asked how many banks do we have here? And are we getting better services and lower rates? So I say to the supports of this fight, continue to fight if you may, I am tired and realize that this Bahamas as we know don’t have any true patriots, we are more concern with who wins Junkanoo , than the issues and challenges that face us and future generations to come. May God continue to bless you and your quest and may he continue to bless this Country. Am out.

  6. What bothers me,is the fact that some Bahamians,preferably the HOUSE NEGRO, bought in to that bull shit couldn’t “careless and wutless” trying to push on the Bahamian people through their agents the Foreign National Movement.They believe in the worse creature in the Bahamas since the Burma Road Riot in 1942;Hubert A. Ingraham.

  7. I found it very sad that the day after the Prime Minister critized the Guardian owners. The very next day with out any notice they terminated the employment of all the temporary workers. I have not seen this in any press report.

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