More resignations to come at Broadcast Corporation



Kayleaser Moss, executive VP programming at ZNS.

Nassau, Bahamas: A source in the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas has confirmed to Bahamas Press that a series of resignations are soon to be announced, as victimization and brutal intimidation continue at the ZNS.

“We cannot take it anymore, they have caused Jessica Robertson to submit her letter, and many of us will no longer accept this kind of inhumane brutal treatment against us,” an angry journalist told Bahamas Press.

Reports confirm that political appointee Kayleaser Moss an executive vice president for programming at the ZNS is delivering the venom of the Ingraham administration on staffers at ZNS. Moss is said to be forcing workers out of the corporation and creating huge confusion amongst staff members. “The public will soon see and hear of more resignations at the Corporation many of whom the public would not believe was thinking of resigning,” the source continued.

Moss is said to have joined ZNS some nine months ago following her time at Fox News as a producer. However, workers at the corporation say, ‘this political appointee’ has done nothing more but to frustrate and victimize workers. “She is not a journalist, she is nothing more than a stage actor/producer. But yet she has cut key stories out of the news, leaving thousands of Bahamians in the dark on what is happening in the country,” the reporter told Bahamas Press.

Jessica Robertson and Jerome Sawyer were given letters of reprimand for their appearance on the radio talk show ‘Issues of the Day’ on Love97FM. Friends close to Robertson reportedly told Bahamas Press that she was force to resign from the Corporation.

At a ‘Thank You’ rally on Clifford Park, Hubert Ingraham in his suppression of media in the country publicly fired ZNS talk show hosts Steve McKinney and Phillipa Russell suspending the only national talk show heard around the country. The Ingraham government also recently terminated off ZNS 1540AM, the morning shows ‘Sister Sarah’s Kitchen’. On family islander was reported to have shed tears over the abrupt cancellation saying, ‘it was the only show that connected me to New Providence.’ To date, ZNS has yet advised listeners as to the reason for the show being cancelled.


  1. wow “the one” you actually believe that sissy jerome is an asset to zns – please take out the ass and drop the et.

  2. Nadine was competent at best .. but did have some un-coddled skills … she seemed to have an air in the newsroom about her …

    but doesnt it seem strange that zns cant keep good players like jessica robinson … she was a great writer and onair person at the tribue and 100jamz …

    now an actor is in charge of the countries tv station … wat is the FNM thinking … but thats wat you get for putting HAI in charge again …

    zns is a joke … and having an actress in charge makes it comedy central … thank goodness for jerome being there … the reporters and the sports guys … even though sometimes they miss the mark … i guess thats wat happens with an actes at the helm

  3. I beg to differ. This Journalist has scooped several papers in her short time in the newspaper business.Breaking stories such as the Desmond Key story and other police stories, The 12 year old in jail and others, and as a features writer she has brought us Andre from Oaksfield, as well as the homeless stories and countless others.

    She digs out stories that others seem afraid to tackle. I think she was under utilised. The editor in question-whom no one seem to have anything good to say about because of her snooty attitude -probably posted the previous story . Everyone who knows this reporter sees her as very talented and a lost gem.

  4. The Guardian is not at a loss without Nadine. She was no great talent anyway. If she didn’t quit, she probably would have been fired.

  5. By: Another Blogger

    It has come to the attention of this media house that another of The Nassau Guardian’s employee is no longer with the company.
    The Public is unaware of what is really going on with these biggety media bosses, who are not creating a comfortable environment for staff to work in. Recently, one of The Guardian’s Features reporter Nadine Thomas- Brown left the company in disgust. She sent in her resignation that became effective immediately. This is after having her stories continually edited so much so it often change the meaning of what was written. Among other issues that are not being addressed by that particular paper. The newspapers in this country are consistently filled with a.p news and other international news releases, while ignoring what is going on right here at home. The papers receive numerous mail from staff of the various organizations and independent publicity personnel free of charge., which they choose to ignore. The plight of reporters have long been ignored and many media bosses just ignore request from staff. Hence the consistent juggling from various media houses. Also handing in her resignation recently was one of the foremost journalist in this country Jessica Robertson. She became frustrated after being hired by Z.N.S to make a change but still was not allowed to. This government which has spent tons of money on The B.C.B, still will not allow staff to do what they are hired to do. It was believed by most that B.C.B standards would

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