Jamaican style violence now mirroring in The Bahamas Part 4 and 5


Bahamas Press notes, that even in this series on gang war, Jamaican gangsters confirmed that their guns are from Haiti. This report confirms why illegal Haitian vessels, docked in Nassau harbour, should be monitored more closely. But how can Police or Defence Force officers in The Bahamas inspect vessels coming into the habour, when they, Police in particular could not close down a popular brothel next door to the police station on West Bay Street? Guns and Gangs are an already serious problem around the Bahamas, particularly in Nassau Village, where police enter that area like a garrison in Jamaica. No one will to do anything about it. Why would Police and Defence Force officers not act? Are they all gangsters too?


  1. Which only proves GCF that we can have a first rate and effective Police Force. We need to begin vetting these young men and women properly; then train them properly and give them a good wage and incentives. Follow this up with an ethical standard to which they must adhere at all times. If S.K. can do it so can we. Guns are not manufactured in Haiti and so we must ascertain where they are coming from so we can co-operate with other countries to stop this trafficing. BP, keep the pressure on the Port Authority and the Defense Force to examine every foreign vessel entering the waters of the Bahamas. And every time a criminal uses a weapon in the commission of a crime demand to know why they do not get a mandatory, non-reducable time tacked on to their sentence when convicted.

  2. Thanks BP, your constant reports on POLICE corruption last year, were not in vain. PM Mr. Ingraham has acted on your information and started to purge the Police Force. Keep exposing corrupt elements in this country.

  3. Jamaican gangsters confirmed that their guns are from Haiti?
    This report tells me, there are a “few” real police officers remaining on the RBPF, but they are out numbered.

    However, “The King of the Bahamas” (Mr. Sol Kerzner) has taken the majority of the real fearless police officers.
    The REAL officers have set such a high standard over Paradise Island, that local Bahamians prefer to spend their extra money over PI in a safe family atmosphere.

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