More Workers Axed Days Following Ingraham’s Announcement Better 2011 Year



There are more hungry, unemployed Bahamians today than there was 12 months ago this same time.

BP are reporting the termination of over 20 workers at a major insurance company.

BP can confirm the workers were dismissed five days before Christmas; including staff in the administration section of the company.

This latest bloodbath on the workforce came just days before the termination of some 50 employees at a food store on New Years Day.

Ingraham told Rotarian in early December the economy is improving and said 2011 promises to be a better year, but already 70 workers have been axed and are now unemployed since his fragile announcement.



  1. genocide-the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.
    Assignment overload hospitals, schools and communities, strip the resources of the country and position strangers with hardened hearts toward Bahamians though wearing a smile. Make them second class citizens and avenge all even those who never said YOU ARE A HAITIAN with those who did. Ingraham the ploys are seen and called for what they are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY WITH APARTHEID COMING A SECOND CLOSE. The dam has been released and from the bottom looking up your position is far from being a safe place with the erosion of where the foundation of the social pyramid lays. How can it be that while seeking to rule this way you have forgotten and neglected those whom you gave the last words A TRUST YOU CAN DEPEND ON. Seems as though that meant going without and understanding that there is no need to deliver a promise to any one who can be so easily bamboozled. Your sunshine government is experiencing a long eclipse now. CORRECTING THIS IS OUT OF THE QUESTION AND THEN AGAIN ALL THINGS DO WORK OUT FOR A GREATER PLAN THAT YOU KNOW NOT OF.

  2. The BTC Chairman is quoted reporting that the average salary at BTC is 80K. Junior doctors, engineers, etc., do not make that kinna dough. We know what kind of qualifications that they need, but what kind of qualifications does one need to get some of that dough at BTC? Why the heck should children in school study and work hard, if all you need is a political hookup? You right BP, we need change!

    • I have no idea who’s making 80k/year at BTC but i can certainly tell you that it’s a complete lie. There are workers there who are struggling to make ends meet and are in debt.

      This is just another ploy to decieve the public, try not to take what the media says as gospel. Ask a fellow employee how much they make, and I mean one who doesn’t have position.

    • That’s a lie! That is NOT the average salary…get a life Finley and stop griping over BTC’s issues and stuff u know NOTHING about!

  3. BP,

    I love your site! “..has failed to attack any new business..” Son, you really need an editor.

    But to get serious, let’s look at what the PLP brought us. How about that total scam Pegasus Wireless on Grand Bahamas? A pure politcal ploy (and financial windfall for lawyer Unpleasant).

    How about the I-group on Mayaguana? A total land giveaway and disaster (but again a huge financial windfall for — hmm — who was the attorney of record)?

    How about Ginn?

    In short, during a global economic boom era, the PLP brought us nothing but junk that somehow always left huge amounts of money in the pockets of a very few.

    C’mon BP, YOU NAME ONE SUCCESSFUL new business tat Christie brought us. JUST ONE!!! (You surely don’t have the guts to say “Albany” do you?

    Now, two companies that have come in are Baha Mar (Christie couldn’t finish that deal in five years) via the Chinese and C&W!!!! (The PLP couldn’t finish their nasty Bluewater deal thank God).

    Anyway, please keep on writing because you really give me a laugh every day!

    • OF COURSE! The Government of the Bahamas has failed to attack any new business to the Bahamas. NAME ONE! JUST ONE THAT HAS COME TO THE BAHAMAS SINCE INGRAHAM HAS COME TO THE BAHAMAS!

      The Ingraham government has chased every investor out of the Bahamas, and this is why the country is in the state it is in.



  4. Well, I will be waiting outside of BTC offices on JFK all week in anticipation of those lucky enough to have jobs there, walking off. Anyone who has been terminated recently is welcomed to join me.

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