Ingraham delivers promises to illegal Haitian squatters in Mackey Yard

Hubert 'Mugabe' Ingraham delivers promises to illegal Haitian squatters.

Nassau, BahamasWe can confirm Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham accompanied by Brensil Rolle, Phenton Neymour and Neko Grant left the Mackey Yard last week and had promised the following to the Haitian village community.

  • 1)    The Yard will be cleaned up this week.
  • 2)    All unburned homes will remain on the property.
  • 3)    The relief distribution site will be moved to a Church in the area to assist victims.
  • 4)    All undocumented residents should put in their paper work into the department of immigration and would get assistance in this process with the government.
  • 5)    The residents were advised if any immigration officer approaches them, they are to confirm the paperwork is in process.
  • 6)    The Prime Minister assured victims they would be regularized and made whole.

If these allegations are indeed true and we do not doubt the veracity of our sources we cry ‘DUTTY’ SHAME on MUGABE for using taxpayers money to buy votes just as they did in the Lizzy by-election.

Our sources also have advised the Government intends to assist the squatters in attaining portions of the Mackey Yard.

With the thousands of Bahamians on the long line to acquire a piece of the rock, the Ingraham Administration should hang its head down in SHAME for allowing illegals to jump to the front of the line ahead of Bahamians.



  1. Also does anybody notice how the Honorable Brent Symonette keeps coming on the news a warning them to regularize themselves. If you are here illeagally you have broken the laws of the country and need to be apprehended how can he come on and warn them to get papers. A conspiracy I tell you and our Prime Minister & his Deputy are both involved.

  2. Hubert Alexander Ingraham has broken the law if he told Illegal Haitian immigrants to apply for citizenship while here in the Bahamas. You are only able to apply from Haiti.


    Sorry, but we seem to HAVE revolved BACK TO THE STATE OF BEING ONCE AGAIN A COLONY OF……PIRATES!!!!

  4. Treachery is the violation of allegiance or of faith and confidence. In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more serious acts of betrayal of one’s sovereign or nation. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor.THE QUEEN IS STILL SOUVERIGN HEAD OVER THE COMMONWEALTH OF THE BAHAMAS ACCORDING TO OATHS TAKEN BY THOSE EMPLOYED AS GOVERNMENT SERVANTS OR IS THAT SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE.WOULD IT BE WRITTEN IN HISTORY THAT KINDNESS WAS NOT SHOWN TO ANY SUBJECT OF THE QUEEN BORN BEFORE INDEPENDENCE WHILE THOSE WHO COME IN GET FAIR GAME OF ASSISTANCE WHILE SO MANY SUFFER IN THEIR OWN LAND. SURE THESE PEOPLE NEED HELP, THERE IS NO DOUBT OR QUESTION ABOUT THAT. What about us who worked so hard and intentionally there are shutting of doors nor would there be any acknowledging that we exist or require help in your country any soundness of mind Prime Minister, too many are now being forced to live in abject poverty because many of us are not given to the whims of seeking favour in so much as there is entitlement for opportunities to be there for everyone even us not to become second class citizens. How can you not take care of your own and then take care of others infront of us. Is this the way in which you take care of your own home. If that is the case, the nation requires that your use of PAPA take on the meaning of a real provider for his own. Then again who was your mentor tell us from whence you came. Betraying your country with this act shows that HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH NEED TO RECALL THE NATION BACK TO THE STATE OF BEING ONCE AGAIN A COLONY OF GREAT BRITAIN.

  5. A TRUST YOU CAN DEPEND ON. SEE WHAT’S IN PAPA’S BAG. WELL THERE IS GENOCIDE AND APARTHEID. OOOPS IT SPILLED WITH THIS NOW…anarchy, ataxia, bedlam, clutter, disarray, discord, disorder, disorganization, entropy, free-for-all, holy mess, lawlessness, misrule, mix-up, mobocracy, muddle, pandemonium , rat’s nest, snarl, topsy-turviness, tumult, turmoil, unruliness. Sure the clean, pristine nation it once was has gone to the dogs under the sunshine government. Sure it has been since 1992 the time for a change taking place, now it is such a mess seems like the pig has come home to roast finally. Well the commission of inquiry must come up for this sighting and while we are at the the public purse not being declared on the personal finances of a Prime Minister who gave an excuse, went to South Africa saying he was not there on official business as Prime Minister while in office. This man and his crew need to have their heads examined because the mental state of affairs for Bahamians are under such undue influence that it is certain the bamboozlement has turned around on the head of the country. most likely the rituals and forces behind these schemes have lost their powers and so is the administration with every hour. spiritual wickedness in high places. sure these people need help yet what are their government doing for them in that ours is making chaos an orderly word.

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Their depravity leaves you with the same Victim’s Options. A predator commits appalling crimes, but always chooses easy targets and uses sly lures to his traps, then launches sneaky attacks. His criminal mind ensures his total domination by leaving little, if anything, to chance. SO THERE WE HAVE IT.MANIPULATING FOR SHEER PLEASURE OF showing bahamians that they are not SUFFERING. WHERE IS THE BALANCE IN THE SCALE OF JUSTICE OF INTEGRITY USING TRANSPARENCY WITH ACCOUNTABILITY. THEIR INSENSITIVITIES TOWARD OTHERS, UNLEASH HAVOC ON SOCIETIES WITH NO ONE KNOWING HOW, WHEN OR WHY.bahamians want to move to haiti, ask ingraham for papers and land their, he knows everything about getting people settled in.

  7. I am going to construct a little shack, in the front of the Queen’s statue in Rawson Square.
    It will only be a small plot for me. Lol…Lol!!

    I wonder what Mr. Christie or Ingraham will tell me as the pass, goes to the House to meet?

    • While you’re in Rawson Square, I’ll be constructing my shack by the gates – Lyford Cay. I’m going to erect a two-story one, not much building material needed – not even indoor plumbing!
      Bahamians, wake up and protect your country, for future generations. As for BTC, our phone company must be worth more than some lowered rates and cheaper cellphones devices. Think beyond material gain!!!! Find out what all the fuss is truly about.

  8. If these statements are true Hubert Ingraham has got ot be out of his natural born mind. These people are squatting on land in a country that does not belong to them, had this been true Bahamains the goverment would give them notice to leave or they would do what Arawak Homes is becoming famous for.About 60-70% of the children coming up now is of haitian decent, is the government in these people’s back pocket.When bahamians want a piece of land we have to go out there and pay for it.

  9. Here’s an idea? Since more and more Bahamians on a daily basis are becoming fed up with both the governing FNM and opposition PLP, what say you if we the people agree to a Benevolent dictatorship for say a three year period to clean up the mess created by both the FNM and PLP?

  10. BP some history.Mackey yard was farmed by the late Errington( Big Uncle) Mackey of Lewis Street. He used to grow pigs and other things. I am sure that his survivors will be interested in the plan to “give away’ their birthright.

  11. That is just off Fire Trail Road in the back of More 94FM. It is the place where fire broke up and burned down 100 homes built by Haitian Squatters.


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