Robin Hood Branch Armed Robbery

Nassau, Bahamas, (Tuesday, January 4th, 2010)…… Fidelity Bank (Bahamas) Limited confirmed that there had been an armed robbery at the Robin Hood Branch of Fidelity Bank during the morning hours today, Tuesday, January 4th.
Gregory Bethel, Fidelity’s President, said “None of our staff or customers were harmed.   However, several employees were traumatized and were counseled by specialists.  The branch was closed for the day but will reopen as usual tomorrow.  The Police are investigating”.

He added that customers requiring access to Fidelity’s services may do so at either the Fidelity Financial Centre Branch on Wulff Road or at the Cable Beach location. The Robin Hood Branch will re-open for business on Wednesday, January 5th.
Media Information:
Gregory Bethel, President
356-7764-Ext 3107                                                                                                 4/01/2011


  1. Jim Jones why you so quick to jump and shout that the story posted is very wrong which isn’t the case here ..therefore can you please verify your facts before posting ..thanks

  2. well i must have to take sides with bahamas press on this one….they didnt lie they were just doing there job by reporting facts…nb12 reported the same thing….so bahamas press keep delivering the news as you do..

  3. Jim, BP had to take those lies down and the mistake in grammar and spelling was sickening. Here is one that was so bad, BP called the a “daring.” robbery.

    BP cannot spell, does not know how to form proper sentence structures and cannot tell the truth, typical PLP from that University on Wulff Road.

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