Moss Town Exuma is mourning as a 17-year-old daughter of police officer murdered tonight

Murdered victim tonight from Moss Town Exuma, is 17-year-old, Courtney McKenzie.

Moss Town, Exuma — Earth shattering news from the island of Exuma tonight is shaking the telephones across the country tonight in what some predicts to be the bloodiest week ahead in the Bahamas.

BP agents now on the ground on Exuma tell us there has been another murder and slaughter of a woman in that quaint community.

The crime scene we are told can be described as a Nellie Brown copy scene. We can confirm is a 17-year old woman is the late, Courtney Mckenzie, and is the daughter of a police officer.

Our team on the ground also say, the young girl was the live-in girlfriend of a young man, who some believe is now in the custody of authorities. We are told the young woman has just severed the relationship this week and tonight was the end of what we now know to be a tragic conclusion.

Eyewitnesses tell us the man now in police custody stood over the body of his victim, stoic and cold until police arrived, perhaps in shock to see what had transpired.

the young woman was an employee of a local webshop on the island and hails from Moss Town, Exuma.

She becomes the country’s 276th murdered victim since 2009.


  1. Do not throw blame on her or her mother for what that inhumane idiot did ! What’s her age have to do with her life being taken away so viciously? She was a beautifully spirited person and brought joy to everyone she came in contact with including I. For those that don’t know the TRUTH please cease from making horrid remarks about Courtz and her mother. Why make excuses for the demon possessed person that tried to play god with her life? Y’all Neanderthals are exempting the fact that this young man is a MURDERER; it could have easily been your sister, mother, aunt or cousin. It might have been the McKenzie family today, but tomorrow it could be yours or even you. It’s no wonder we have men and women like that boy running around our country,***** like y’all supporting the******** they’re doing because they can’t walk away from situations!!! God knows it’s been hard on everyone that knew and loved her and because GOD is the only one that can pass judgment, he won’t sleep on you fools that made callous comments and justice will be served for Poogie. R.I.P Courtney my most gracious and humblest sympathies to the family.

  2. This was sad to hear. I live in Exuma but never knew her. But she was someone’s child. sibling, friend and a fellow Bahamian. She was not an animal to be slaughtered. This was wrong. Why are our Bahamian men and boys appearing to be soooo weak. We need to pray because they are supposed to be heads of households. And in every case its not that a young woman is bad. Most of our men don’t believe they are a real man unless he have 2 or 3 women. But the minute a woman is killed we yell out or assume she was bad. Bad men roam through and through our streets but are the women reacting like this?

  3. want to offer a heartfelt condlocenes,to the family of the young lady,i am a family member and we too are saddened by this whole tragedy,and if we could turn back the hands of time and not let this happen , we would,no need to bash anybody,and point fingers,he is not a monster,we all have been young,and sometime make terrible mistakes,i,ve got kids of my own and talk them all the time,and can only hope and pray that they don,t do foolish things,but it is so wrong to be judgemental,he now is in the custody of the judicial system,and they will take the neccessarry steps to resolve this tragedy.once again if the family of this young lady is on this page..once again we are so sorry for your loss ,and at the same time we are also mourning garrison,because we also have lost him as well

    • Sanaai, can you plz for God sake tell the Bahamian ppl if this young boy was on coke or some drugs that would excuse him killin this lil girl like this. I would hate to believe that your family raised a gaddam monster. How dare you come on this page trying to sugar-coat and whitewash the actions of this Garrison boy. You are a Godless creature and I pray the Almighty put you and your family in the mouth of pergatory.

      • wow!! trashy? the name says it all,just by this conversation alone,you appear to be be godless and living in your own purgetory,remember jesus taught us to forgive,have compassion,love thy neighbour,and right now you are not displaying any of these actions!! i,ve read other comments that you have posted and you are just going at it,even at the deceased,nobodys tryna white wash or sugar coat anything!! we are sorry for how ms. courtney life was snatched so violently and short,and yes,garrison is in custody and will have to answer for his actions,so in the meanwhile,step back and let the judicial system do their job, you coming on up in here,trying to demeane and degrade people is not gonna help the situation.we will continue to pray for this family,that they may find peace and comfort ,during this time of sadness and bereavement,and ms. trashy am a also pray for you and you have a blessed day…sanaai

  4. Whether you are 17 or 77 the fact is when you die it still leaves a painful burden in the hearts of your loved ones. I believe it’s even harder on relatives whose family members lives are just brutally snatched away from them as if they are worthless. God gave us all the ability to love and to feel and absolutely no one should take a life because only God can give a life. Only he who feels it knows the pain and I long for the day when people would show the Agape love that God desires us to have for one another; then maybe we will start to impart kindness instead of pain and joy instead of sorrow and uplift others instead of pulling them down. There was a time when we were better than we are now. I can only hope and pray. May the souls of all the departed rest in peace.

    • What a waste of life. I hope & pray that there is a positive lesson in this to be learned by ALL OF US ! My heartfelt condolences goes to the families of both youngsters that you may find faith and strength during this tragic time.

    • They hate it, they hate it, they don’t want to hear it. If everybody could just turn a blind eye and act like there wasn’t anything wrong with the fact this underage girl packed up her things and moved out of her parent’s house to go live with her boyfriend, that would suit certain persons fine. The minute someone say, “no, this wasn’t right.” They want to accuse you of being judgmental or lacking compassion for the family. That’s why we have all these problems in our society today, we condone too much foolishness and nobody want to hear the truth. This has nothing to do with not being sympathetic or judging anyone, it is what it is.

  5. This whole fiasco is an utter disgrace. These two children should not have been shaking up together.

    The young boy, not a man but a pizzy pants boy, should have been under his ole-lady roof learning a trade that would allow him to support himself and his family.

    Only in Exuma would this utter slackness prevail. The young girl should have been in her mar house and going to school, not shakin up with some bullshit immature boy playing doll-house.

    Exuma this murder is on your head. What a slack indecent island. God is going to meet youll playing doll-house.

    • What a load of utter nonsense! You mean to tell that people on every other Island only move out of their parents home at the age of 18 or older? This is news to me. And what about all the other under aged children have sex and babies. Is that ok as long as they live in their parents home? And how the hell is a whole Island responsible for the way two of its citizens choose to live their lives? Oh and the term is “shacking up”, idiot.

    • stop being stupid not only in exuma these things happening its happening all over the bahamas how much teenagers out there having babies does that make it ok stop throwing rocks at other people window and clean your door step first cause for you to say something like this its obvioues things are happening in your home

    • Like the other person said, the name suits you but anyways i know some people are only writing on here to start a confusion or whatever it is that you’ll call it these days…no one honestly but Poogie knows the truth and she will never be able to defend herself so i suggest that everyone including you to leave this situation alone…If you didn’t know Poogie graduated from high school a year ago and was working and making her money and yes on the island of Exuma that you’ll love to come to so much! Wow! Poogie found her independence at such an early age and was well on her way to really making something great of her life unlike some of you’ll who wants to stay in your mama house until God knows how long…It’s sad that this had to happen but it could have happened anywhere on any other island so i suggest you refrain from all the judging and i hope that any island you live on this doesn’t ever happen and it doesn’t happen to you or any of your family members.

  6. A young Lady was murdered!! Her life was not any of you people business. N since yall talking bout parents didnt yall parents teach you never to speak ill of the dead. No 1 asked yall opinion so therefore non should be given. keep ya negatives thoughts to yourself cause jus how yall judging her, God will judge yall to for these seem comment. And some of you may think you right for sayin what you want but you’re not. She was young, beautiful and very intelligent. May her soul rest in peace.

  7. Personally I feel as though we should go back to the good ole days, the days when we had a cerfew on the bahaman, and clubs close at 1am, when minors wasnt allowed to run the strrets all hours, when no clubs was allowed to open up on a sunday, sighhhh i only 28 but grew up with old folks who would tell you the stories. Our country isnt bad nor our goverments, the people however makes the country bad, and its sad to see many young lives being taken, 92 murders i heard of storiers where a murder was really a headliner now its an anticipation as for whos next. Lets bring back the good ole days when children run and played not working in a web shop living with a man, the days when children wait to turn 17 to go to college so they could have felt like an adult, sighhhhh….. if we wanna see a change it begins with me and you , it begings with us the man and woman in the mirro.

  8. Some of you all getting upset with the wrong people. This girl only 17, What she doing shacking up with man? I know she was at a legal age to give consent to have sex, but when you look at it she was still consider a minor according to our laws. Her parent are still suppose to be held accountable for her. Why they allowed her to move out and take on such a grown up role at such a young age is beyond me. Personally, I don’t feel it should have happened. I don’t know what her parents being though with her for them to allow this, because some of these young girls when they reach a certain age they is start acting like they are more woman than their mothers, I mean you can‘t tell them nothing. Now, I know some people will not appreciate my comment and probably might take offense to it and I expect y’all to run on with shid about I am judging somebody, will too frigging bad. I am a grown woman who believe in speaking what’s on my mind and I don’t believe in beating around the bush to please nobody, I prefer to get straight to the point, if I could help it. If it was my child and I was wrong the way I handled the situation, I would want someone to tell me the truth. We don’t get no where in this country by sugar coating, this is the only way people could learn from their own and other’s mistakes. You never know when something like this might touch the heart of a parent who reading this and doing the same thing, they might go get their child and bring them home with them. I can’t lie, I really feel for this girl. In her mind she might have felt like a woman, but in reality she was just a child. It hurt me to see how her life was cut so short. I really hope this would cause the government to reconsider changing the legal age where a person can give consent to have sex to age 18, because right now we have minors having sex and once they get to feel what’s it all about, some of them don’t even want to live home with their parents anymore. This only creating problems for these parents.


    • You sound so stupid. Speak your mind in your sleep please, because these words don’t need to come out in society! I don’t care if a 6 year old child runs away, it gives no reason for someone to kill her. Point remains.

      • @Motion, don’t be an azz nobody is giving the boyfriend right for doing what he did. Clearly, you can see he is an azz for doing what he did. At the same time, parents has a responsibility to these children. Too many of them are not doing what they are suppose to be doing, they are looking for other people to do it for them and that really shouldn’t be the case.

  9. To all of you negative people that has all dese bad comments to say just remember that the lord my god dont sleep…he watches over eeach an every one of us..age aint nutn but a number her parents cant tell her what to do cuz its her life the point still remains ddat the young man shud have not take the law in his own hands…instead she shud have walked away an sent a pray up to heaven for there is nutn my god cant do!!remember u neagtive people have family also…y all of the bad comments now since she’s dead an gone!!she is not her to defend her self so ppl plz let our precious gem rest in peace baby…we love you,,,,hope to see u in heaven some sweet day baby!!s,,sleep on baby girl take ur rest for jesus no’s best…goodbye poggie


  11. Only God Judge, some of you folks are throwing stones as if everything is all good in your lives. For heaven sake, this girl has just lost a life, a mother/father had just lost a daughter and some of you have the audacity to speak bitterly against this young lady, after she had just lost her life. Yes we all sin, but no one, absolutely no one has the authority to point out other people’s sins. iWOuld like to send my condonlences to her parents and her friends. May her soul rest in peace.

  12. @NASSAU WOMAN. You can imagine what life Ive lived? Honey we dont need to go there. Lets stick with the issue at hand. ok? You getting a little too personal and side tracked. Stay on course. Nobody and I mean NOBODY has the right to brutally and deliberately take anybody’s life. NO MATTER WHAT! That still is the bottom line darling. You’re missing the point. Until someone you care about falls victim to a murderer, then you would feel what everybody else feels… sympathy. And the ironic part about it is, you might not even be able to say “if she wasnt bad that would not have happened to her”. Because not all women who are murdered by their male counterparts “deserve it”. They are not all “fast”. Still they are slaughtered. Interesting, you seem to be very passionate and protective of the murderer. Not an ounce of grief can I detect in the tone of your writting. But dont worry, God knows just how to humble to haughty and calm the angry. I pray the young girl rests in peace. And my condolences goes out to her family. And the murderer… As a man live, so shall he die. Vengence is definately the Lords and whatever seeds a man sow, that shall he also reap. (accordding to you…) Since the girl got what she deserved, now what should the young man get?

  13. first of all, my condolences goes out to the family of the young lady that was brutally killed. Now i dont understand yall *******people. A murderer killed this young lady an watched her die an yall have the most negative things to say. well exuma isn’t all that big, if she was bad like yall say then that means he should have known but he still decided to stay with her. He should have just leaved her if he couldn’t put up wit her. That was still her life to live an no one deserves to die that way no matter wat they do. No matter how hard parents try to give their kids the best possible life, they still get a mind of their own to do wat they want. Every one has to face God for themself so stop judging people especially u miss nassau women

  14. Just had the opportunity to scan the majority of comments and I am appalled. People we are in a sick society, a society where men (men and women) have no regard to others property or feelings. The bible admonishes us by the commandments to Love your neighbour as you love yourself. Would you hurt your neighbour, would you speak ill of your neighbour, it simply asks you to love your neighbour as you love yourself. Love covers a multitude of sins. None of us are in a position to judge. God is the judge. My heart goes out to the parents of both parties involved. I pray that Courtney was in good standing with God and that one day we shall all see her again. I aslo pray for the boyfriend that he accepts resposibility for what he has done and seeks God’s forgiveness and repentance. This is a clarion call…a clarion call for each and every one of us to get our lives in order. Every thought, every action will be judged by God….think about it….can you explain to God why you did something or even thought of something….People lets not throw insults or even try to figure out what happen. Its time that each of us do an inventory on our lives and be ready for the second coming of Jesus Christ

  15. Oh my goodness the young lady is now dead and her parents, family and friends are now mourning her death…Please let her Rest in Peace…I didn’t take the time to read all the commments cause den i might collapse from a blood pressure problem cause das how bad i want to tell of of ul negative people bout ul cunny but anyways…Im sure there are some people who are saying if dey had done dis or not let her do dis she would be alive but God took Poogie and used her to wake our Bahamas up and especially Exuma so other young people can make better decisions and parents can now pay close attention to their children…Some parents just try to trust their children at some point to make them become more independent but its sad when they do, someone else steps in and take their lives or some other mischief happens…Im sure her parents are now going crazy sick over their little girl’s life and u negative people are making it worst by blaming them…why not except the fact that she is now gone because of a situation that could have probably being avoided and try to speak positive and send a positive message out to other parents so something like this don’t have to happen again…Pepole please let Poogie rest in peace…at least have some respect for her family at this point

  16. Don’t know any parties concerned but da young lady didn’t deserve to die like that, i hope justice is served and may her soul rest in peace. Stop da negative comments and be civil about da matter, bcuz only he who feels it knws it. Lets all keep da family in our prays.

  17. @Tell it like it is, Too much ppl like u in this country condoning ********** ******* your daughters too much, i agree with u on one thing if she wanted to finish run through exuma she should have made that clear to the young man, she was living with him from 15, almost two years, while Living her life with whomever in Exunma, i guess kids live what they know. I could just imagine what kind of life u lived, ******* ******* ********* ur Daughters ppl. STOP.

    • I think she made it as clear is day Nassau woman,she had moved back to Moss Town, that righ there made it soo clear that Stevie Wonder can see that. What you should have done was teach your relative to know when to walk away. Who the hell he thinks he his, so every guy is suppose to go around killing every woman that don’t want to be with them. If this is the case then you should be dead. Yes kids live what they know so I guess that why your criminal relative did what he did, because he is from a family of criminals.

    • @Nassau Woman….obviously as ignorant as you sound you are a speculator and DONT know the REAL or FULL story. I gather you are related to the young man who took away her life…..and although I wont publish the CORRECT story on BP for privacy reasons….you really need to get your facts straight. For 1) I am not condoning anything wrong that happened and 2) believe in putting right where right is and wrong where wrong is and HE IS WRONG….HIS LIFE WILL NEVER BE WORTH a 1/4 OF COURTNEY’s for the fact that he took hers away….RISE UP & WISE UP

  18. May the young lady rest in peace.
    But seriously perents need to be better at there job that they were bless with. Am sure no one is giving the young man arressted cause for his actions, but under proper parenting he and that young lady would have been more responsible with their life.
    Not everyone can handle break-ups man or woman and the sad thing is this is the foolish stupid reaction to one’s action.

    Ladys be more concern of how you lead aman on in the so call relationship, men are very pocessive and thats by creation.
    Stop playing games with each others and men understand what your getting into.

    Real talk here.

  19. I pray for the family to “ride over this storm”….We don’t need any more negativity ont this story, Rip,young lady and may god continue to bless her family and loved ones.

    To the young man HMP will be your new home for a long time I hope!

    • All comments are posted except when it is highly colourful and offensive! We expect all writers to exercise respect!


  20. **** get what they deserve. Too much slack a@@ grips out there taking money from too many different men instead of working for their own stuff. Outsmart yourself straight in the grave. I pray for everyone, everyone has some blame, someone could have done something from long time, catch yourself sinning, shoring, lying, deceiving Bahamas!

    • Andros Boi unless something has changed, the only way someone can take your money without your consent is by robbing you. To my understanding, from a comment I read the young landy had a job and he didn’t. So, p**** like you need to continue doing what you do best and give your money to men.

  21. The point is no one is perfect and im sure if someone died especially those with the negative comments, the skeletons will be dug out their closets. Therefore, foucus on the fact that she should not have died that way and this may be the same person to slaughter you our your family and friends.

  22. Why would y’all speak about something that has already been done nothing can bring her back to life so just stop and leave the negative comments, nothing has to do with her parents or how old she is or why was she staying with him only her can state the facts but now she is gone so please show respect Bahamians don’t know how it feel when it is done to them !! How can you bad mouth someone who is already deceased and cannot even defend themselves … SHOW RESPECT & LET HER REST IN PEACE !R.I.P Courtney … God bless you all

  23. Not for nothing but a beautiful 17 year old girl was murdered at the hands of her alleged boyfriend. Her age isn’t an issue here, the fact of the matter is a girl is dead!!! Her Parents, siblings, friends and family will never see her face again. Leave the negativity to yourselves. Parents can’t control everything their children do and sadly they have to learn their lessons as they get older. But for Courtney it ended in death. May her friends on facebook keep her memory alive. Please if your friends are in any domestic situation where it could turn deadly, TELL SOMEONE!!! RIP Beautiful girl, God Needed another Angel.

  24. @ Nassau Woman. It really doesn’t matter whether she did those things or not. What you’ve posted is very disrespectful to this young woman and her family. No one deserves to have their life taken like that. In case you didn’t realize, the young man that you speak so highly of is now a murderer.

  25. NASSAU WOMAN. You are a stupid *** for the crap you running on with. The only person who we as human beings are suppose to answer to is Jesus Christ himself (if we arent breaking the law of the land). In a nutshell, you are almost saying that the girl deserved what she got because she was a hot an provoking young girl. People have a right to live their life how they want to live it miss. If she was too fast for him, he should have just left her alone! Afterall she still had alot of growing up to do. We live in a world where every minute of every day, you can and will be PUSHED TO THE LIMIT. Thats why self control is very important. What if everyone went around killing people because the person wronged them, cheated on them or lied to them? Our society would be totally lawless right? If you have children or desire to have children you would know that your child has a mind of her/his own. And no matter how much you train them, they will buck up but your prayers and your lessons taught to them will bring them back on track. And they’d have a testimony to tell. Its a pity, she was robbed of an opportunity to bless someone with hers.


  27. in reposne to nassau woman> it appears that you would have been the 3rd wheel in this relationship!!!! you know the “real story”? WRONG!!!!!!it is quite clear that you are a family member of the young punk in question> there is always 3 sides to every story his side her side and the truth> in her case we will never know because dead man can’t talk!!!!! you dont point no finger at her mother!! if she was bad why did he say with her? granted he was an interlectualy incline young man he would have walked away. did he? no!!!!. why because is is nothing more than a freaking punk!!!!!!!what you need to be concern about right now is finding someone to represent his sorry lil ass and his life behind bars!!!!!!

  28. People please know the law before you begin to utter foolishness. In the bahamas 16 YEARS is the age of consent. At 16 yrs old, one can walk out of their parents house and live with a 90 yr old and nothing can be done about it. The law sways on the side of 16yr old.

    @ Wizard pray tell me HOW IS not voting for ****** combine with your CRAZY imagination that there is no leadership in this country have to do with the demise of this young lady!

    When the weather bad, then it must the Minister of the Environment fault ah????? Yinna need to stop talking **** and see things for what they really are.!!!

  29. It’s sad to see how much people have so many negative comments to say man.she is someones child and no women deserves that.someone said that the guy did everything for the girl so what is she the only person to breakup with someone no walk away he had no rights to take that young girls maria i hope u don’t have kids sweep your door first before you sweep someone else door. where the love man bahamas it’s sad he should be hang.bahamas need to start hanging then the crime rates will cease.keep ya negative comments to yourself and so some respect.every family have dam problems with there kids. condolences goes out to the grieving family may her soul rest in peace.

  30. to all you jackass who have a problem with my comments!!! no one is blaming the government for crime y’all dooshbag!! all am saying is all this ****** going on and these *************** doing nothing to educate bahamians on how to love and respect one another and put in place hash laws to detour these jackass who think they can kill serve 6months and get bail the government can open a place on every island so people who are trouble will have somewhere and someone to talk to if that save one life it worth having it’s no wonder they wont do better because y’all don’t want better the people who are killing need help. and these people ask to lead our country! so get up off y’all *** and do just that lead! start by going from door to door sitting down with people and hear they cry a good leader never stop looking for ways to help it’s people. so don’t be a ****** all ya life!!! .

    • Speaking of education, where did you obtain yours? I agree the lack of education is a huge problem here in he Bahamas, but people who live in glass houses should not throw stones! I have never seen so many misplelt words and bad grammar in my life!

      • another small minded********. one would think you would focus on what am saying!!! yet you are able to read all my comments. what a loser.

  31. @nassau woman. who the hell r u to judge what her life was worth? GOD gave her that life. u r just as bad as u think they r to say all those things. u have so much advice on how mothers should raise their daughters but y dont u give some advice on how NOT to raise KILLERS! Ms. All KNOWING.I dont know any of the parties involved but clearly u do since u know the”whole story”. u tellin that woman her daughter’s blood is on her hands? u have no heart and i hope u r not a mother. No REAL mother would say that to another. while im praying for that family i ga pray for u too. u r a lost soul.

  32. 1.) School leaving age in The Bahamas is 16…if this young lady left school and decided not to go to college and prefer to work, she is a woman, committed a crime at the age of 16 she would be tried as an adult right? Some of our parents were doing the same thing at their age and some actually got married at 15 and 16..

    2.) If anything I read was true, *************************************? *****************************? That is two hard blows to take simultaneously, that guy could get temporary insanity..

    3.) The guy that committed this murder is still wrong he should not have taken her life and justice should be served, but as another poster stated we are in desperate need for conflict resolution to be taught in our schools

    • Temporary insanity my a**, from what I understand he does not live in Moss Town, which means he drove or walked there, and he didn’t go into anybody’s home and borrowed a knife, which means he brought it with him. So don’t even start the foolish talk. What ever he claims she did to him, the bottom line is that she never harm him physically.

  33. some of yall really stupid. her age, who her daddy is,where she work and who she lives with is totally besides the point. do you idiots understand that a young lady LOST HER LIFE? that is the point. if she were older and in college would it have made a difference? made what happened any more tragic? yall so stupid

  34. people talking she was not a bad girl its not her fault she fall in love with a jack*** who didnt know how to treat her.None of you know her so please stop pointing fingers

  35. hold up now dont blame the parents cause these children have an agenda of their own you could take a horse to the water but you cnt make them drink.her parents are good people. To kenya and the family just remember that god will give you peace in the midst of your storm

  36. this is sad. once again poor conflict resolution and the inability to reason has done it again.

  37. I can only imagine wat this family is going thru rite now.Her being 17 is really not important at this time ,this young lady is someone,s child and should not have died the way that she did.This family needs all the love and support they can get rite now,they don,t need a bunch negative comments.No one knows why she was living with a man at a young age and it is not important she is dead and please allow them to mourn their daughter without being bombarded with ngative remarks.may her soul rest in peace.

  38. Condolences to the family,and the guys needs to turn himself in.He is wrong and needs to be sent to jail.This is very sad and I know the Bahamas is in shock.God see and he and he knows.I will pray for the family and God never leaves you or forsake you.This is jus sad….!!!!!!!!!

  39. a cloud of darkness hanging over our head something has to give the minds of once loving bahamians are now displaying in a whole new way can i be our leaders hands are tie b/c they voodoo practice that get our country going to the dogs all these people who worship idle gods they here in the thousands what more can we expect!!

  40. keep the news coming…i’m sure theres more cause they was saying miss brown was stab wanna where he got the copycat murder act from…? government sucks and so those the police force..kid sleeping out turnin her own key..sorry but there alot to point fingers at here,,,clean up around your door first..r.i.p cause we sure aint living in peace!

  41. To all persons who posted a negative commennt “PLEASE SHUT UP AND STAY OFF THIS WEB PAGE” because without Bahamas Press we would be lost with what is happening in our country. Whether they posted her picture or name before the police did it we would of still found out because we Bahamians is run our mouth and talk everything. Before Bahamas Press posted this I had already gotten a call from Exuma saying who this young lady (and not woman) was. So instead of blasting Bahamas Press dont dam open their website! Go sit and wait on ZNS and Im sure you would be lost and not get any info. Now yall blasters take that and have a good weekend and stay the heck off this site if you dont want know whats happening in the Bahamas. And whats so funny is that yall same blasters are the ones who be on this website waiting to see what happened in our country. (contradicting fools!)

    • Agents for ZNS, TRIBUNE and Guardian. As yall know ZNS had nothing on the issue this morning. They have no agents on the island. NO DAMN SOURCE BY THE POLICE SHAME! Likewise both the Tribune and Guardian. NO sources for breaking news. ONLY PAPA to write editorials and the police. SAD!



    • Amen, and too all please give respect to the family please and lets all remember this sadness can happen at your door step,lets please prey for the family instead off having negative words to say,GOD is the master off all I am preying for you and your family!!!!

  42. She was 17 living with a 20 yr old, and running with every ohter man in exuma, that man work his *** of for her and her and her mother pull a **** on him,he is wrong but my God, Mother watch how u raise your daughters. Sweet and Innocent my ass, at least thats what the young man thought also. How Unfortnate.

    • You obviously have a chip on your shoulder. You know soo much it sounds like she was running around with your man. I hope you don’t have any daughters or female relatives.

    • u could tlk **** hey bought wrking man that nigga dnt wrk were u get that **** from ya neva suppose to ******* hit woman and thing because she leaving u if she leaving let her go jred

    • Nassau Woman, You’re real classy! Disrespecting a dead girl…God don’t like ugly. You must be a friend of the murderer

    • @ Nassau Woman……Woman stop your ****and come of these people page… I pray that you don’t have a mother, daughter, sister or any female relative or friend because you full of ******!

  43. She is beautiful. I wish she was my girlfriend. She would have bin alive today! We need to honour and cherish women man. Stop the violence against women!

  44. @Exuma Man, probably it is not over and maybe there will be more blood shed, but even if he takes his own life, if she had 100 lives it would not be worth one of his, Mother please dont raise your daughter to be harlots, no matter how “young sweet and innocent, the only person inExuma who thought that she was his live in gf was him, apparently she was other guys gf as well, lying to the young man aborting a baby at eight months her and her mother shouwoing the young man the baby and when he as her why she says, was not yours, Her mother is just as much to blame as him, MOther watch how u raise your daughters, yes he is wrong but when they charge him, they need to charge her mother also, he may die or spend the rest of his life in prison, but to her Mother i hope u kno her blood is on your hands NAsty as hoes.

    Yes he is wrong for what he did , but MOther u and ur daughter wrong for what u did to that young man.

    • U is a real ***. This what u come on this site to run on with.. Let the flippin girl rest in peaCE WHY U WORRyIN BOUT WHO SHE WAS ****** OR HOW MUCH BABIES SHE KILL… WHO U FLIPPIN ********** AND HOW MUCH BABIES U DAMN KILLL DAMMM IN .. Rip Courtney .. My deepest sympathy goes out to the family.

    • Parents need to also watch how they are raising these punk a** boys, because he is not a man. If they are nasty they seem to b just as nasty as you are, you all must have been hoes together. She was back home in Moss Town so it was obvious she did not want the punk anymore. He is soo insecure of himself that he can’t take rejection.

    • @nassau women you need to stop pointing fingers, maybe when you grow up you’ll grow to understand there is no excuse for killing weather she was wrong or not the bible says thou shalt not kill….an the lord giveth an he taketh, that young man is no god so he have no rite to take her life weather SHE IS WRONG OR RITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • today mite be her but who knows, tomorrow mite be you or ya family or friends(god forbid)but at the end of the day GOD is still in control. Remember the song be careful little tongue what u say??????????? Well bahamas please be careful of what u say, who knows when its your time!!!! an i really think that was disrespect to the decease…..AN EYE FOR AND EYE….WHAT DONT COME ON YOU WILL PAST TO YOUR KIDS….THE LORD NEVER SLEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

    • It obvious that u jus wanna run ya mouth. U know nuttin bout Courtney but because u have nuttin better to do u rather jus gossip. He was ********* wrong and nobody deserves to die idiot!!!! Dera you are so rite. Nassau Woman wat if it was ya daughter. U need to jus jump in a grave and bury yaself fa even thinkin des ****. Am not takin sides but Courtney was a sweet girl and i dont feel sorry for dat old dog because wat he did was not a mistake and the fact that he left her on the ground ta die makes it even worse. HE’S A DOG AND I WILL PRAY EVERY NIGHT FROM NOW ON THAT HE DIES WHETHER HE KILL HIMSELF OR SUMONE ELSE DO IT!!!!!!

    • Your comments are highly disrepectful and not appreciated on this article. No one deserves to lose their life in that manner and you have proven how ignorant you really are by posting such an outrageous and pathetic attempt to bad mouth a young girl at the time of her tragedy. To say a person deserved to be robbed of their life proves you have no value for life either. And further, if you think the life of a murderer is worth more than someone else’s, then God be with you because only He can help your soul.

    • Nassau woman,I have a bad feeling that you are 1 of these abusive weak, insecure, men, hiding behind the term “woman”, who have had a woman leave you and u can’t handle it. If you really are a woman, god help you and you really need to seek professional help. I really can’t see another woman or man for that matter being so cruel and spewing such hatred against this mother who has to live with this nightmare, even if this young lady or her mother was your worst enemy. Or you are closely somehow involved with the players in this story. Whatever the reason, please seek counseling!

    • U must be a jack a**, who’s life is worth more than another. I hope when he is found dead u feel the same way because he is obviously your son or some relative of yours. Thank goodness she didn’t have a child with him because we don’t need anymore of him around.

    • @ Nassau Woman.. You are ridiculous and you’re a complete idiot.. why would you even say something like this.. Nobody is pass anything in this life until they are dead.. This is not the forum for those stupid things that you wrote…..You need to get a life!!!!!!

    • Quite clearly Nassau Woman you came on here to start some b***s*** but its ok because we don’t expect any better from you…you’re probably just happy to believe that this girl was just like you, followed in your footsteps and you really want to thank her but don’t want the general public to know so you decide to run on ish like this but you’re probably smiling from ear to ear…Wow! ignorance is really on the rise…no wonder the Government can’t help us at all…if this country doesn’t rise up to the Christian nation that it is supose to be we are all in trouble…the devil is certainly on the loose…i hope honestly Nassau woman that this kind of act doesn’t happen to you or your family

  45. Why was a 17 year old living with her boyfriend. This is a real tradgedy. My heart goes out to the parents. Mothers it’s time to go back to the old school way of raising your children. Please raise them to be confident, secure young woman so that they do not need to die like this. It’s time to wake up. Protect your children.

    BP. on another note is the DNA test back from Terron Fowler yet. Was it really him in the car. Check it out.

  46. um ok first off shes a girl…a girl who is considered a woman because she had her own key to turn. Question is…could this have been avoided if her so called parents were around…because something is telling me…they are around…this is sad…

    • Well marie and the rest, anyway who the hell you think you is. You abviously don’t known her and know of her, neither where her parents are so you need to ask questions. But in short time you will know who her parents are. RIP Cuz (Bahamians just love GOSSIP not FACTS)

    • Never judge a book by it’s cover. Only God can judge…. if you don’t know her story then don’t try to design the book cover. HE is at fault here so stop beating around the bush and pointing finger’s at people you don’t know. See why we have so may fatalities in this country too many nosey. people

  47. This is not over!!!!!!!!!! The young man needs to turn himself in. Premeditated Murder!!!!!!!!!! Knowing this sweet young girl she was always the life of any setting she would come into. Exuma is gonna report another bloody seen on the case of of the senseless killing. He didnt have to do what he did and for this it best that he takes his own life. Puggy will be miss from the sweet island of Exuma. Fashion over style were her hall marks!!! A warm smile when and where ever she met you. Never known to be a trouble maker….. Justice will be serve……

    • to all the a!!holes running on with foolishness you’ll did not know courtney “poogy” mckenzie, I knew her from birth, she was a well mannered young individual, with a personality to die, for. It’s obvious pyfrom boy saw the best in her to choose her over any other female in Exuma. He just couldn’t take rejection, but i guarantee justice will be served and he knows it. To NASSAU WOMAn U IS THE BIGGEST *********** it’s obvious you are related to him, but I wish you grow balls and come to EXUMA so the next bloody scene they have to investigate would be yours you nassau *******, you say dats what she was yea you had to know because you taught her ******

  48. why y’all couldn’t wait to get more information about the FACTS y’all don’t care about nobody the girl aint deceased for 24 hours yet and y’all should learn to be more respectful bout somebody’s identity especially under the age of 18 y’all get the victim instead yall should have the murderer my goodnesssss !!!!!! R.I.P sleep on…

  49. Such a beautiful young lady to have her life stolen away from her at such a tender age. I am really sorry that her family and friends has to go through this awful experience. May God strengthen them.

  50. every time i see how bad this country going i think of lot’s wife who turn around and look back and turn into a pillar of salt!! it reminds me of 2007 when perry told the bahamians not to turn back and most of them did and now our country turning into a pillar crime,murders,and foreigners. where there’s no leadership the people will perish….

    • So, which one of the politicians put the murder weapon in this persons hand and ordered him to kill this young girl? Was the first murder in the Bahamas committed after the 2007 election? Which foreigners are we talking about?, because the last time I checked, tourism was our number 1 industry. Stop blaming every flipping thing on the government and put it where it belongs, on the individuals who commit the crimes! Even their parents who should have been the ones to teach them their values cannot be solely blamed for what their kids do, so why the hell is the Government? Whether its the PLP or FNM!

      • Not a stupid comment. It stated if there were serious consequences in
        this dump instead of slackness everywhere, we would have less murders. Why do you think there’s not much murders in Singapore? And it’s stated almost every year, crime is decreased. But ours increases! In that country, they take a hand if you steal! They whip your hip!

    • Government has nothing to do with crime, murders. We as bahaminas need to stop hiding murders stop taking the foreigners money and stop giving the criminals bail.

  51. My condolences to the family. But, it seems there are so many questions that needs to be answered. 17 and is living with a young man and one of the parent is an officer of the law….come on man…..! My grandmother always said two wrongs don’t make a right!


    • What the hell does who she was living with, or who her parents were have to do with what happened? It’s people like u who condone this type of s*** remember u aint pass nothing until yer dead.

    • 17 is considered LEGAL!!!! I’m not sure about Bahamas but in the US you can get married at 16!!!! I think you all negative people need to respect the fact that a young girl has been murdered. I’m sure her friends and family wouldn’t appreciate this. Have some respect!

  52. This is devastating and horrible! I pray that God will grant her parents and the rest of her family strength to endure this dark lonely road of grief.


    • …..and police officer daddy and she working in a web shop! Jesus take da wheel cause this country took a wrong turn!

      • Did your daddy tell u where to work? What’s wrong with working in the web shop? Do u have a job or would u have liked to support her? If she wasn’t working then u would have said he killed her because he was taking care of her.

      • yo abby that was a good comment the best out of all and that girl aint a woman til she 18 matter of fact 21-25 she would been helpless in the states this country is a big advantage the rules and laws are weak

    • Your obviously miss the dock not the boat. She coud have been 30 and he would have killed her, he is a sick individual and does not deserve to live.

    • I know a girl who moved in with her husband at 15, married at 16 and have 3 beautiful kids. It dosen’t matter how old she was, she’s not here to defend herself keep the negative to yourself

  54. Trully sad we came to this I’m praying there’s a better future for our nation. My condolences to the family trully tragic wow.

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