No Dengue cases reported on Grand Bahama, ONLY New Providence, Why?


Nassau, Bahamas — No water, no light and if ‘ya’ walk into your home the mosquito carrying dengue ‘ga’ bite, but how did we get here?

Bahamas Press is finding it interesting to note that health officials on the island of Grand Bahama have reported not one case of dengue in that part of the country. Now isn’t that incredible. ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NOT ONE!

Meanwhile on New Providence the clinics are bursting with patients. All on the floors of emergency rooms victims lying near death, some blackout from the symptoms as the epidemic grows by the day.

Today Environmental Health officials claimed some 1,700 persons have been infected. A few weeks ago they said it was only two and back then we believe it had climbed to over one thousand, so ya know it bad, so bad even the wife of the GG was admitted to the hospital battling symptoms. But let’s get back to the main story.

While on New Providence, health centers appear to be a boom with dengue cases, Grand Bahama, which has more forest lands than any other island, there is not one case being reported.

Our experts tell us the reason is simple; Grand Bahama is a sanitized community. The people there don’t wait months and weeks to have their garbage collected. The people, especially in the City of Freeport collect garbage on time, all the time. The roads on that northern island are not dug up like New Providence; forming blue holes, ponds and fresh water lakes as the rainy season continues. This environment, again according to our Cardiff experts, is creating a perfect habitat for the dengue-carrying mosquito.

Had the environmental health department, and that bad manager heading the ministry not slowed garbage collection all across New Providence, the capital, according to experts, would have a different story to tell. Doctors would not be so busying having a strain on the system, and the clinics would not need to open for extended hours.

This is what happens when you TRUST leadership that gives not a DMAN about people! They dig up the roads to no end, turn off the light [SO THE DENGUE MOSQUITO COULD HIDE IN THE DARK] and shut off the water leaving once sanitized condition in homes hot, damp, wet and a breathing ground for some deadly outbreak or epidemic. What a sorry state Papa has left the Bahamas in.


No water, no light and if ya walk into your home the mosquito carrying dengue will bite.



  1. This is not dengue fever. Persons that I know have these syntoms and was not bitten by a mosquito. One child had blood pouring through her nose and some oneelse had a kidney collapse. both had these syntoms. What the Hell is going on and the Government try to hide the real story from the citizens. we should have be on alert since the first case was reported.

  2. BP i dont know where you get that report no dengue fever in Grand Bahama thats a lie a big one. Thenoffical count in Grand Bahama is over 20 what ever the offical count in Nassau Grand bahama have half

    • Who you heard reported that? Where? Point us to the release or statement by health officials?


  3. i really don’t think it’s dengue fever i think its something more contagious dengue fever only occur in Africa or far out south . While the family islands and other islands of The Bahamas doesn’t have it ? It has to be something else !

  4. Who has more mosquitoes than the family Islands, especially Long Island???
    Mosquitoes and Bush and even old cars through bushes, drums of water and ponds too!!!
    There’s no dengue fever this way either so whats the problem now??
    Roads, side walks, parks and houses are all clean aye!!!!

  5. BP, I don’t see my comment, so I am posting it again.

    These b*tches frigging us right up man! Opening all these roads one time and can’t finish them. They don’t even pick up the garbage anymore, every minute they flicking the lights on and off, like this a frigging game. Papa running this country straight into the ground, he’s b*tching up everything. For some reason, I get the impression he and his wife isn’t too particular with being in this country anymore, every times you look around they gone on another trip. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel if there isn’t anything wrong with Papa, he should be here dealing with this mess and not traveling the globe right now. It‘s his government what frig up things. Now, I am not saying Papa did all of these things intentionally, because I don’t know that for a fact, I just feel all these things are too much of coincident. When you really look at it, everything he was doing recently wasn’t really in the best interest of the Bahamians people. Now, all this shid happening all at once and he and his wife get this sudden urge to keep traveling. If I didn’t know any better I would say, he trying to make this country more like Haiti, know him, he probably feel the Bahamian people had it too good anyhow.

    • Could you tell me why Nassau has not adopted the way Freeport collects its garbage. This clearly shows us where our leaders heads are. Picture coming home to your home with every thing nice and clean. Then picture coming home to a dirty house. its a total diffrent frame of mind. coming home to a dirty house can really piss you off. So this is likewise in our city. Dirty cities are always crime ridden. The government need to take active steps in cleaning this mess up. It needs to be privatized to several diffrent contractors that will be responsible for designated areas. The cost can be fowarded to the people and subsidized by the government. The bill can be attached to the water or electric bill to ensure payment at a cost of $20 per month per household and $50-$200 for business. This will create jobs and we will have a cleaner nassau.

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