Some 100 workers are in a fight for justice against Cable Bahamas



Nassau, Bahamas
— If you think you are the only person now in a fight with Cable Bahamas and its injurious practices against its customers, then you need to read this article.

Bahamas Press can confirm justice at the Cable Company has gone on vacation and is lost somewhere in the Alps.

Information coming to our desk confirms more than 100 workers at Cable Bahamas have retained the services of a lawyer to battle what is being called “VICKED INJUSTICES” against the staff at the company. Now get this.

From what we know, Cable Bahamas has of late applied for and has had approved by the minister of immigration several work permits. One of the permits granted by the Foreign National Movement government was to hire a man by the name of Al Williams.

Williams heads up a department in cable called Customer Care. In that division, a host of over 100 employees signed contracts to work for Cable Bahamas for a period of nine hours a day.

The new seaweed washed ashore in this country has now directed managers at the Cable Company to order workers in Customer Care to work morning and evening shift covering the hours of their contracts. Now get this. Without consulting workers and without offering any kind of consideration, Williams is requiring customer service reps to come to work twice in one day. From early morning to noon and then again, from late evening into the night. Now what kind a JACKASS shift this is?

This means a worker, would not have sufficient time to drop their children off to school in the mornings, and pick or the time to pick them up in the evenings, SOMETHING ‘GATA’ BE WRONG WITH THAT!

Some at the company tell us it is possible the new Director of Customer Care wants to force contract workers to terminate their current contract by implementing such a new work schedule. Bahamas Press believes the idea is to shaft more Bahamians like one famous hotel in Exuma we know and commit another BACKSIDE RAPE of young Bahamians workers.

Whatever the case we warn the outgoing minister for labour to break his silence on this bastardizing treatment of the Bahamian workforce and immediately block the brewing dispute; that if it continues unabated, may cause disruptions at the Cable Bahamas!

And while ‘ya’ at it Minister, tell that damn BOSS HOG in the Cabinet to stop approving all these ‘friggin’ work permits while thousands of qualified Bahamians are unemployed!


  1. BP,

    If u think the split was a jacka** shift. Word is Al Williams trying to start a 4pm-1am shift.Guess ya reports done piss off Al. Now what sense that make? Too bad if u a single mother. U just can’t help ya child do homework much less supervise and we all know that most Bahamian households are mostly made of single mothers. Let’s forget about waking up to make breakfast cause u just too tired. U should investigate that BP. Al Williams is unfit to be called a Customer Service Director. He talk to his employees in whatever manner he pleases and yet he is Director. Haha. When he talk to his employees, ya should hear. Well why u need to bring in someone to do that? They might as well had leave the former Director in place. Someone should give him a lesson in customer service because ya internal customers (employees) can make or break ya. What u think BP- ain’t charity begin at home? Justice fa Cable employees, they work hard to keep the company going man.


    • Despite what Bahamians seem to “think” a good paying customer is…..the company policy is very simple. It is in the contract that we all signed with Cable. Your bill is due on the 20th. It does not matter what you think the policy should be. It doesn’t matter what you feel the ‘grace period’ should be. If you were to ever live in North America (US or Canada), you would know that 10 working days (2 business weeks) is rather gratuitous. They cannot and will not charge you $5.50 for paying your bill on time. And please name me one company that will “give you a break” b/c you usually pay your bill on time. The banks don’t. BEC doesn’t. BTC doesn’t. I’ll wait.

      As Bahamians, we don’t like to look @ the big picture. They laid out the rules. Abide by them or pay the consequences. It’s as simple as that. I really don’t see what the fuss is.

      • @Sorry but…. The phone,power or water company
        don’t charge a late fee or bill you in advance
        for service and give a due date that’s not a month, I saw the other day the phone company was giving their good paying customers free phone cards.

        • Ok so what if those service providers do not charge a late fee. Cable is not ”owned” by the government and so what ever rules and regulations they decide to put in place for their customers is totally up to them. As Grand Bahamas stated, the stipulations are CLEARLY given on the contract that YOU (the customer) signed. Now if you were too excited for Cable and did not read your contract then who is to blame? As Bahamians we need to stop looking for the easy way out of everything! We always feel that a company ”should do this’or that”. Companies must spend money to provide service, thus they have to make the money to keep their employees.

  3. cable bahamas is a big rip off ever since they charge me 60 dollars to reconnect my cable that was it i discontinue that shit and get direct tv. bunch of rip of dogs!!!!!

  4. While on the Cable Bahamas topic they need to stop charging $5.50 late fee the 1st of every month, when
    they are giving poor service they don’t give back or the shit they put you through don’t worth the couple pennies they take off, there’s nothing with sense to
    watch, we really need another cable company here. Further more people are struggling now to pay their bills so why add a $5.50 late fee they are rubbing the poor man, what’s so sad is that alot of people even don’t know they add the $5.50 once the clock hits the 1st of the next month. Atleast if you want to add the late fee add it on the 7th day not 1st. I only have cable because of the internet but if cable TV and internet wasn’t together I would never pay for cable TV.

    • @FREEPORT…you should be a shame of yourself!! your Cable bill comes out the 1st of every ********** month & is due the 20th of every dam month, the dam company gives ya pathetic *** until the last day in the month to pay your bill but ya worthless *** still waits until the following month & now u got the gall to complain about $5.50?? from the sounds of it your bill mussy only $68.70…u want the service for free aye? yes there are some tech issues but it’s all in a effort to upgrade the backdated country!!! it’s digital technology problems will happen you *** ******…. you want to talk about issues, talk about something!! oh and once your area becomes fully digital you would have the option of getting internet alone, ask questions ***! no ones being robbed of *********! cable is a luxury if it’s so messed up request for a disconnect.


      If you persist with your foul language then we will completely dismiss your comments. Such letters are not good for public consumption.


      • @Nassau I guess you own Cable Bahamas and before they were upgrading the service was poor I had a problem that had nothing to do with upgrading and if I didn’t fight my case I would have paid for the poor service on their behave, so shut your dirty mouth if you don’t know what people are talking about, and by
        the way since you own Cable Bahamas you should know I’m a good paying customer that pays more than $68.70 monthly, when I pay them in advance I don’t ask for an being early fee, so if once every blue moon it happen that I pay on the first because of some situation beyond my control why add $5.50 if you know it’s a good paying customer, so if the 28th falls on a Friday and there are 30 days that month do the bankers work Saturday or Sunday to deposit the money to Cable Bahamas before that Monday which will be the first of the next month, so if you don’t know what’s going on to give a proper solution then KEEP YOUR DIRTY STUPID COMMENT TO YOURSELF THANK YOU

        • I agree 100% with Freeport AMEN!!! you can see Nassau don’t have any sense, It sames like it’s Nassau that came up with the $5.50 late fee, I’m a good paying customer that feels the same way Freeport do, Nassau needs to stop trying to find excuses for bad service. If Nassau would take a poll now Nassau will see how much people will agree, Freeport is soo right and I must say thank you Freeport for your post

      • @ Nassau you can’t be real, Freeport is 200% right,
        and you know that so why talk shit, Cable Bahamas needs to revisit that $5.50 late fee, service is poor here, there’s not even an office in the North God help if the cable goes down it takes weeks to get it fix and they still add late fees, I pay my bill
        at the bank but sometimes they are late posting but I still end up with late fees.

      • @Nassau check your head something have to be wrong with you, and further more Cable Bahamas are the only ones that charge a late fee here, the phone,power or water company don’t, $5.50 may sames small to you but there’s alot who can only pay for the bill, so if they get there on the 1st and is paying their bill in full why charge a late fee not every month things will be the same with people, I also agree with Freeport on this topic even before the upgrading we was getting bad service I can’t wait for the upgrade to finish so I can only use you’ll for internet as far as cable TV it don’t worth shit, Freeport is also correct there are alot so people that don’t know they are charge a $5.50 late fee the 1st of each month, I use to wait on my mail to pay my bill but most time the post office don’t have the bill in my box on time so I go in.A friend brought that late fee to my attention last month. I can also say we need better service if you want charge late fees.

    • Freeport you’re not the only one that feels that way, we in North Andros feels the same and they are rubbing the poor man. Please don’t pay Nassau any
      mind that’s a JACK ASS

    • @Nassau so if Cable bills comes out the 1st of the month, that means we are being charge for a service we didn’t use yet, so that should not be right my phone bill comes out on the 8th and is due the 7th of the next month which is a full month but if you pay on the 8th the bill is still the same, so if you bill on the 1st and is due on the 20th there’s no month that ends on the 20th, so the 1st to the 20th is not a month so this means you don’t have a grace period. But I would like if you could explain it in the right way so the public will know why they are being bill a month in advance and the bill is due before they use a month worth of service.

      • Totally agree! That’s basic math right there. Simple to the core and “Want To Know” hit the nail on the head.

        I disagree with the billing cycle, but I am sastified with the Internet and Cable services.

        This is what I want to see happening. Cable Bahamas opening a office on every island where Cable Bahamas operates. One location in the core of traffic ridden Robinson Road, NP is cutting it thin. But then again, they do have alternatives where you can pay your cable bill online with your Credit/Debit card.

      • Please take the time to call your service provider to find out about your services before you decide to condemn them. Your bill is issued the 1st of the month, meaning that if you (the customer) decides not to make any changes to you service or pay any money that month (which you probably will do anyway) then the amount printed on your statement will be your bill for that month. Its okay to say you don’t understand, we are humans, only God knows everything. So many Bahamians decide to cuss and carry on all because they don’t understand something. Ask questions man….

  5. I am sick a tired of persons coming in this country and treating bahamians as scapegoats and secondclass citizens anyone can come here and use the name consultant for a few months get all the information about the company and then the next thing u know they are your boss this is wrong and government need to have a close look into these so call consultant for my years of working i have never encounter or heard of such a shift who ever thing its okay then they need to have their heads examine that is why we have a department of labour to goven this land dont come here and bring your laws from overseas and push it down our throats i know we need our jobs but my God let us show some compassion for our workers.

    • On the topic of Al Williams he was brought here as a consultant with a very specific reason. His stay was said to be 1 year. That was about 3-4 years ago. U figure the rest. He was brought in by a next foreigner who is VP of IT Blaine Schafer. They are life long friends. His position has been constantly changing just as the departments he works for. Further when he was appointed director of customer care this post was never advertise internally within the company or externally within the Bahamas. That is unfair, illegal & wrong. Please tell me how this got pass immigration. Mr. Williams is old and was retired multiple times before coming to the Bahamas. Why do we need some washed up reject here. He is taking opportunity from young Bahamians. Further he has no educational degree. Anyone of Cable Bahamas employee who had interaction with Mr. Williams can tell you of his disregard, disrespect & arrogance when dealing with Bahamians.

      However there is a bigger problem. Mr. Williams has been empowered to do as he wishes. This can only come from the head of the company Anthony Butler. Why is it that as a fully 100% own Bahamian company we are seeing a mass migration of foreigners’ into the company at high managerial levels. All fingers point to the CEO of the organization Anthony Butler who is also not a Bahamian. He is surrounding himself with foreigners. Let’s look at the facts’ Al Williams a foreigner recently this year appointed as Director of customer care. Blaine Schafer appointed as VP of IT also a foreigner and position was never advertise. Mark Cabrelli a foreigner recently last year appointed VP of Marketing & sales. He was a consultant too. Position also was never advertise. Robert Liss Director of Engineering also a foreigner recently appointed six weeks ago. Position was only advertise outside the Bahamas mainly in Canada. Chris Annseley also a foreigner who just about three months ago was promoted to head up the recently purchase SRG. This guy has cost the company literally million due to his lack of knowledge and is too incompetent . U will never see that on the balance sheet. Francois Bourque also a foreigner is a high level manager over the sale area who has some very serious issues & has cost the company monies due to his miscalculations & false projections Tom Zhang an engineer and a foreigner who does absolutely nothing.

      I hope you get the picture of the culture that exists here at Cable Bahamas. It’s us against them. The executives are in bed with the government and now also courting the PLP should they win the elections. It is time for us to take our country back. The board member am not 100 % sure if they are just that uninform or don’t care. The union does not exist and completely useless. Where else do we turn? The immigration department has been compromised. A former employee mother does their immigration dirty work as she has position in the department of immigration

      The leaders must change their attitude towards Bahamians. We call on The CEO Anthony Butler to be fair in his dealings with Bahamians. The true financial details & status of the company is a topic by itself. A word to the wise is sufficient; we suggest that The Board & share holder request an immediate forensic audit of the books. They should account for every cent. No more doctoring the books guys.
      Despite Cable Bahamas increase profits always published in the media, the CEO has said from the beginning of the year no increases this year. However most of the foreigners & executives have received promotions. The CEO was recently promoted; a next VP was promoted to senior VP not to mention the bonus they get every year. Yet they tell the foot solider nothing for you. It’s all wrong man just wrong. I too am sick and tired of the unfair treatment these foreigners deal Bahamians. We need a government who really is serious about putting Bahamians first in their country. The foreigners at Cable really think we are stupid and below them. That is facts. This is their play ground. Blaine Schafer, Al Williams, Chris Annseley & Tom Zhang are very good friends. U see they look out for each other. Blaine is also said to be responsible to bringing Mark Cabrelli & the recently hired Robert Liss. You see our dumb CEO Anthony Butler is too backward to see that Blaine will soon threaten his position as he will have key people throughout the company.

      • Al it sounds as if things at Cable is a hot ghetto mess! How in the world are they getting away with bringing in all those so called consultants?

      • Al Williams should not be allowed to present the Company’s private and confidential information to the public. I am sure that Al Williams was required to sign confidentiality clause upon employment. From what I have read here, I would venture to say that, that clause was breached, and said employee should be terminated immediately .

  6. Only in the Bahamas I see people complaining that there are no jobs. Then when there are jobs, they want the employer to “custom fit” the job to accommodate their particular situation. Pure nonsense. Either you want to work or not. The ENTIRE WORLD is in a crisis and businesses globally are ALL changing the way they do business. If you cant keep up with the legal demands of an employer who is trying to stay afloat and probably meet the demands of it’s customers………………then maybe its time for you to become self employed or get another job.

    • How ‘considerate’of you “truth”. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that you feel as though slavery is a legitimate form of employment. That anyone can come into this country and do as they damn well please and we better accept whatever they shove down our throats. The citizens of this country have taken more than their fair share of disrespect from unscrupulous foreign bosses. By the way, I wonder where this label of the lazy, can’t do anything Bahamian came from?

  7. I’m disappointed in some of the people here talking about “be thankful you have a job”. I’m sure “Al” is thankful that he’s working in The Bahamas where he can make lots of money and speak to Bahamians any kinda way.

    Its obvious that the split shift is causing people stress and not because they’re lazy, its just not practical for them.Its also obvious that AL and by extension Cable Bahamas could care less!

    “Go Hang out by the mall” really? How inconsiderate is that?! “Its not up for discussion” who talks to people like that?

    In Canada and America management styles have changed. Businesses realize that employees are a companys greatest asset. Treat employees fairly with respect and consideration and you’ll have a happy motivated work force.

    I know because I work for a well respected Canadian Company operating in The Bahamas. Reading this account I feel for the employees of cable Bahamas and thank god that I work for a company with an enlightened corporate culture.

    Shame on AL Williams and Cable Bahamas. Perhaps yall also need to re-brand yall employee care because its in REVerse!

    • I still waiting on this story in the Tribune, Guardian and the WUTLESS MEDIA THEM! They all caught up on protecting Cable and their WICKED DIABOLICAL PRACTISES AGAINST BAHAMIANS! We pray the next government FIRE CABLE and issue a contract for the establishment of a new cable company by a group of Bahamians!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

      • Uh! This one is just too easy! Bahamas Press Editor? Don’t kill me LOL! You should be ashamed of that title! Was it last year or year before that Cable Bahamas became a 100% Bahamian company? If you actually read anything at all instead of talking out of your **** you was also have read that the largest shareholder is the Bahamas Government!

  8. This is a free Country. If you feel that you are not being treated fairly, you have the right to seek help. I am just so very happy that some of you were not there when Rosa Parks sat on that bus. I can hear it now….Rosa, you shouldn’t make waves by sitting on the bus because at least you get to ride on one, alot of us have to walk! If you are satisfied with all of the conditions of your job, then good for you, but for those that are not, continue to fight the fight!

  9. Why all yall so fool, haven’t you heard of call centre?
    This is what Cable is trying to do except that it won’t be here so all them people should start looking for a job because they should realize it over for them, there is no one that can help them.

    • See what I mean? Don Q now has the Cable Bahamas jobs beng moved overseas. JackAss! They been here for more than 16 years, now they gonna move it?

  10. you people need to wake up there is nothing wrong with working a split shift as any hotel worker will tell you i work it for more than (30) thirty years whats your problem do you need a job or not take your lazy selfs to work before you dont have a JOB.

  11. So? Its 2 half shifts. Yes it would seem they need trans to work in that dept – many of us cannot do our jobs without trans, its quite simple. There is no real public transportation in this country anyway, what we have are a joke. Almost everyday, I go out, work a few hours, I come back, wait a few hours, then go back out to another job, etc etc etc. No overtime for working at night, same price as in the day. It is not the employers duty to worry about kids being picked up for school, for christs sake go protest to the schools to implement a school bus system and save us normal people from all the traffic congestion you people with school kids cause.

  12. @ loyal FNM supporter..You gat it wrong you must you’ll going straight 2 hell. all this mess going on in this country!! you better WAKE UP cause you sleeping with your eyes wide shut!!!!

  13. This man has no regard for his “customer care” staff…. When this shift was first conjured up, a few staff members were scheduled to work this shift on a so call “trial basis” …I say HOG-WASH!! Reason being none of the staff members were given an opportunity voice their opinion to this NIGHT MARE of a shift. When a few staff questioned Al Williams about it during one of his many POINTLESS training sessions, his response was simple “it not up for discussion”… a absolute slap in the face to the hard working call center staff that bear the full brunt of thousands of trouble calls on a daily basis. When it was mentioned of the ever rising fuel cost and the definite effect it would have on the staff’s pocket books… his answer again was simple “hang out by the mall”…. It’s obvious this man has a mission, and will stop at nothing to have it accomplished. Where ever do they find the notion to chip away at BAHAMIANS and slave treat us on our own soil??? Oh and the culture that’s been established where as questioning or having your voice heard is classed as gross insubordination where in most cases your ass is sure to be victimized. I just hope the boil burse on this one because this shift is simply too much!! Costly and unbearable….. could you imagine not having trans and having to find a ride to work @9AM a ride @1PM to go home then a ride @6PM to go back to work and finally another ride @10PM to go home only to repeat the F-UP shift AGAIN the following morning. It’s dam clear no consideration was put into this verdict. The trail proved & provided one fact and satisfaction that is that it worked in their favor!!! HELP US PLZZZZ.

    • Exactly how stupid do you think people are? Beginning with those that wrote the article to those that are responding and trying to fuel it into something. For god sake we have a labour board in this country, if something impoper was going on the employees in question would have reported it. Does anyone reading this article believe for one moment that the labour department would not have come down on Cable Bahamas or any other company engaging in the practices outlined in this article? Does anyone think before they write or better yet investigate? With the high unemployment in this country let’s mash up a company that can employ over 100 staff in one department and for Gods sake don’t allow a Bahamian company employ any foreign workers. Perhaps a good reporter would ask what percentage of the workers in this company is foreign. How any Bahamians does this company employ? Has anyone been watching the news? People are out of work everywhere! WAKE UP!

  14. People need to ask themselves, “DO I NEED CABLE.”

    Look around and see what is happening, in many countries.
    They cannot get the simple things right, and someone is talking about processing OIL here? Why dig for oil and I can sell 10oz of water for $1, which equates to $12.80 per gallon.

    Truth tells us; “…Although there is an abundance of WATER the FOOLS still thirst…”

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