Murder count climbs again to 96 after detectives suggested one man reported dead was still alive


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Nassau, Bahamas BP is reporting another murder late last night, time nearby Nirvana Beach area of western New Providence.

Sources tell us a man was discovered on the beach with multiple gunshot wounds about the body. Detail on the incident are sketchy.

The discovery was made shortly after 9PM tonight and from what eyewitnesses say, the victim could not survive.

Nivanan Beach is a place where many guest and expat residents hide away as they enjoy our sun, sand and sea and this time this incident is not selling Tourism well.

We do not know the race of the victim, however, this latest murder pushes the homicide count to 96.

For only three hours after detectives reduced the murder count to 95, after discovering one of the three shot on Wednesday morning was still alive, this latest incident occurred.

There are more than 20 incident, which occurred this year alone that remain unclassified by police.


  1. As a people we must continue to call upon the Lord: its obvious the enemy dont like what happen the other day (National Prayer)he is pulling out everything attack. God will prevail.


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