A total of three more murders overnight! Murder rate worst ever


Ellison Greenslade, Vinette Graham-Allen, Tommy Turnquest and John Dalaney...HOUSTON WE GAT A PROBLEM!!!


The murder count has now climbed to 98 overnight with three murders occurring just hours apart.

Detectives are not confirming the details, but sources on the ground tell us a stabbing incident occurred in the Grove area early this morning, that man died. Then a victim showed up at PMH with gunshot wounds about the body. This incident is believed to have occurred in the Kemp Road area. That victim died also.

There is another incident where a man was shot up early this morning, that victim is listed in critical condition.

These incidents climb the murder count to 98. To date some 284 murders have occurred in the country since 2009. Additionally, more than 20 incidents are still not classified by police.



  1. I learned a new terminology. “Wig-Head” judges. lol such a blatant and inflamatory word, but I LOVE IT! Jughead is more like it lol.

    I personally believe that the judges believe that all criminals should be on the streets and not in jail just now dem Privy Council judges believe nobody should be put to death, regardless of their “it’s not the worst of the worst”. Whatever that means ;(

  2. We should not forget to spank the lawyers as well. They are responsible for all of the criminals released onto the streets on bail to cause more mayhem. Lawyers use every trick and stratagem to get bail for their clients and, the courts acquiesces no matter how heinous the crime. But try and get bail for having a joint and dog eat your lunch. I know that some wig-head will say that every Bahamian is entitled to bail; i agree.But, if the person seeking bail is involved in an alleged crime involving say a lawyer or policeman no lawyer will represent them. As far as that gang pictured above is concerned remember the old saying ” be careful what you wish or scheme for”.

  3. While its appropriate to criticize the FNM for the crime mess we should not let the legal fraternity off the hook. For years, Lawyers have used every stratagem and trick to get their clients off for murder or get them bail. Criminals are given bail for the most serious crimes but, the sons of poor Bahamians cannot get them bail for having a joint. I know that some wig-head will blog to say that all Bahamians are entitled to bail; i agree. But, only if the victim is not a lawyer, his or her family or police. When any of these are involved, Lawyers scatter like roaches and that particular defendant will definitely not get legal representation or bail!

  4. During the 1980s LYNDEN OSCAR PINDLING APPOINTED himself to the position of MINISTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY and the drug trade was GREATLY REDUCED.Trinidad has declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY in crime infested areas and as a result crime has been reduced.It is time for the so call decisive HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM TO RECOVENE Parliament,appoint himself as minister of national security and impose a CURFEW AND DECLARE A STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY.As i write this a FOURTH PERSON HAS JUST BEEN KILLED TODAY!!!MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS!!!

  5. It’s a matter of Trust eh? Can we trust them on crime?? Can we trust them on really putting Bahamians first? Can we trust on unemployment??? Can we trust them on immigration??? Fire dem now!! I can’t wait to fire Papa and company!!! THE ANSWER IS ABSOLUTELY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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