PM Minnis shocked by the disappointed FNM wave already growing on Grand Bahama!

Centreville constituents left with branch closed!

Dr. Minnis cannot deliver on his promise to deal with da thieves at BEC/BPL and Water and Sewerage!

Nassau, Bahamas – Prime Minister Hubert Minnis visited Grand Bahama on the weekend in what was a THANK YOU event while concerns mount.

Grand Bahama MPs along with its many appointed members of the Government is finding it hard to hold onto its support on that island. FNMs are ‘cussin’ and some are already calling for the FNM to make good on its promises or get the hell out of town.

Some $4 million dollars are already have been reportedly stolen from The Bahamas Power and Light Company on New Providence and to date the persons responsible for issuing cheques have yet to go home.

Meanwhile at the Water and Sewerage Corporation a major coverup of theft in the cashiers cage have yet to be reported to the police and the suspect is still home on paid leave by the people of the Bahamas! Thousands of dollars also vanished from that government corporation and the police have yet to be invited there! WHY!?

PM Minnis on every speaking engagement with the press continue to say persons found guilty of crimes will face the law. But to date not one damn soul has been arrested or charged! BEC/BPL and Water and Sewerage are classic cases and PM Minnis should put up or shut up from selling false hopes and FAKE pipe dreams to the Bahamian people!

Meanwhile on Grand Bahama the residents failed to show at the FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT FNM event. Less than 20 cars joined the motorcade on the island and just over 100 supporters came to the party.

One FNM who is still waiting to be paid since May 10th told BP, “Dey could kiss my @$%^ @44! Dey worst than da PLP. I want my damn money!”

We report yinner decide!