Police officers guarding Bowe's Number HOUSE?



With CRIME OUT-OF-Control in The Bahamas, Bahamas Press’ ‘deep-throat’ on The Royal Bahamas Police Force tipped us to be at this location on Saturday afternoon. We did, and yes like you now see we were also shocked, police officers were seen STANDING GUARD outside one of the popular payout centers for persons buying numbers. We initially thought this was a raid, but NO, and we have the story. What were these officers doing at BOWE’s WEBSHOP on Bluehill Road and Martin Street? Now we know why the Commissioner of Police Reginald Ferguson was defiant to crackdown on the numbers racket here in The Bahamas, and if the Commissioner would not do what the PM wants we ask, WHY? What is in it for the Commissioner?

Stay tuned to this blog for the SHOCKING ANSWER…Bahamas Press, The REAL NEWS!



  1. Morehands…..what is your problem? I might have to do a drive by and pop you off some Valium to calm your nerves. Take it easy, man. Enjoy life! People have a right to say what ever the heck they please. Stop trying to be a control freak! People have said the WORSE things about me too ya know and it dont add up to a hill of beans to me as I know WHO I am and WHERE I am and that is most important. Loosen up man. Live a little.

  2. I guess you feeling really important lately because you are making the most comments on this blog. Way to go, man. I share in your pride. But sadly I refuse to share in your ignorance. Not everyone who speaks against what is posted in relation to Hubert is an FNM and not everyone who speak against negativity posted against Perry is a PLP. Some people are just plain regular Joe’s who try to always look at everything objectively and not immediately accept what is printed in the Tribune, Guardian, Punch or BahamaPress as the gospel because we like juicey gossip and seeing others fall. We challenge the writer and the validity of the facts/innuendos.

    By the way, this is not America. We do not have the freedom of speech in our constitution and you can be arrested/sued for defamation of character. We only lucky to have a messed up legal system which most refuse to get entangled with. You only gloat in your ignorance and shallow anonymity. For someone who was at the wrong end of the whipping stick for a few year, I know what it is like for people to malign and defame my character. Drama “King” its easy for you to laugh when the joke is not on you.

    And Media, please don’t accuse me of being a newspaper editor like you use to do, because I try to express myself using proper English and sentence structure. I’m a 36 years old, business professional with a college degree. I can’t help it

  3. Morehands!! Stop being so hysterical. A blog is made to express yourself the best way you can. This is a sign of GOOD DEMOCRACY in this country so SUCK IT UP, SWALLOW IT and ENJOY IT. Stop having a heart attack cause you think we dissing the FNM. Open your mind, man.

  4. My deal is that people like you need to stop acting like drama queens, looking for fresh gossip in everything. This country is heading down the road to hell and there is so little positive, solution oriented comments made by people like yourself on sites like this. Don’t yall realize what you are doing. Everything that you post is permanently on the internet and lives and reputations are so easily destroyed by careless, malicious statements. Be anonymous bloggers does not give us the right make immature conclusions and to say whatever we want. If this was America, half of us would be in jail or facing law suits. Its a good thing our judicial system is in a mess.

  5. What the deal is Morehands? Hubert them send you to watch this site and defend them or something? Why you picking everything to pieces?
    Instead of worrying bout if the picture is a set up….you need to read again how Hubert setting up Tommy. Now thats a set up!!

  6. Why are there no pictures of the officers actually standing up outside the building? I think this is a setup picture where police who are just on community patrol are caught walking pass a numbers house. You are actually trying to get us believe that they are standing guard even though none of them are actually standing still. It takes more than this to fool people with brains.

  7. We should be so proud of our police force….they even keeping the law breakers safe….

  8. Trust US, we have the story on this from our ‘deep throat’. Look at the bottom photo and observe the man in the middle of the officers going “UNDER PROTECTIVE custody” going into the number house. In the top photo he enters the number house. “STAY TUNED!”

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