"The Fat Lady" Gears Up to Sing as Hubert Kills Tommy's Political Career



Nassau, Bahamas: Many Bahamians watch in awe as PM Hubert Ingraham sets up his Minister of National Security for a massive political down fall. What they cant understand is why Tommy Turnquest, a seemingly, bright and intelligent young man, has chosen to go along with this Mugabe styled dictator on a trip geared towards his political demise.

From day one Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham always looked at the Turnquest clan as a thorn in his side. He despised them but knew he had to go through them to lead the FNM as the Turnquests are part of the founding members of that party.

As far back as his first term in office, which began in 1992, Ingraham was hurling sarcastic remarks at the Turnquest clan. All should remember when he publically humiliated Sir Orville Turnquest, father of Tommy Turnquest, by denouncing him as his Deputy Prime Minister saying he doesnt have a deputy and he doesnt know why Sir Orville chose to bear the DPM plates on his car.

When the FNM was unceremoniously kicked out of office in 2002, Tommy Turnquest had to keep the party together as leader, taking blows from all around, while spiteful Ingraham gloried in the party’s loss because like a child, he didnt “want to play no more”, because party members no longer wanted him to be leader. They didnt want him because he was screwing up our nation.

In 2005 when the FNM geared up for their convention, Ingraham had already put in place his team to knock Tommy off course and bring Ingraham back as leader. He had people from the press working for him (one of them was stupid and loyal enough to lose her job for him), running all the PRO-Ingraham stories they could muster up and of course he had a few Ingraham loyalists who rose to the occassion. As usual big promises were made by Ingraham to these people for them to act quick as time had almost run out on him.

What Ingraham wanted was for FNM heirarchy to come to his office and BEG him to come back as leader and “save” their party and kick Tommy to the curb. This did not happen so he got his goons in the media and his political lackys to organize a motorcade and a mini rally to show their support and desire for him to lead.

The Tommy Turnquest supporters stood firm and saw what was happening and decided they did not want to throw away their leader for Ingraham who abandoned them after they lost the 2002 election.

Turnquest would not budge no matter how much messages the Ingraham loyalists gave him and Ingraham was forced to throw his name in the hat to vie for leader at the convention like everyone else. He came out victorious and the real trouble began.

Right now the question is, does Tommy Turnquest really trust Hubert Ingraham as he so boldly stated at a rally before last year’s election.

Upon winning the government Ingraham put Turnquest in a HOT seat – The Ministry of National Security/Immigration. He knows crime is outrageous in this country and no one seems to be in a position to stop it and as far as we can see illegal immigrants are running things here – controlling shops, committing numerous crimes and coming and going as they please.

Why didnt Ingraham put Tommy Turnquest in a nice Ministry like TOURISM, instead of giving watch over our Golden Goose to a man who CLEARLY could not handle it – a known BUMBLER.

Ingraham is not to be taken light, he is WORSE than Mugabe. He is setting Tommy up for a big fall. Tommy will be placed in every hot oven, hot seat, hot frying pan, Hell’s Kitchen…you name it and he will be there, ALL in an attempt to ruin him to the satisfaction of Ingraham who despises this man for his proper upbringing and the power that his family has.

Wisen up Tommy !! Resign and save face! Get from under Ingraham’s gown tail and free yourself. You have no reason to suffer under this man. Use the next four years to boost your campaign as leader of the FNM with a view to becoming Prime Minister. Remember YOU are an original FNM, not a PLP has been or a reject like Ingraham. Ingraham wants you to leave political office in disgrace without hope of ever being the Prime Minister. Dont Trust him!!


  1. Thomas! Oh Thomas! Man you are so defensive of the FNM government. Ease off man! Give wrong where wrong is due. We have a PM who is only looking out for RICH WHITE PEOPLE and who has launched a SERIOUS attack on this country’s middle class since he happened to stumble back in power in May 2002. Who we ga cast blame on but Hubbiggety???
    I full of drama! That’s my first name.

  2. You need to ask media if he gives away his goods or services to people who cannot pay. I do not know why they expect the government to give away services. Someone has to pay.

  3. Russel!! You da man!! You said it all ma boy!! Tommy getting set up by Hubert. If he dont see it then he needs to ressurect Ray Charles to point it out to him. Tommy needs to take the advice of the blog writer. Leave and set up shop for next election.

  4. This is very interesting as i do recall the PM making comments that differed with that of Tommy when it came to interference in the Police Force.Finley your comments are right on as the PM did say he gave no one authority to appoint persons of a lower rank to be the boss of the more senior ones.This statement alone leaves poor Toomy and the Commissioner of Police on the outside looking in.Iread where the PM is now sayintg there is no quick fix to crime….but didnt he coerce us to vote FNM by claiming there is a quick fix?From all indications Tommy is getting setup.

  5. I would like to let it be known JAY, we are fair. VERY FAIR! And there has been a upturn in the tenor of this blog towards some decisions of the FNM government by some writers of this BLOG, particularly after an attack by some branches of the government against this website.

    WE ARE NOT MOVED HOWEVER, nor are we sold to ANY POLITICAL BLOCK. If that is the case why would we be advising TOMMY TURNQUEST?

    I should also note here that it is persons like yourself, we seek to attract on this BLOG, so please be fair to the site, CRITIQUE of course. But to classified us as being politically polarized or like the ‘WUTLESS MEDIA’ in The Bahamas, is like an indictment. And we take that with the greatest offense.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  6. Media,
    I have posted only a few times and have never accused you of being PLP. Personally I am disappointed with all of them and their hypocrisy.You have to take responsibility for the good and the bad and all politicians tend to forget very quickly their past actions. I have never sought to demonize this blog and until my comment today have never accused you of favouring either party. I just though the story today didn’t make sense to me.

  7. Anyone who pays attention knows that the PM appoints any officer above a certain rank so we know that this story is factually incorrect.

  8. Lets not get petty here. EVERYONE has been given freedom on this blog to express themselves and ALL political parties take blows on this blog. FNM might take more blows and thats only because they are currently in power.
    I am very interested in Gary’s comment. This is something all Bahamians need to be following. We cant have the head of the police force and his boss the Minister of National Security being left with egg on their face because their leader, the prime minister, is dissing them in public. Hubert, either you are with your Ministers/Commissioners or you against them. Choose ye this day!!

  9. “like the TRIBUNE and Punch and others newspapers who no body read these days.”

    Oh really?
    Do you have independent statistics to back up this claim?

  10. Of Course both you [Jay] and Thomas are FREE to agree to what you believe and wish for this website to represent. But Bahamas Press knows however that our 290,000 weekly readers who come on this BLOG think differently from you two. Both Jay and Thomas you both continue to put on your political SHADES and seek to demonize this blog as being PLP, like the TRIBUNE and Punch and others newspapers who no body read these days.

    Which BLOG that support the PLP would call its Leader, WUTLESS, LAZY AND SLACK?

    WHAT BLOG THAT SUPPORT THE PLP would go on record attacking its LEADERSHIP?

    WHAT BLOG THAT SUPPORT THE PLP would also run its Webmaster off this BLOG and include the PLP website and its WEBMASTER as being part of the COCKEYED BAN IN WUTLESS MEDIA In The Bahamas?

    WHAT BLOG WHO SUPPORT THE PLP would go on record noting that the party is disjointed and OUT-OF-TOUCH with the masses in this country?

    Bahamas Press have gone on record stating these and much more!

    And to prove that we are FAR DIFFERENT FROM THE WUTLESS TRIBUNE AND THE OTHER GUTTER RAG SHEET, just take a LOOK again and you would see your bastardization of Bahamas Press is posted, in a free commentary post. TRY doing that in the RAG SHEET, and your letter might find itself in that newspaper’s bathroom as excretion tissue.

  11. In reading tjhis styory there seems to be some truth as remember now that Hubert threaten to reorganize the Royal Bahamas Police Force and apparently Tommy took him at his word and appointed junior Assistant Commissioners to be Deputy Commissioners and when the PLP questioned it Ingraham said he knew nothing about it and it was a Boy scout move.It has left Tommy in a very precarious position bcos he was only trying to do what he thought his boss wanted.The acting Commissioner is very upset bcos it seems that he an d Tommy have been left holding the bag.Wow what a strategy by Ingraham to get rid of his Minister and the acting Commissioner the same time.

  12. Thomas, I agree with you. I thought this site initially was going to independent of either party and give commentary on both sides. The PLP can be helped here by constuctive crticisim, God knows they need it.

  13. I don’t see this. I don’t feel that Hubert is the least bit threatened by Tommy. How can resigning help him? Change has to come from within and Tommy can’t do too much on the outside looking in.

  14. This site has become a PLP propaganda machine. How is this trash any different from what you accuse the Punch and the Tribune of? In addition it is mean and lacking in class.

  15. What kind of country will livin in? Most importantly, what kind of man do we have leading this country? I believe in Bahamas Press as it is the only news service giving us the REAL news these days. Tommy watch your back, the fat lady done clear her throat.

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