Press on both sides of the Atlantic wonders what is happening with all these murders in the Bahamas!?


Citizens and residents are show up dead and many times the press is not invited to the crime scene – WHY? Is Crime Really Down?

NASSAU| Look, we at BP want to show people something here. How is it in the Bahamas so many people could get away with murder and all we hear is silence from the police on the progress of these many murder cases. NOTHING!

This morning the morning dailies in the UK are all over the unclear circumstances which resulted in the death of British citizen, Dannie Lea, in the gated community of Port New Providence.

Staffordshire Police’s Detective Chief Inspector Dan Ison told a British daily: “We have not received any direct contact from The Bahamas state, however there may be a delay due to the initial investigative response.” Well what is this?

This young man [Lea] dies. It is unclear how. One report said he was beaten to death and another say he overdosed. Someone now claims in a report he had a heart attack (perhaps that is to satisfy the community of Port New Providence and the world) who knows?

And while this went on and on without a word said, BP, through its diligent team, got his name, his age, his place of birth, what he did for a living, and his photos without the help of his friends, the police or the media. [You now must wonder what so many people in the Bahamas has to hide?].

But after our report several friends of Lea – who are livid over our report – are screaming about what should and should not be published. And almost two weeks later newspapers in the UK [The Star, The Telegraph and The Mail] are now on the story after reading our report.

You see the Bahamas has a serious crime problem! And no one inside or outside the Bahamas should complain when we present news because we at BP did our research and homework all by ourselves.

We have opened an investigation on this incident with Dannie Lea in particular and we still to this day question why did the RBPF failed to invite members of the media to the crime-scene where Lea was found dead? Why ya think they did that?!

Perhaps that failed invite is because, while the powers say nothing other than “crime is down”, people like Dannie Lea of Manchester, UK are showing up dead in the Bahamas! And the “Mighty Punch” is now reporting that he worked for Clean Marine, which is an oil remediation firm connected to powerful people in the Bahamas!

South Florida businessman, 47-year-old Alain Perez, the murdered owner of Big John eatery on Bimini, shot dead in his gated community home in Bimini on a hot Sunday evening on April 28th – just a few weeks ago – is another mysterious murder scene where nothing is being said. Didn’t Perez have CCTV inside, outside and all around his home?

Some are being found with visible injuries in their homes – like Judith Adderley, a devout Roman Catholic church woman of God – dead. And the quietness, silence and hushed path to this investigation remains unspoken. Ahhh Well!

We are not stupid in the Bahamas as some would like to believe. At least sensible people know that something has dangerously gone wrong in the country.

But what do you expect, JOE PUBLIC, when you now have a judicially condemned Minister of National Security in the person of Marvin Dames serving and sitting around the Cabinet of the Bahamas table – much to the chagrin of the public. Fish does rot from the head! The criminal class and low scoundrels of society can’t have any respect for life around this place when you see who is at the top!

Anyway, BP will get to the bottom of these cases though – no matter who is hurt or offended by our reporting! We are not in this business of media to “catch feelings”!

Reporting the truth remains our number one mission! We signed up to deliver real news and information to the People of The Bahamas and the wider world.

We represent “TRUTH” in the Bahamas … So….we ga report and let yinner decide!