BPL Bimini Power Station blows up tonight plunging the island into darkness


BP BREAKING| BIMINI| The Island of Bimini has plunged into darkness tonight after its BPL power station generator blew up and burst into flames!

The ISLANDWIDE BLACKOUT comes after weeks of multiple power failures, which brought strain and loss to businesses in that community.

Bahamas Press is learning the plant has some 200 thousand gallons of fuel in storage, which is fanning the flames, completely destroyed the generator. The winds are also a huge factor tonight and the flames are growing by the minute and it lit the dark skies and forced residents to watch and pray [some cussing on the side of the road].

High winds and raging flames could potentially threaten homes nearby.

Look what Bahamians get when a government disengages experienced technicians at BPL. Residents on New Providence still await a report on the fire at the Clifton Power Station, which occurred last year September and injured workers.

We report yinner decide!

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