Press Statement on The Prime Minister’s Travel to COP 27

PM Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

Climate change remains one of the most existential threats to The Bahamas and its people. In fact, the Prime Minister has said climate justice is the greatest fight of our time, and he continues to advocate for urgent action to the crisis. Climate change-related events have cost The Bahamas more than 4 billion dollars in the last six years, resulting in an increasing national debt.

Recognizing the need to advocate and promote the interests and well-being of the Bahamian people, the Prime Minister will lead a technical delegation to the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27 in Egypt to negotiate, represent, and stand up for our national interest.

The Prime Minister also would like to recognize more than thirty Bahamians from Civil Society joining the delegation to fight for our climate justice. They are sponsored by the private sector and NGOs who are covering their expenses. This includes a group of young Bahamian climate activists for the first time.

The Prime Minister will depart for Egypt this evening and is expected to return on November 13, 2022. Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper will serve as acting Prime Minister in his absence.

The Office of The Prime Minister invites all Bahamians to follow our social media pages to stay connected and updated with the Prime Minister’s activities during his travels to COP 27.