Prison Officer Bowleg set to lose his pensionable job at the Department of Corrections…

Prison Officer Bowleg set to lose his job and face the music.

NASSAU| A prison officer has been caught taking contrabands into the Department of Corrections and is set to lose his pensionable job.

BP is learning officer Bowleg of the Department of Corrections was caught attempting to smuggle two cellphones and marijuana into the prison over the weekend encased in a container of juice. WHAT KINDA PEOPLE ARE THESE?!

He becomes the second man in uniform to be caught in undercover operations with a high level of sophisticated intelligence fitted in all branches of government agencies. He too will be sacked in the coming days.

Bahamas Press is warning police, Immigration, defence force and prison service employees that there is a new level of intel now protecting the systems of crime management and if you do the crime you will spend the time. STOP DOING GARBAGE! YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY!

We report yinner decide!