Bikers out of New Providence disturbed the peace with murder in North Andros Saturday evening…

Scenes from Potter’s Cay Dock over the weekend as Bikers leave the capital for a bike show in Lowe Sounds North Andros.

Andros| Bahamas Press is reporting another homicide this time in the Lowe Sound Community of North Andros where a male from New Providence was shot dead by another male from capital. 

Some 100 bikers out of the Nassau gathered in the Lowe Sound community this weekend (Saturday 30th March) for a weekend of fun and noise-making titled the ‘Ride and BIKE Show’. Sources in the community told BP, the bikers gathered as a part of some annual ritual; riding up and down on the streets while getting drunk and high at the same time. 

On Saturday evening rather than prepare for the Resurrection Morning Services the bikers in their STUPOR got into a fight with one pulling out a deadly illegal weapon on the other shooting and killing his victim dead on the scene. 

The people in the community of Lowe Sound asked us, “Who permitted these people to come up here with all these bikes to disturb our peace… WHO?”

The identity of the victim is unknown and latest incident records the 37th homicide for the year; and the third deadly incident in three days. Police have descended on the community to open an investigation while shutting down the activities of the bikers.

And yet again like many before – NO ONE SAW ANYTHING!

We report yinner decide!