Final moments before the death of Donald Saunders reported…

Donald Saunders

NASSAU| Investigators are close to solving the 35th homicide which claimed the life of Donald Saunders

BP understands detectives have now concluded the incident, which took place on Wednesday March 27th, shows all the signs of a robbery gone bad. 

Saunders was hanging out earlier at a restaurant on West Bay Street, but moved later that evening to a bar in the Gambier Village Community. While there, three gunmen pulled up and demanded that all patrons get on the ground. 

While patrons were making their way onto the ground, one of the gunmen opened fire into the air. It was then that patrons began scrambling (running) for their lives and fleeing in every direction. Saunders also began to run in a frantic attempt to get away – but was running in the direction of one of the gunmen who panicked and fired a shot at Saunders, hitting him fatally in the upper torso. He collapsed and died on the scene. 

The gunmen then fled into an awaiting Japanese vehicle, leaving a trail of blood, chaos and distress following their brazen attack. 

Police say they are following several leads into this 35th homicide incident.

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