RBC Worker Angry over appointment



I am RBC employee and many of us feel extremely frustrated that executives have hired a foreign sales coach who has no tack and harasses employees.

We have screamed out and they are not listening. they are paying all of her bills in an exclusive western community and she is not ┬ádoing anything new but fixed up the forms and tracking we already have in place. In this age, where qualified Bahamians are out of work they don’t need her here.

She is rude and thinks that none of us know what we are doing. She has no respect for top managers much less us and none for Bahamians at all. Mona lachance speaks to staff poorly pressurizing them to build sales which would have come with or without her. Why they need to pay a canadian top dollars, pay for housing and all the works is beyond us.

She harasses staff all day and talk to them bad. Our complaints to human resources are not heard and Nat Beneby and Joyce Rivere only care about results. They need to watch themselves, poor us and poor Finco staff have to suffer under daily abuse. If we dont get help we will be calling the union and Theresa soon.

Mona Lachance needs to go, and go now. Hire Bahamians who know how to treat their own and get the results needed. Plenty people in the bank could do that job if thats all we had to do like her. Executives know how she is, in fact Canada pushed her here because they didn’t want her. She is trying to stay here but she needs to go.

RBC is restructuring big time. Mona has been rewarded and recognized for her rude behaviour by the bank. We cry shame on RBC. Look what we have come to with nobody to hear our cry.


An Angry Worker


  1. Before the government brought in a foreigner to be our DPP they had a reason to tell any other business doing it not to. Now that they have they have no right to because they themselves have shown that they have no confidence in qualified Bahamians. I am really dreading a PLP government in 2012!

  2. I am in agreement with LOL. I had to read this letter twice and like you said, the writer’s grammatical errors, and abuse of the English Language say a lot. It always amazes me how Bahamians have this feeling of entitlement just because we are Bahamians. Well news flash! The main goal of every organization is to maximize income while keeping expenses at a controlled level and all this with optimum productivity from its human resource. If a company prefers to hire an expat instead of a Bahamian, how about looking at ourselves and questioning how we fall short? How about staring at the proverbial man in the mirror and identifying our limitations? What does someone else bring to the table that I should, but don’t possess, therefore, I’m overlooked? It’s time we quit being parasites and make ourselves marketable. If the writer was to do some soul searching,then maybe, just maybe, he/she would wonder why RBC would prefer to pay this Canadian’s bills instead of hiring a Bahamian. Perhaps the organization realizes it is more cost effective to provide generous fringe benefits for someone who is qualified and has the requisite experience to get the job done rather than hire someone just because he/she is Bahamian. After all, it’s financially prudent to spend say a few extra thousand dollars for an expat to live comfortably and achieve the company’s goals, than having to lose much more when a novice makes a muck of the entire job!

  3. Well, judging from the number of spelling and grammar mistakes in this message, no wonder outside is being brought in. I cancelled all my accounts at RBC due to slow, inefficient service, archaic systems and a general lack of concern for the customer. I am not interested in your ‘system’, I am interested in my money in your bank and what you are doing with it. RBC needs someone to come in and give them a kick in the ass. Get up to scratch with at least Scotiabank and Bank of the Bahamas. Then complain. Until then, don’t fool yourself, the foreigner is not the problem at RBC.

  4. Dear Angry Worker, you all need to get together and flood the Department of Immigration with your complaints. As much as we feel government entities are lousy, if there are legitimate complaints they should act.Don’t stop until the woman is gone. That is Bahamianisation.Be a thorn in their backside until you get result. Hopefully this is not just some personal gripe.

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