Rift in the FNM widens after former Labour Minister shifts his support to the “YES” VOTE!


Theresa Moxey-Ingraham set to deliver a BIG WIN for “YES” VOTE in January 28 Poll…Key FNMs support the protecting Bahamian Jobs in the Gaming Industry break ranks with Party


"YES" VOTE SPOKESWOMAN Thereasa Moxey-Ingraham set to deliever a BIG WIN for the "YES" Vote Campaign on Jan. 28th

Nassau, Bahamas — Former Minister for Labour and defeated candidate in the General Elections Dion Foulkes has broken ranks with his Party’s “NO” vote position in the Jan. 28th poll and is set to vote “Yes” sources deep in the FNM tell us.

Foulkes, who was defeated in the Yamacraw seat and again defeated for the Chairmanship of the FNM, has defied the Party position to join the No vote campaign.

The move sends the notion that there is a dangerous political rift developing in the FNM and one which could destabilize the organization.

A Party officer told BP, “I don’t know why my Party must make everything political, and now, by teaming up with the “NO” Vote, we have confused a national issue and made it political.”

Foulkes many would remember was Bag Man Number two [2.0] during the Elizabeth by-election in Feb 2010.

Foulkes, who is an avid gambler by the way, was said to have blown thousands of that election’s funds in games of chance.

Much of that election money was supplied by current spokesman for the “NO” vote Sir Durward Knowles. Rumours circulated that someone high up in the FNM took Sir Durward’s money and gambled it away. All eyes then turned to the former FNM Cabinet Minister. Now you know why Sir Durward is out against the Jan. 28th vote.

Perhaps – for the first time in over 20 years – Dion Foulkes will be on the winning side of an election. His decision to join the “YES” vote shows, however, a serious split in the FNM on the issue.

Earlier, current MP for South Abaco split with the Party on the issue in

Hubert Ingraham told Bahamians he would want a "Yes" vote but now his Party is saying "VOTE NO"!

Parliament, saying he will support the “YES” vote campaign. Sources tell us Orville Turnquest, also an avid gambler, is supporting the issue.

Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie is now telling the public he will go from island to island with his GOLD RUSH TSUNAMI. Christie’s call up of the troops came following the announcement by the FNM to join the “NO” vote campaign on Jan. 28th.

Theresa Moxey-Ingraham is the chief spokesperson for the “YES” VOTE and is doing an excellent job! In fact members of the “YES” Vote team are calling Moxey-Ingraham “THE GIRL ON FIRE WHO IS SET TO DELIVER A BIG WIN!”