Sands is a fork-tongued heartless man who now says “NOT NOW” to National Health Insurance…


We wonder if Hubert Ingraham will write this in his column in the National Review? Imagine that! Standing on the side against the people!

And the woman says: "This gata be a JOKER RIGHT?"

The FNM supports giving the people Prescription – BUT NOT REAL NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE?! WOW!

Nassau, BahamasDuane Sands must be the most heartless, cold-blooded, pitiless and merciless doctor known to mankind!

The failed candidate for Malcolm Creek, failed Candidate for Elizabeth and failed deputy leader candidate for the Free National Movement is nothing more than bad for the Bahamian people.

Bahamas Press wonders sometimes why most Bahamians even pay attention to people like Duane Sands who seems to never get it right. And let us help remind you about him.

On Feb. 11th, 2010 Duane Sands, then attempting to win in the by-election of that year, sat down with Candia Dames recorded for the public these words from Sands who, in 2006, was part of the National Coalition for Health Care Reform.

Sands said: “I have absolutely no problem with a National Health Insurance Plan.

“I think it should happen now. I think we need to make dramatic changes in the way health care is delivered. We need to improve access for our Bahamian people, but I’ve gone on record, and I go on record today, as saying this plan as currently touted will not do what it’s intended to do, and, more importantly, I believe that we’re not terribly far off from the proponents of the current [proposed] National Health Insurance Plan.

“I believe that there’s enough talent in this country that, if we sit down together and hash out the differences, we can all develop a National Health Insurance Plan which we can be proud of, which would be sustainable and which would achieve the noble goals set out by the Blue Ribbon Commission [on National Health Insurance]. We’re not terribly far off.”

Sands didn’t go on to win in that by-election, Leo Ryan Pinder did… and so the rest is history. But today, now that he is still in the trauma room of the FNM following that vicious cut-yinner-know-what-we-want-say in the November 2014 Convention.

This week Sands joined the Opposition bandwagon suggesting that now is not a good time to implement NHI. Despite the fact that he wanted it “NOW” in 2010 when he was seeking election to Parliament more than five years ago – now is not good he says today.

Oh Well, everybody knows Sands is a heartless doctor. In 2011 he threw out of a government home a poor woman with seven children on the coldest day in the winter of that year! HEARTLESS!

He called the people of Elizabeth “Greedy” during that by-election of 2010! Heartless!

Last year Sands told a radio host at Guardian Radio 96.9FM he wants all unwanted babies ABORTED BY THE STATE! Heartless!

He called for castrations as he marched with Branville McCartney two years ago. Heartless!

And just recently he told a woman granted permission to have a heart surgery that he would not perform it unless the family delivers the damn money! JUST Heartless!

We never expected Duane Sands to support NHI whether in its present or past proposals! He don’t know how to stand with the common man! He is HEARTLESS! And this is why he cannot and will not ever get elected to any political office in this country!

We ga wait and see if Candia Dames [The pen of the Hubert Ingraham pieces in the Guardian] ga write it just like dat – or IGNORE IT ALTOGETHER..

We report yinner decide!