“Shorty” wins her case in a violent attack by a cousin in McCullough Corner!

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| A tiny short gal, who some call “Shorty”, found victory in the courts on Monday after she was accused of stabbing a cousin multiple times.

Rohndisha Bain, who is only four feet two inches told Magistrate Algernon Allen Jr. in her defense that the situation was just self-defense and not an attack initiated by her.

Bain told the court (better than a Q.C.) that her cousin Christal Robinson on June 4th, 2021 through the McCullough Corner area did a running dropkick on her which pinned her to the ground and began raining blows on her. 

But it was at that point, Bain explained, that she pulled out her special sharp backup comb-knife and started the “Chucky JOOKs” on her attacker, stabbing her in the head, arm, and hand causing blood pour from her attacker.

Magistrate Allen noted, “The court is of the view that the defendant honestly believes she needed to defend herself as she was under attack or in imminent danger.”

He noted that Bain’s height and weight disadvantaged her and she used reasonable and proportionate force to repel her cousin’s most violent attack. 

The point here is that all persons coming under serious and violent attacks should and must have a backup plan just like “Shorty”!

We report yinner decide!