Some 17 illegal nationals turned over to The Bahamas for deportation to Haiti…

Illegals trying to break into The United States.

Breaking: The US Coast Guard handed over 17 Hatian Nationals and 2 Bahamian males to the Bahamas Immigration Department this morning from two separate interceptions.

Reports say the first incident was on October 25th and consisted of 8 Hatian Nationals: 4 males, 2 females, 1 minor male, 1 minor female, and 1 Bahamian Adult male.

The second, happening on October 26th and consisted of 10 Hatian Nationals; 9 males and 1 female and 1 Bahamian male.

Immigration officials transported all to the Department’s headquarters where reports say they will be examined by medical team.

All persons are expected to be charged in the Freeport Magistrates Court with Illegal Embarkation.