Second man on bail for murder shot dead with his female friend in Rock Crusher Sunday night…


NASSAU| Bahamas Press has now confirmed the male shot dead in that double homicide to be Andrew Burrows aka mice.

He along with his female friend were fatally gunned down on Lightbourne Street in the community of Rock Crusher.

Burrows, 31, in 2018 was charged with the murder of Craig Woods and was on bail for that incident.

Prosecutors have warned bail applicants of the dangers and threats they pose with a granted bail application. But who listens? One time ago bail was denied in homicide offenses, and a guilty conviction resulted in an automatic death sentence. But since the reluctance of the courts to deliver swift justice, streets justice is showing its disgust and fatigue with those accused on murder walking up and down on the street. In short the streets are dispensing its own justice which makes it even more dangerous for those who associate with persons on bail. 

We warn once again; if you know someone you hang around is on bail for serious crimes avoid dem like sin!

We report yiinner decide!